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EVERYONE: Pokemon Shine Diamond

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Nov 8, 2005
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Episode 52: A Triple Fighting Chance!

"Representing the Diamond side, Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town!" a referee announced as Ash stepped into the Diamond side of the dojo-like arena. "And representing the Pearl side, the barefoot fighting genius, Maylene!"

"Bring it!" Ash challenged as Maylene faced him from the Pearl side.

Maylene was unusually unfazed. "I don't really know what it means to be strong, or how I got to be the Gym Leader. But I will do the best I can as the Gym Leader. I take battling very seriously."

In the stands, Brock smiled as Maylene talked to Ash. "She looks very different from the blithering mess she was yesterday..."

"I think our battle yesterday did the job well." Dawn agreed.

In the arena, Maylene braced herself for Ash's first move. "Whenever you're ready!"

The referee's whistle echoed through the dojo. "Estrella, here we go!" Ash called as a familiar song blared over the speakers as motivational music.

"Tana, let's go!" Maylene summoned a large gray humanoid Pokemon.

We all have a dream inside our hearts that we will follow to the end... Dawn sang as she watched Estrella fly in for a Quick Attack.
When you make a wish upon a star, the power flows, inside of you!
Everybody listen to this song and sadness will just disappear!
My wishes, dreams and hopes go forth into the world...


Ash winced as Maylene's Machoke countered Estrella's attack with a flash of light that shattered. That was Brick Break....

"Try to break the Machoke's counter!" he called as Estrella flapped up a huge tornado. "If Whirlwind doesn't work, try Aerial Ace!"

[No go, Ash.] Estrella reported as she looped back in from her Aerial Ace. [Tana dodged both attacks!]

"Tana, use Cross Chop!" Maylene called before Ash could react.

Brock winced as Tana appeared to crush Estrella in an X pattern. "Ash! Try using Aerial Ace to get closer!" he called as Estrella wriggled out of the Machoke's large hands.

"Tana, keep using Brick Break!" Maylene called.

Even Dawn couldn't help wincing at each barrier Estrella hit. "Estrella can't afford to take many more hits...." Brock warned as he watched Estrella heave with exhaustion.

"Tana, use Seismic Toss to finish this!" Maylene called.

"Estrella, use Quick Attack as fast as you can!" Ash counted.

[Catch me if you can!] Estrella taunted. She whirled over the large rock the Machoke heaved and slammed it in the stomach.

"Great work!" Ash smiled. "Now we can finish this--with Aerial Ace!"

[HAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!] Estrella cried as she became a white glow, creating a bright explosion in the dojo.


...Come with me and we will see the wonders of the world!
All of the glory, is in our story!
Dawn sang as Maylene summoned Kuto into the arena.

As we make our way to heaven, take it step by step
And get the glory, upon the great stage!

We can go anywhere, so long as we're together
I truly believe it with all of my heart...
The cards here in my hand,
Show you the way...

"Estrella, use Quick Attack!" Ash called.

He winced as Estrella landed on the Detect shield. Blocked...

His heart pounded as the Meditite gained a red aura as it appeared to mediate. Now it's raising its attack...

"Kuto, use Detect, and then Meditate again so you can finish this in one hit!" Maylene called.

Ash grinned. "Estrella, let's ruin their concentration."

[Yeah!] Estrella chirped before taking off.

"Kuto, bounce off the wall and use Drain Punch!" Maylene called.

Ash gasped as Kuto's fist drained some of Estrella's life. "Come on! Try Aerial Ace again!"

He growled as Kuto created the familiar blue flash of Confusion. That's okay, I can swap Estrella out and she'll be fine. he assured himself as he called back Estrella.

He heaved another Poke Ball skyward. "Diddy, I choose you!"

[HI-YAH!!!] Diddy screeched as he scratched Kuto.

"Kuto, keep using Drain Punch to heal yourself!" Maylene called.

"Dodge it and keep using Scratch!" Ash called.

"Keep using Detect!" Maylene urged as Diddy's attacks hit the green shield once, twice, three times.

Eventually the shield shattered! "Oh no..." Maylene gasped as Diddy unleashed a series of scratches on her vulnerable Meditite.

She smiled. "I have to admit, your Chimchar is quite skilled!"

"That's not all he can do!" Ash shot back.

He looked over at Diddy. "Use Flamethrower, then follow up with Flame Wheel!"

Maylene braced as the wave of fire scorched Kuto. "Kuto, if you can, try Confusion!"

A flash of blue lit up the arena, dispelling the fiery wheel forming on the Diamond side of the arena. Ash located Diddy trying to attack the nearest wall with Scratch." Back you go." he smiled as he recalled the dazed Chimchar.

He heaved a Poke Ball skyward as he returned to the arena. "Welcome back, Estrella!"

He smiled as Kuto attempted Drain Punch again. "It's time, Estrella! Use Brave Bird!"

Brock watched as Estrella flew skyward, then came streaking down in a wave of blue fire. "That was a cool way of knocking out Kuto. But, Ash needs to keep in mind that Brave Bird can be dangerous, and there is a risk of recoil." He let that hang as Maylene summoned Kiiroha.

"Estrella, use Brave Bird!" Ash called again.

He gasped as a KA-WHANG! echoed through the arena. Estrella landed at his feet seconds later. [Ash, I'm sorry...]


We all have a dream inside our hearts that we will follow to the end... Dawn sang as she watched Ash summon Diddy in the arena.
When you make a wish upon a star, the power flows, inside of you!
Everybody listen to this song and sadness will just disappear!
My wishes, dreams and hopes go forth into the world...

In the arena, Kiiroha twirled over the wave of flames. "Keep dodging, Kiiroha!" Maylene smiled. She watched her Lucario almost appear to dance as it dodged fire blast after fire blast.

She then called "Okay, now use Force Palm!"

Ash winced as Diddy went flying back from the Force Palm."Diddy, counter with Flame Wheel!"

He smiled as the burning wheel sent Kiiroha flying. "Do that again!"

[I can't...] Diddy wheezed. [Paralyzed....]

Ash watched in horror as Kirroha whacked Diddy around the arena with a bone. "Try Digging to get away!"

"Kiiroha, find the Chimchar and attack the ground with Aura Sphere!" Maylene commanded.

Ash winced as Diddy went flying from the earthen floor and landed at his feet. [I tried...] Diddy wheezed before fainting.

"Both sides now have one Pokemon remaining!" the referee announced.

Ash took his third Poke Ball. "Tails, let's finish this!"


...Come with me and we will see the wonders of the world!
All of the glory, is in our story!
Dawn sang as Tails and Kiiroha clashed in the arena, creating a huge explosion.

As we make our way to heaven, take it step by step
And get the glory, upon the great stage!

We can go anywhere, so long as we're together
I truly believe it with all of my heart...
The cards here in my hand,
Show you the way...

"Kiiroha, use Bone Rush!" Maylene called.

"Tails, start spinning and use Aqua Jet!" Ash countered.

He smiled as the drill shaped wave of water broke a Metal Claw attack and hit Kiiroha. Undetered, Kiiroha next tried firing several Aura Spheres at Tails. Tails countered by unleashing a huge Sonic Boom.

Maylene watched Kiiroha smack Tails with a Force Palm. "Okay! Finish this with Aura Sphere, full power!

Brock watched in awe as Tails created a blue ball, then slammed it on the ground to create a shining wave of water. "Wow! That was Water Pulse!"

"SAY..." Ash smiled. "Tails, try Water Pulse!"

"Kiiroha, use Aura Sphere again!" Maylene called.

We can go anywhere, so long as we're together
I truly believe it with all of my heart...
Dawn sang as the ball of aura energy and the ball of water combined into a huge explosion.
The cards here in my hand,
Show you the way...

When the dust settled and the music ended, she saw that both Kiiroha and Tails were down. "Um, what happens now?" she asked.

"Game set! This match is a tie!" the referee announced.

"Maybe it's up to the referee..." Brock suggested as he motioned for Dawn to follow him.


"Awarding a Gym Badge for a tie depends on the judgment of the Gym Leader." the referee explained as the group and Maylene arrived in a pavilion that evening.

"So, do I get a Badge for earlier?" Ash asked.

Maylene giggled. "Are you kidding? You gave me the greatest Gym battle of my life!"

She offered Ash a badge that resembled one of the tiles on the path. "Here...you've more than earned the Cobble Badge, tie or no tie."

She noticed one of her attendants arriving with a Riolu in his hands. "I also want you to look after this Riolu. Consider her a token of my thanks for all you've done."

Ash looked at the tiny wolf-like Pokemon, than gasped as it leaped into its hands. "Whoa...energetic one." he laughed as the Riolu nuzzled his cheek. "Is it a boy or girl?"

[It is a girl.] Kiiroha replied. [We hope you will train her well, and form a bond as close as ours.]

Ash smiled. "Okay...her name is Erin!"

"That's a nice name!" Dawn smiled. "Congrats on completing your team, too."

"I have to ask--where did you get the name Erin from?" Maylene wondered.

"It is a female form of the name Aaron." Ash explained. "Back home, Brock and I sometimes do storytelling with puppetry for the local library. One of my characters is a Riolu named Erin."

"Typically, Erin appears if we need a magical guide in a serious story." Brock added. "If we need her for a comical story, she plays an energetic young mage whose spells don't always work."

"If you've played 'Radiant Divinity 3', you may recognize the voice." Ash went on.

After thinking for a suitable joke, he slipped into character as Erin. "What d'ye get when ye have a Meowth that eats Nomel Berries?"

"What?" Dawn asked.

"Ye get a sour puss!" Ash replied in character, making the pavilion resound with laughter...

To Be Continued...
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Episode 53: Enter Galactic

"My third badge, a new companion--can this adventure get any better?" Ash smiled as he snuggled his new Riolu.

"Well, if you really want to end your visit to Veilstone with a bang, I can take you to see the Three Heavenly Jewels." Reggie offered. "They are three meteors with large jeweled chunks inside that supposedly hit the earth millions of years ago."

"It's possible for jewels to be made in space?" Dawn gasped.

Reggie nodded. "Diamonds, peridots, and all kinds of other jewels have been documented in space. The Three Heavenly Jewels are three of the largest cosmic jewels that have been found on earth. The Flame Jewel has a chunk of ruby inside, the Earth Jewel a chunk of emerald, and the Sea Jewel a chunk of sapphire."

"Where are they?" Ash asked.

"On a mountain overlooking town." Reggie replied. "Many say the Three Heavenly Jewels guard the city, and they've inspired Arceus knows how many comic books, movies, TV shows, and games."

"I remember my science teacher talking about them as a kid." Dawn remembered. "She told us that they supposedly came from a 'super-Earth' made of gems. This made it all the more amazing when the news announced some weeks ago that scientists had found that same planet."

She grinned. "I never dreamed I'd see a scientific marvel up close on this trip!"


Meanwhile, Saturn emerged from a helicopter at an undisclosed location in Veilstone. After taking the heliport's elevator down inside the building, he followed a hallway towards a briefing room.

Cheers met him from the hundreds of grunts in the room. "Okay, everyone--today is a vital first step in bringing about our new world." he began.

More cheers went up at this. "The mission so far is to energize the Spear Key with the cosmic energy from the Three Heavenly Jewels. You guys have received your instructions, so Team Flame, go with Mars, Team Earth, go with Jupiter, and Team Droplet, come with me. If you were not assigned to a team, your job is to maintain upkeep on the mission from the base."

"Yes, Sir Saturn!" the grunts chorused before dispersing.


"So, where do I go from here in getting a badge?" Ash asked as he waited for his team to return from the exam room.

"You could try Pastoria City." Nurse Joy suggested. "It's also home to the Great Marsh..."

In the tech lounge, Reggie carried on a conversation with Paul. "Bring all you've got, bro--Ash is a formidable opponent."

"Formidable my foot!" Paul shot back. "I've beaten him so many times, and the few times he did win, it was by the skin of his teeth!"

"That may be true, but Ash is not the type to give up." Reggie calmly replied. "He will do everything in his power to win, even if it is by the skin of his teeth."

Paul sighed. "Let's just talk about something else, okay?"


Back at the meteor field, Saturn stepped out of the helicopter from before with his team of grunts. "Inside this box, is the Spear Key." he explained as he opened the box.

The grunts oohed and ahhed as the cube-like key reformed into a spear-like shape. Saturn then held the key skyward, sending red, blue, and green light into the sky.

"Grunt Vega to Admin Saturn, are we go to run the scrambler?" came a female voice on Saturn's communicator.

Saturn smiled. "Scrambler is go."

In the Pokemon Center, Reggie balked as the videophone crashed. "What the--the videophone went down!"

"Internet is down too!" Ash reported as he fruitlessly tried every computer in the tech lounge, only to get a "This page cannot be displayed" error in every browser.

"Wi-Fi is down, save for private hotspots, gaming services are down..." Brock reported. "Good thing I have a private hotspot. Every public hotspot, gaming, communication, and media service is down, save for medically necessary communications, vehicles...

"...and Galactic equipment." Officer Jenny added as she arrived to calm the Pokemon Center's patrons. "Everyone, I've already dispatched teams across the city. The ISPs in the area have been notified about this massive crash, and they are working to get your service up and running as soon as possible. Social media is still up, so watch those pages for updates."

"I have a bad feeling that the Three Jewels are in danger." Dawn worried as the patrons started nervously speculating why nearly the entire infrastructure of the city had crashed.

"Let's head back to the Jeweled Hill!" Ash suggested. "Maybe the mastermind behind this is there!"


Ash growled as he spotted Saturn on the hill. "You again...is this what you were doing in the ruins?" he demanded.

Saturn smirked. "So you remember me, hat-boy...you're just in time to watch the birth of a new world."

Then, an idea occurred to him. "In fact, let's have Mantella see if you're worthy for this golden opportunity!"

"What IS that?" Dawn asked as Saturn summoned a large purple frog-like Pokemon with a red sac and a point on its head.

"Toxicroak, the toxic mouth Pokemon. It has a poison sac at its throat. When it croaks, the stored poison is churned for greater potency." Ash's Pokedex explained.

Brock gasped as he watched the Toxicroak charge a pulsating black orb. "Hit the dirt!"

[AURA SPHERE!!!!] a familiar voice called as the group dove to the ground.

"Kiiroha!" Dawn smiled when she saw Maylene and Kiiroha staring down Saturn and his Toxicroak Mantella.

"My attendants told me everything." Maylene explained. "But it seems Kiiroha's attack had no effect besides dissipating that Dark Pulse...."

"This is no ordinary opponent, Maylene. " Officer Jenny cautioned. "This is Admin Saturn of the notorious Team Galactic. Not only do they want to create a new world by destroying this one, they want to recreate the entire universe itself!"

Way to ruin my epic moment... Saturn thought as Mars' and Jupiter's teams arrived. "Everyone, unleash the Golbats!"


"There's too many!" Dawn cried as Lola desperately tried freezing some Golbats. Kori rushed to help, but more Golbats flew in to replace the frozen ones.

[To the rescue!] another familiar voice called as a massive Thunderbolt knocked out many of the Golbats.

"Surge?" Ash gasped as he saw Reggie and Surge attempt to help contain the Golbats.

Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo... Brock sang, creating a blinding green flash that dispersed the Golbats surrounding Surge.

[You okay?] Tintri asked as Surge collected himself.

[I think so--you're actually stronger than you look, Super-chu.] Surge smiled.

He suddenly spotted a Shadow Ball headed for Tintri! [Look out!]

[HI-YA!] Tarina leaped over a rock and whacked away the Shadow Ball, which exploded against a wall.

[Thanks, Tarina!] Tintri squeaked before the whirs of helicopters overhead got his attention. [What's going on?]

"Everyone! Aim for the cables attached to the meteors!" Ash called, pointing out some heavy cables attached to the Three Heavenly Jewels.

[Here, Magi-chu, let me boost your spell a little...] Surge offered, powering Tarina's Thundershock into a Thunderbolt.

[Thanks!] Tarina smiled. [Swirling bolts, gather and strike with power!]

[Ha!] Kiiroha cried as she cut one cable with a bone. A sparking arrow from Brock cut another, and Tintri eagerly charged Brock's next shot.

"Kori, use Whirlpool to protect the Three Heavenly Jewels!" Dawn called.

Saturn sighed as the three meteors swirled in a tornado of water. "Retreat, everyone--it appears we must re-think our strategy..."


"Jenny, I am so sorry..." Ash sighed. "I wanted to catch the Galactic admins, but in all the confusion, they got away..."

"You did more than enough." Officer Jenny assured Ash. "What matters is that communication is back up, the Three Heavenly Jewels are safe, and no one was hurt in all this."

"Besides, we'll have a chance to stop Team Galactic soon enough." Brock agreed as Officer Jenny draped a medallion of valor around each Pokemon...

To Be Continued...
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Episode 54: The Bells are Singing

Ash smiled as Erin twirled through the air and smacked a rock with Force Palm. "Very good! Think you can try hitting a rock coming from the other way?" he asked as he looked for a suitable rock to throw.

[I kin certainly try.] Erin purred as Ash found another pebble at the foot of a tree.

"Okay..here it comes!" Ash called before heaving the pebble in a left facing arc.

He gasped as Erin tripped on a tree branch and crashed to the ground. "Are you okay?" he asked as he hurried to help his Riolu from the grass.

[I'm fine.] Erin replied. [Wasn't te first ting I've ever tripped over, and probably won't be te last one, either!]

"If you need a larger target for Erin, she's always welcome to try catching arrows." Brock offered.

"We're not quite ready for catching arrows yet, but I do think we're ready to move up from rocks." Ash replied as Erin dusted herself off. "But I'll keep that in mind."

[I'd love te learn te catch an arrow!] Erin gasped, starry eyed.

"Well, Brock's a master archer, so when we get the hang of some larger objects, we'll try to catch some arrows." Ash assured his Riolu. "But for now, you've earned a break."

Brock, meanwhile, noticed a magazine Dawn was reading. "Interesting...what kind of magazine is that?"

"It's one of my back issues of Poké Chic, a fashion magazine for coordinators." Dawn explained. "In addition to the latest coords for people, it also has a section that features Pokémon in outfits."

"Coords...like idol coords?" Brock was intrigued.

"Something like that--coordinators share twelve brands of their own, which often cross over into the music industry." Dawn replied.

She remembered something as she set the magazine aside. "Which reminds me..."

After rummaging through her bag, she pulled out a red vest with a line of orange gradience and lines of pale pink. "I was inspired by a Prism Stardust design, and made my own little outfit that I think Lola would like. Mom helped with the sewing, though."

She gently slipped the outfit onto Lola. "What do you think?" she asked as she allowed Lola to look at herself in a hand mirror.

[It's lovely!] Lola giggled. [Thank you!]

"I take it Prism Stardust is a coordinator costume brand?" Ash asked as he watched Lola dance in the new outfit.

Dawn nodded. "They specialize in 80's style sparkling and neon motifs."

[That looks nice on you.] Tintri agreed, bemused in Lola's dancing.

Suddenly, Lola heard a ringing sound as a yellow, spherical Pokémon similar to a bell floated into the clearing. [Oh, you wanted to dance with me too?] Lola asked.

Dawn read up on the small Pokemon as Lola hugged it:

"Chingling, the bell Pokemon. Each time it hops, it makes a ringing sound. It deafens foes by emitting high-frequency cries."

"There you are!" Ash heard a female voice call as a dull green haired girl in an elegant red, white and gold outfit arrived in the clearing. "I've been looking all over for you, Suzu!"

She noticed the group gawking at her. "Oh, hello! I'm Francesca, and I'm a traveling magician."

"A magic act?" Dawn was intrigued. "What kinds of tricks do you do?"

"Well, you've met Suzu, one of my Chinglings, already." Francesca smiled as she heaved a cloth skyward. "I have two others...Cloche and Nella!"

As if on cue, two more Chingling and a flock of Pidgeys appeared from the cloth! "Wow!" Ash gasped, impressed.

Francesca next snapped to summon a familiar magician's wand. Aparecium Flos!

The Pokemon giggled as nothing seemed to happen. "Funny, I know the trick worked before..." Francesca mused before trying the trick's magic words again. Aparecium Flos!

She noticed Suzu giggling as she hid the orange flower that was supposed to appear in a bush. "Suzu!"

"Has Suzu always been like this?" Dawn wondered.

"No--normally she's very willing to assist with tricks." Francesca explained. "But ever since Cloche and Nella were added to the act, she's been acting up."

"Is it possible she's jealous of her co-stars, or feels like she's been replaced?" Brock wondered. "Either that, or she's depressed..."

A ringing note snapped Dawn to attention. "What the..."

Ash heard the same note, and noticed Suzu plucking one of the C strings on Brock's harp. "I think we found something Suzu likes..."

"That's it!" Brock smiled. "The harp's sound reminds her of a bell!"

"Do you know any stories about bells, or feature a bell in the plot?" Dawn asked as Brock reclaimed his harp from Suzu. "Maybe that could inspire Suzu and remind her that she is still loved and appreciated."

"That's a good idea--I never thought Suzu could be depressed." Francesca smiled. "Please, young minstrel--spin us a tale."

Brock thought for a moment. "This is a tale from Houen about the twin bell towers of Lillycove City." he explained.

"If we find May again, I'll have to ask her about those." Dawn smiled as Brock played an ethereal melody to compose his thoughts.

"Long ago, when Lilycove was just a village by the coast, a young fisherman named Kaitou prayed to Arceus every day for a good catch and favorable seas." Brock began. "But the village's temple had no bell, so the people often didn't know what time it was. As Kaitou set sail one morning, he mused that if the temple had a bell, not only would people know what time it was, it would look beautiful, as well."

"Makes sense." Ash mused.

"Now, the fishermen never went near a certain island near the port, because of the rough seas and strange noises that came from it." Brock explained. "One day, the village elder returned from a long journey, and the people were amazed at the things he had seen and heard across the land. They particularly enjoyed hearing about the temple bells--some of them were loud and piercing..." He proceeded to play a ringing chord that sounded like a bell. "..and some were merely a soft tinkle."

Ash chuckled as he played a soft trilling chord for effect. "Other bells almost sang like a person's voice..." He played an upward glissando for effect. "...and some had a low and deep rumble that could shake the earth if it wanted to." He played the bottom C string for effect.

"Amazing!" Dawn smiled.

"The villagers all pleaded for a bell--that way, they would know when it was time to get up, when it was time for lunch, when the day's work was over, or if there was an emergency." Brock explained. "The elder replied that he wanted a temple bell just as much as they did, but how were they to get a bell made without the means to pay for it?"

"Good question..." Ash smiled as Tintri bounded on his shoulder, enthralled by the story.

"Kaitou took it upon himself to ask for donations, and before long, the villagers had donated enough to make a little bell, just big enough for their temple's tower." Brock explained, setting the harp down long enough to make a form in the air describing how big the hypothetical small bell was. "He took the money to the miko, whose name was Satomi, and asked where they could get the bell made. Satomi replied that a good friend of hers was a bellmaker in a major city, and so she would send word to her. When the bellmaker, whose name was Kotone, heard about the village, she offered to make them a large bell for the price of their donations. So a beautiful silver bell was made, and brought to the village by ship."

After playing "The Prayer to the Sea" to simulate the ship traveling, Brock went on "Kaitou saw the ship approaching four days later, and offered to guide them to the village. But the captain was young and arrogant, saying the waves were no match for the fastest ship in the sea."

"Bad idea!" Francesca grinned, to some laughter as Cloche and Nella joined Suzu in listening to Brock's performance.

"But they soon sailed straight into the pounding waves, and all Kaitou and the ship's crew could do was watch as a pair of giant Octillery tentacles grabbed the bell." Brock intoned, making the laughter turn to gasps. "Heartbroken, the villagers vowed to get the bell back, despite Satomi's pleas not to. The villager's simple wooden boats were no match for the Octillery."

He added as an aside "It was a miracle the villagers even survived."

Nervous giggles went up in agreement. "That night, Satomi called the villagers together, and reminded them that the shrine was a sign of Arceus' and the Legendaries' providence, and that the Octillery was no match for Arceus' divine power." Brock went on. "The next morning, Kaitou led Satomi and her apprentices to the island, Satomi singing all the while...

Te lei ze cra riou te ze... Dawn sang along with the harp's reverent melody.
Cra riou ze te riou rei neu, riou ze...
Va rei ze te, neu te riou te cra
Riou rei cra riou ze rei va ze rei...
Va neu va rei, va neu va ze rei!
Cra riou cra neu te rei cra riou ze lei va
Lei va neu cra te lei lei!

Some light applause went up when Dawn finished her solo. "As the last note of Satomi's hymn echoed across the water, the Octillery surfaced wearing the bell like a hat!" Brock announced, to some laughter as the Pokemon pictured the Octillery wearing the bell. "Satomi tried to explain that the bell was for the temple, but when the Octillery refused to give it back, Satomi started her hymn again, making the Octillery writhe about in pain from the holy words..."

Te lei ze cra riou te ze... Dawn sang with the harp again.
Cra riou ze te riou rei neu, riou ze...
Va rei ze te, neu te riou te cra
Riou rei cra riou ze rei va ze rei...
Va neu va rei, va neu va ze rei!
Cra riou cra neu te rei cra riou ze lei va
Lei va neu cra te lei lei!

When the last note faded into the afternoon sky, Brock went on "The Octillery broke down in tears, saying it wanted the bell to protect its head from bumping into ship prows, and that was why it made waves to keep ships away."

"Oh"s wafted through the crowd as the audience put two and two together. "Kaitou explained that the bell was to help tell the time." Brock continued. "Satomi agreed, allowing the Octillery to keep the bell if it could remember to ring it every fifteen minutes--once at 15, 30, and 45 minutes past the hour, and as many times as needed for the hour--once at 1, two times at 2, and so on all the way to twelve times at noon and midnight. The Octillery happily agreed, and every fifteen minutes, it dutifully told the time according to Satomi's instructions."

He concluded "When the village got a more appropriate size of bell later in the year, the two of them harmonized as they tolled the hour."

He smiled. "In fact, replicas of them still toll the hour in Lilycove City today."

Suzu unleashed a few happy rings of approval as Brock took a bow. She then wrapped around Brock, making a soft trilling ring all the while. "Suzu says thank you." Francesca explained. "Your tale seems to have inspired her."

"My pleasure!" Brock smiled as Suzu continued nuzzling him in thanks.

"If you're competing in the Fantasy Stage, I wish you good luck." Francesca told Brock. "We all believe you have the talent to make it to the Grand Fantasy Stage!"

To Be Continued...
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Episode 55: Pokemon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu (part 1)

An explosion filled the air, almost drowning out the ringing of the alarm as several men fled a research facility with a Riolu. "Stop!" some researchers pleaded as they tried to run after the fleeing thieves. "That Riolu you took is a priceless research item!"

"We have to recover Amira safely at any cost." the chief researcher agreed. "Her power can be devastating in the wrong hands."

The researchers gasped as a wave of flames came flying towards the building. "Hit the deck!"

Inside the truck, a Riolu shuddered as she clambered on the grate that served as the back wall of her prison. I've got to find a way out of here...

She strained her ears to listen to the human language up front. Her captors were saying something, but even with her aura powers, she couldn't make out what they were talking about.

After taking a few deep breaths to calm herself, she managed to make out a little of the conversation. "...we tricked the little aura-dog into thinking we would bring her home."

The Riolu growled at this. They tried to trick me, did they? Well, I'm not falling for their little trick!

With that, she charged a tiny Aura Sphere, blowing the truck's back door open. Yes! Now I can get out!

She elegantly jumped out as the truck came to a screeching halt, darting into the grass and into a forest. The sooner I can find a human that can help me, the better!


...Ah dee do ah dee do da day,
Ah dee do ah dee day dee,
He whistled and he sang, till the green woods rang,
and he won the heart of a lady...
Brock finished a song as he led Ash and Dawn through the forest.

Dawn applauded the song. "That was a sweet song..."

"I learned it off an old record of Galarian folk songs my dad digitized." Brock explained. "Like all folk songs, it has many different versions."

He was about to say more when he spotted a prone blue and black figure in the distance. "Something's lying in the grass!"

"I'll go check it out!" Ash hurried over to the tiny figure. "It looks like a Riolu..."

He noticed a gash across the Riolu's chest as Brock and Dawn arrived. "It's hurt--got any first aid, Brock?"

"Right here." Brock set down a familiar white box by Ash. "Restocked it before we left Veilstone."

The Riolu growled a warning as Ash found some ointment in the first aid kit. "It's okay...I want to help you." he assured the small wolf-like Pokemon.

He gasped as he felt a hand on his shoulder. "I know you want to help that Riolu, but right now, she sees you as a threat. You need to earn her trust first."

"Who are you?" Ash asked. "Friend, or foe?"

He looked behind him to find a navy haired boy in a familiar red, white, and gold uniform. "Friend, traveler--Lunick of the Pokemon Ranger Corps, at your service!"

"Lunick...do you maybe have a partner? A girl named Solana?" Ash asked.

"Yes--Solana is my partner, Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town." Lunick replied. "She spoke highly of you when she returned from Houen."

Ash smiled as he got up from the grass. "Solana told me a lot about you, too."

"Let's get this Riolu somewhere safe so we can treat her wounds." Lunick motioned for Ash to follow him.

"We'll fill you in on how we met Solana later." Brock told Dawn as he watched Lunick place the Riolu inside a medical backpack.

"There--this way, her wound will be stabilized until we can get her to a Pokemon Center." Lunick explained. "Solana is here, too. We were both instructed to find this Riolu, and keep her safe from a band of Pokemon hunters."

He next showed the Riolu a small wooden Riolu figurine. "Your name is Amira, right?" he asked the Riolu.

The Riolu yipped happily in reply. "Okay then, Amira--you're safe with us." Lunick replied as he put the figurine away. "Let's go, everyone."


In a clearing, Lunick set the medical backpack on the ground. "We should be safe here. Let's treat Amira's wound."

The Riolu yawned as Lunick set her on the ground, then dug out a Potion. "Here...this is medicine for your owie." he assured the Riolu.

Dawn watched Lunick clean and dress the Riolu's wound. "I love how you're so gentle with Amira."

"Treating hurt Pokemon is one of the many jobs we Pokemon Rangers do." Lunick replied as he admired his handiwork for a moment.

Ash watched as Amira approached the lake near the clearing. She took out the wooden figurine. "Is that figurine special at all?" he wondered.

"That figurine is a gift from the man who raised Amira." Lunick replied

For a few fleeting seconds, Ash could see a living room in a house. An old man knelt down to give a familiar Riolu the figurine. "Here, Amira--this is a gift from me."

Ash rubbed his eyes to be sure he wasn't dreaming, but all he could see was the lake and the surrounding forest. "What was that? Was I dreaming?"

"No--Amira used her own aura to show you that memory." Lunick explained. "That means she trusts you."

Everyone gasped at this. Aura is like a feeling, and Ash's Aura is attuned with Amira's." Lunick explained. "This is how Ash can still tap into Sir Aaron's magic, and use the legendary Swanna's song."

"Golden Sun calling Silver Moon, do you copy?" came a familiar voice over the Capture Styler's speaker. "Golden Sun calling Silver Moon, do you read me?"

Lunick scrambled to retrieve a small cell phone-like device with a long glowing antenna. "This is Silver Moon, I read you loud and clear."

"PokeMaster01, standing by!" Ash waved at the familiar teal haired girl on the device's screen.

"PewterSong, standing by!" Brock smiled.

"Good to see both of you, but my message is for Lunick." Solana replied. "I've found the location of J's hideout--Blue Angel and I are on the way there."

"Roger--I have Amira, and we'll get her to our agreed rendezvous point." Lunick replied. "Silver Moon out."


Dawn watched the forest slip into the distance as the group set sail across the lake. "So, why is J so interested in Amira?" she asked.

"Amira comes from the Paradise Kingdom, a place far from here." Lunick explained. "Once she's old enough, she will use her special Aura powers to serve as the kingdom's new guardian.

Brock swallowed hard as he saw some ominous blue-black fins approaching. "Sharpedo!"

"JUMP!" Ash called as one of the Sharpedo smashed the boat in half.

"Thought you could hide from me, Wonder Boy?" Ash heard J taunt from the sky. "Your precious Riolu will be mine once I'm through with you!"

Lunick spotted a Floatzel leaping out of the water. "Floatzel, I need your help!"

"Cool!" Dawn gasped as the Capture Styler's antenna glowed and fired a beam at the Floatzel, binding it an a blue-white coil.

The group scrambled on the Floatzel's back. "Take us to the shore, and fast!" Lunick told the Floatzel.

[Whoa!] Tintri gasped as a Sharpedo attempted Aqua Jet, creating a wave. [Take THIS!!!] he screeched as he fired a Thunderbolt.

J seemed unfazed by one of the Sharpedo being shocked by Tintri's attack. "So, you want to fight, do you?"

She aimed her bracelet at the trembling Riolu in Ash's arms. "Frozen Darkness!"

The Floatzel countered the black ice crystals J had fired with Water Gun, hitting her Salamence in its wing. [I have an idea to get this bad human off our backs...] Amira told Ash. [Do you trust me?]

"Yes...I trust you." Ash replied.

He watched as Amira dropped the figurine in the water. "The figurine! After it!" he heard J call to her minions.

"It worked!" Dawn watched as J's Salamence and J's remaining minions went in the opposite direction from where Amira had dropped the figurine.

"Now to retrieve the figurine." Ash began as he stashed his cap, shoes and socks in his bag. "Hold your breath, Amira...we're gonna get wet."


[Mmm... did we lose them?] Amira asked as she and Ash drifted to shore. The Floatzel Lunick had captured had come ashore nearby.

"I think so..." Ash replied as he offered the figurine. "I found the figurine, too."

Tintri gasped as the group reunited in the forest. [Salamence wings!]

"Run for it!" Brock called as Ridley heaved a Flamethrower, setting a patch of forest ablaze.

"You can run all you like, Wonder Boy, but I will find you, even if I have to burn this entire forest to the ground!" J threatened as she watched the group flee into the forest.

Ash growled as Ridley fired another Flamethrower. Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...

"Ash is using the Swanna Song?" Dawn gasped as Ash continued. Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...

Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
At this line, shining waves of water started to form around Ash, Tintri, and Amira. Emusto koron zen fine, si...

To Be Continued...
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Episode 56a: Pokemon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu (part 2)

Previously, on "Pokemon Shine Diamond..."

"You can run all you like, Wonder Boy, but I will find you, even if I have to burn this entire forest to the ground!" J threatened as she watched the group flee into the forest.

Ash growled as Ridley fired another Flamethrower. Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...

"Ash is using the Swanna Song?" Dawn gasped as Ash continued. Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...

Katoradis favel siicletu edena... At this line, shining waves of water started to form around Ash, Tintri, and Amira. Emusto koron zen fine, si...

J sneered as Ash crumpled to the forest floor in exhaustion. "You forget that I can still take your Riolu even though you're behind a wall of water." she smirked as she used a robotic arm to reach through the shining watery shield Ash had created and snatched Amira.

"We have to get the Pokemon out of here!" Dawn called as she helped a family of Parchirisus into a small cave.

"I'll take the bigger Pokemon to the hill nearby." Brock offered as he motioned for a Stantler to follow him.

[What about me?] Tarina asked. [What can I do?]

"Well..." Brock thought for a moment, aware of the fire rapidly consuming the trees. "Help Dawn evacuate as many of the little Pokemon as you can, okay?"

[Got it!] With that, Tarina hurried off to help a family of Ratattas get to safety.

"Blastoise, I need you!" Lunick called as he bound a third Blastoise with his Capture Styler. "Can you guys use Rain Dance to put out the fire?"

[Sure!] one Blastoise replied. The three Blastoise began jumping and dancing around the charred underbrush, creating a large storm.

Ash's watery shield dispelled as the rain started to fall, putting out many of the lingering flames. [Do you feel strong enough to climb into this tunnel I made?] Diddy asked as he surfaced.

"mmm...where does it go?" Ash asked, still woozy from using the Swanna Song earlier.

[The Pokemon Hunter's ship.] Diddy explained. [Maybe the Riolu is in there!]

"Okay...we'll see if Amira is there..." Ash sleepily replied as he climbed into the tunnel.

[I'll getcha there in style, since that super-song wore you out.] Tails offered.

Ash found a large plank of wood just large enough for him and his team to fit. "Okay--this will be our boat to J's ship."

With that, Tails heaved a blast of water into the tunnel, allowing the group to drift slowly down the tunnel...


Ash climbed up through an air vent some moments later. "Having the tunnel come out near an air vent was a great idea." he told Diddy as the Pokemon emerged. "That gave me enough time to recover from before, so I can use my Swanna Song again if we have to."

He suddenly felt the ground give way under him and his team! "You'll be needing that Swanna Song sooner than you think, you little sneak!" J laughed as Ash and his team went hurtling through the sky. "Happy landings!"

[J somehow knew we were coming!] Tails gasped. [But to be fair, we did make a big mess on her ship before...]

[That's how she likely knew we were coming!] Diddy screeched. [We're gonna be Poke-cakes if we don't do something!]

Gatrandis favel, secret edena.... Ash's voice echoed through the sunny sky.
Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...

Lunick looked up to see Ash and his team streaking towards a pile of underbrush. "Staraptor, go save Ash!" he commanded, binding a passing Staraptor with his Capture Styler.

The Staraptor nodded, and hurried to intercept the falling boy and his Pokemon, using Ash's voice as a guide:

Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
Emusto koron zen fine, si...

As Ash's last Bb echoed into the clouds, he felt himself land on something soft. "Feathers...Estrella, is that you?"

[No--your Ranger friend heard your song and sent me to help you.] the Staraptor explained before returning to the surface to meet Lunick, Dawn, and Brock.

"Thank Arceus you're okay!" Dawn hurried to embrace Ash.

"Thank you, Staraptor." Lunick replied as he released the Staraptor. "Are you sure you're okay?" he asked Ash as he inspected Tails and Diddy for injuries.

"Yeah..." Ash wheezed. "Just very tired..."

"I'm not surprised--the Swanna Song is said to give great power at the cost of the singer's strength." Solana explained as she met the group. "Ash must have great spiritual strength to use it twice in one day."

She turned business-like again. "While you were dealing with the rescue operation, my end of things took a turn for the worse too. It turns out the one who hired J fled before we could catch him!"

"Come on!" Lunick called. "Where the client is, Amira is too!"

To Be Continued...
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Episode 56b: Pokemon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu (part 3)

Previously, on "Pokemon Shine Diamond"...

[No--your Ranger friend heard your song and sent me to help you.] the Staraptor explained before returning to the surface to meet Lunick, Dawn, and Brock.

"Thank Arceus you're okay!" Dawn hurried to embrace Ash.

"Thank you, Staraptor." Lunick replied as he released the Staraptor. "Are you sure you're okay?" he asked Ash as he inspected Tails and Diddy for injuries.

"Yeah..." Ash wheezed. "Just very tired..."

"I'm not surprised--the Swanna Song is said to give great power at the cost of the singer's strength." Solana explained as she met the group. "Ash must have great spiritual strength to use it twice in one day."

She turned business-like again. "While you were dealing with the rescue operation, my end of things took a turn for the worse too. It turns out the one who hired J fled before we could catch him!"

"Come on!" Lunick called. "Where the client is, Amira is too!"

"Next question...where IS J?" Dawn wondered as the group walked down a road. "She likely flew off in her ship, and we have no leads on where it could've gone..."

"I'm trying to help on finding some leads, but every source I know of hasn't spotted it." Solana sighed as she closed the Ranger Browser. "Not even RangerNet has spotted it."

"Ash...can you maybe use your Aura power to contact Amira somehow?" Lunick asked. "One known power of aura is a kind of telepathy..."

"Dunno if aura and telepathy are the same thing, but we can try." Ash replied before focusing his thoughts. Amira...it's Ash. I want to rescue you, but my friends and I have no idea where you are!

Ash...you'd have a long way to walk from your current position.
Amira's voice echoed back in reply. My captor has flown to an overlook at the top of the large hill you guys are climbing. By the time you get to the top, I will be in the captor's lair.

Hold on, Amira--I'm going to do everything I can to rescue you, or die trying!
Ash silently vowed before coming out of the aura trance.

"I managed to contact Amira." he explained. "She's at the top of this hill, waiting to be delivered to the one who hired J."

Lunick spotted some Dodrio by the roadside. "Maybe these can get us there before the hunter does."

"I'll help you!" Solana offered before capturing a Dodrio with her own Capture Styler. "Dodrio, we all need you!"


A few moments later, the band of five Dodrios reached the top of the hill. "There they are..." Lunick whispered as he watched J deliver the struggling Amira to a black suited man.

Just then, J spotted Ash's cap peeking over the bush. "I know you're here, Wonder Boy--and you're running out of time to get your Riolu!"

"Oh yeah?" Ash shot back before heaving a Poke Ball skyward. "Estrella, cut the tires on the van over there!" he called, pointing out the black van the man had arrived in.

A pop of a Poke Ball got Brock's attention. "I think the one who hired J was prepared for you to do that..." he sighed as he watched the man fly away aboard a Fearow.

Ash was relieved to hear a police siren. "What should we do now?" he asked as J and some of her minions released some of their Pokemon.

"We'll hold off J and her men while you follow the Fearow." Officer Jenny assured Ash as she summoned her Arcanine. "Hurry!"

"Let's surprise J with Mega Steelix to buy Ash and Lunick some time." Dawn suggested.

Brock nodded, then held his Mega Ring skyward. Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo...

Lunick watched as the flashing emerald from Brock's Mega Ring blinded J and her men for a moment. "Now's our chance! Let's go!" he called as he led the way into the forest underbrush.


Lunick and Ash came to a screeching halt by a cave entrance, just in time to see an armored reptilian Pokemon Ash remembered as Aggron. "Wonderful..." Ash sighed as rocks rained before the entrance, preventing the trainer and his Ranger escort from going further.

"We can't give up yet!" Lunick assured Ash before pointing out a Donphan. "That Donphan can break down the rocks!"

With that, he reached for his Capture Styler. "Donphan, we need you!"

The Donphan curled into a ball and charged at the rocks, allowing Ash and Lunick inside the cave. "Come on!" Ash called as he ran inside.

He froze when he saw a three way fork. Now, which way did the man go?

He focused his thoughts for a moment. Amira--can you hear me? Where are you?

Take the tunnel to the left--I'm in there! Amira's voice echoed back.

Ash nodded as Lunick and his Donphan arrived. "Amira's in that blocked tunnel on the left." he explained, pointing out the rocks that sealed the left route.

"Right!" Lunick smiled. "You know what to do, Donphan?"

The Donphan nodded, and charged at the rock's again, creating a path for Ash and Tintri. "H-how did you get here?" the man gasped as Ash and Trintri arrived in the room.

"Amira told me." Ash grinned, pointing out the Riolu squirming in the man's arms.

He looked over at Tintri. "Use Volt Tackle!"

[HAAAAAAHHH!!!!] Tintri screeched as he streaked at the man, knocking him down and sending Amira flying.

Ash caught Amira. "I gotcha...you're safe now." he assured the Riolu as Tintri rejoined him.

I always knew you would come--thank you! Amira smiled back as Ash and Tintri met Lunick at the cave entrance...


Later that afternoon, Solana watched as the man was led away to Officer Jenny's cruiser. "Well done." she smiled as Lunick and Ash arrived with Amira. "While J and her cronies escaped, we got the one that hired her."

"That, and Amira is safe." Ash reported.

Amira's eyes widened when she saw a familiar old man. Master!

"Amira, thank Arceus you're all right!" the old man smiled as Ash set Amira on the ground, allowing her to run into her master's arms.

"Aw..." Dawn smiled as Amira and the old man embraced.

"Words cannot express how thankful I am for your work in bringing back Amira." the old man smiled. "Name what you will, and it is yours."

"All in a day's work for a Pokemon Ranger!" Solana smiled. Lunick nodded in agreement.

"Before we discuss any rewards, there's still one more thing I have to return..." Ash explained.

He produced the Riolu figurine from a pocket. "Here you go..." he assured Amira as he gave her the small figurine. "I kept your toy safe for you."

Amira smiled as she accepted the figure. Two times my hero! You have my heartiest blessing on your travels, Ash!

To Be Continued...
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Episode 57a: Pika and Goliath (part 1)

"It was a good thing we found a roadside picnic table..." Dawn smiled as the group enjoyed lunch together. "I'm sure you appreciate not cooking for once." she grinned at Brock.

"Yeah--I don't mind ordering out on occasion." Brock agreed. "Or picking up boxed lunches in town." He let that hang as he bit into the beef and cheddar sandwich he had ordered.

"That Combusken Caesar salad wrap looks delicious." Ash smiled as he bit into the crispy Combusken sandwich he'd ordered.

"I couldn't decide whether to eat healthily or indulge, and this was my solution." Dawn explained. "It was nice of the restaurant for the Pokemon to get their own box for free."

"To be fair, it was Pokemon Eat Free day." Brock smiled as he watched Hinata roast some of the Combusken meat in her box to her liking.

Tintri, meanwhile, gasped as the Leppa Berry slice he was about to eat slipped out of his paw. [Oops...]

[I'll help you get that Berry slice back!] Kori volunteered.

[Come on!] Tintri led Kori down the hill, being careful to keep the bouncing Leppa Berry slice in view.

The Pikachu and the Piplup stopped in their tracks when they saw a Pichu eating the Leppa slice. [Well, so much for that...] Kori sighed as she started back up the hill.

[Sho, come look!] the Pichu called, snapping Tintri and Kori to attention.

"What is it, Watt?" a boy with neatly slicked dull blue hair asked as he emerged from the brush.

He gasped when he spotted Tintri. "Wow...who know you could find wild Pikachus out here?"

Just then, Ash arrived. "Tintri, there you are!"

"Now, wait a minute!" the boy protested. "I found this Pikachu fair and square!"

"This Pikachu isn't wild, he has a name!" Ash protested. "You can't steal a named Pokemon from a trainer! You have to ask the trainer if they're willing to trade! And if they say no, then you have to respect that."

"Okay then, we'll trade." the boy offered. "I've got a number of Electric types I can offer for your Pikachu--interested in a Mareep?"

"No--I've already raised one to full power and beyond." Ash declined the offer.

"A Magnemite, then?" the boy offered.






"Forgive me for interrupting..." Brock interjected before realizing the boy had not told the group his name.

"Sho, please." the boy replied.

"Okay then, Sho...why do you want Ash to give you Tintri so badly?" Brock asked. "The two of them have been together for a long time..."

"Easy...I want to own a complete Pikachu family." Show replied. "I have Watt..." He petted the Pichu. "and I have Nitro, my Raichu. So all I need is Pikachu to complete the family."

"So, why don't you just evolve Watt?" Ash wondered.

"Then I'd have to catch another Pichu." Sho replied. "How about this--why don't we duel over your Pikachu? Nitro against your Pikachu--Tintree, was it?"

"You say it 'CHIN-tri'. Ash corrected Sho. "it's a short form of the Low Galarian word for 'lightning'"

"Okay--if CHIN-tree beats Nitro, you can keep him." Sho offered. "If Nitro beats him, CHIN-tree is mine."

"No." Ash shot back. "Tintri is my partner, and I won't let anyone take him away from me."

Dawn gasped as Tintri suddenly collapsed on the ground. "Oh no!"

"TINTRI!!!!" Ash screamed as he hurried to retrieve his woozy Pikachu.

"I'm dialing Pokemon Emergency Services right now..." Brock assured Ash as he dialed a three digit number on his PokeNav. "I can only hope Tintri can hang on long enough for him to get help..."


Ash's heart pounded as he watched Nurse Joy and her team of Chanseys desperately attempt to stabilize Tintri with a defibrillator. "Just how did Tintri suddenly black out like that?" he asked as Brock and Dawn joined him in the trainer waiting room.

"According to Nurse Joy, it was a combination of stress, anxiety, and overactive electrical glands." Dawn explained. "Brock did the right thing by calling Pokemon Emergency Services immediately--an overactive electrical gland is life threatening to the Pikachu family."

"It was nothing you said or did." Brock assured Ash "The way that Sho guy was acting, and the stress and anxiety of potentially being separated from you when he didn't want to sent his electrical glands into overdrive.

"That makes sense..." Ash replied, trying his hardest to keep his mind off the potential scenario of Tintri dying. Hang in there, bud...for me...

The door opening snapped the group to attention. "Okay...we finally managed to get your Pikachu stabilized." Nurse Joy explained. "His stress and anxiety levels were quite high--your friend saved your Pikachu's life by calling emergency services in time."

"Is Tintri going to be okay?" Ash asked.

"We managed to calm the overactive gland, but we will keep him in PICU for a few days to make sure the gland doesn't flare up again." Nurse Joy explained. "For the moment, he is stable--and eager to see you."

"Thank Arceus..." Ash smiled. "Can I go see him?"

"This way." Nurse Joy led the way into the PICU wing of the Pokemon Center and into a room in the Electric type wing, where a Chansey was making notes on Tintri.


[Ash!} Tintri smiled. [I'm so glad to see you! My life was flashing before my eyes for a second--when I rescued you and Misty both from those Spearows, seeing Ho'oh, all our Gym matches, seeing you use the Swanna Song for the first time, all the Pokemon we've met...]

"Well, I'm glad you're okay, too..." Ash gently hugged his companion. "I don't know what I'd do if I lost you..."

[Once I get the okay to battle again, I'm giving that Sho guy a piece of my mind.] Tintri muttered.

He smiled as he heard a familiar guitar tuning up. [Sweet! You remembered the guitar.] he told Brock.

"Well, I may not be an officially trained music therapist, but I can give you a song or two to help ease the pain." Brock assured Tintri before starting a soft adventurous melody...
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Interlude: Electric Shock Memories

A few days later, the group listened as Nurse Joy observed Tintri sleeping. "Your Pikachu's making a great recovery--a far cry from what he looked like when emergency services brought him in a few days ago."

"When can I expect him to be in battling condition again?" Ash asked.

"You can actually start building his strength back up, so long as you don't overdo it at first." Nurse Joy replied. "If you were to start therapy today, Tintri can battle again in a few days."

"That's great news--any ideas for battle therapy?" Ash asked.

Nurse Joy gave Ash a sheet with ideas for rehabilitating an Electric type. "You can use these exercises to start. The rehab bay is also open to any Pokemon Center guest, if you need more ideas."

"Okay!" Ash smiled as Nurse Joy departed.

Dawn looked down on Tintri sleeping. "Has it ever crossed your mind to evolve Tintri?"

"Yes--but he never wanted to." Ash replied as he unzipped his bag and showed Dawn a green jewel with a yellow thunderbolt.

"That's a Thunder Stone!" Dawn gasped when she saw the jewel.

"It was a gift from the Vermilion City Joy--a long time ago." Ash explained. "I've kept it this long just in case Tintri ever wanted to evolve."

He noticed Brock had arrived in the room for his daily music therapy session with Tintri. "Brock, some appropriate music please--I want to tell Dawn about my match with Lt. Surge and Raika."

"I remember that match like yesterday..." Brock smiled as he started a relaxed melody that evoked Vermilion's harbor.

"This tale takes place not long after I started my first trip around Kanto." Ash explained. "We arrived in Vermilion after two weeks of traveling--Brock, my friend Misty, and me."

"You'll have to tell me more about Misty later." Dawn smiled. "She could be right at home as a coordinator."

"Actually, she prefers the Pokethlon as her activity of choice." Ash explained. "Anyway, Brock and Misty were eager to rest and relax, but me being a hotheaded young trainer at the time, I was more concerned about finding the Vermilion Gym."

"I remember telling you Tintri was in no condition to battle." Brock remembered as he continued his song.

"As we rested in the Pokémon Center, we saw a badly beaten-up Rattata." Ash went on. "But that poor Rattata was the tip of the iceberg--there were hundreds of other badly beaten Pokemon there. It was a wonder some of them were still alive."

"That sparking Sandshrew still haunts me to this day." Brock shuddered as his song turned somber.

"Nurse Joy told us that all the Pokemon had lost to Lt. Surge, the Vermilion City Gym Leader." Ash explained. "I was beginning to have second thoughts about taking him on myself, never mind I had earned my first two badges fair and square--although Misty begged to differ on my Boulder Badge. Brock came to my defense, saying I had gotten it fairly. But before a big fight broke out, Tintri emerged from the exam area."

"Since then, she knows you got my Badge fairly." Brock agreed. "You put in a heroic effort, and that's what I wanted to see."

"So, how did Tintri react to all those battered Pokemon?" Dawn wondered.

[I was white as a Gastly!] Tintri replied. [I was scared I'd be another notch on the Gym Leader's belt!]

"But we went to the Gym anyway.' Ash went on.

"I still remember the cadence the Pikachus chanted when you came in..." Brock smiled. "I don't know, but I've been told, the very best get a badge of gold!"

"Needless to say, 'the troops' did not give me a warm welcome." Ash admitted. "And then I saw Surge's Raichu, Raika, who was very much like her master--a trained electric soldier. In a way, Nitro reminded me of Raika."

"No wonder Tintri was afraid of Nitro..." Dawn mused.

"Surge thought evolution was the way to go, but even then, I believed that there was more to a Pokémon battle than evolution alone." Ash went on. "He even went so far to call me such names as 'private', 'baby', and 'maggot'!"

"Wow..." Dawn gasped at the humiliating names.

"That's only the ones we can mention in polite company..." Brock shuddered over the marching song he played.

"Tintri decided enough was enough, and vowed to defend my honor." Ash went on. "He was soundly thrashed, but he was furious at being beaten. Nurse Joy gave me that Thunder Stone that evening, but Brock warned me to think carefully before using it."

"You obviously didn't use it, right?" Dawn smiled.

"Nope--Tintri whacked it away." Ash remembered.

[I vowed to beat Raika as I was, or die trying!] Tintri smiled. [In honor and support of all Pikachu everywhere!]

"We learned that Lt. Surge had evolved Raika the moment he caught her." Ash continued. "While it gave her great power, there was one glaring weakness--the lack of speed."

"I see--she didn't learn all the speedy attacks Pikachu get." Dawn smiled.

"Tintri used that to his advantage to beat Raika, and win me a Thunder Badge, and Lt. Surge's respect." Ash finished his tale. "When we left, he actually called me General Ash, because of my skilled tactics."

He set the Thunderstone on a counter. "I'll leave this here for now--let's get Tintri to rehab."

To Be Continued...
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Episode 57b: Pika and Goliath (part 2)

Tintri sat up in his bed later that night to stretch. [This rehab's sure working wonders!] he yawned. [At least Nurse Joy and the Chansies are here if I need anything.]

He grimaced when he saw the Thunder Stone. [Ash is STILL carrying around that rock after all this time? I STILL don't want to change...] he muttered as he rolled over.

As he lay there in the covers, Tintri replayed the day he had promised Ash he wasn't going to change in his mind. [It's just like Raika back then--if I could beat her, I can beat Sho's Raichu Nitro just the way I am!]

He climbed off the bed and out a window overlooking the Pokemon Center's yard. [I feel confident enough to see if I'm back in fighting shape...]


"That was a great movie!" Dawn smiled as she led the way back to the room. "Let's go see if Tintri's asleep...

She froze when she saw the room empty. "Weird...where did Tintri go?"

"My Thunder Stone is still there..." Ash noted as he spotted his Thunder Stone still on the table.

"Then that means..." Brock started, only to see a huge thunderbolt light up the night sky. "Whoa!"

Ash's worried look turned to joy. "Tintri!" he called as he pointed out Tintri in the yard, charging up to use Volt Tackle.

"He was in the yard the whole time!" Dawn was also relieved as she followed Ash to the yard.

Ash applauded as Tintri streaked into the rock, creating another electric explosion. "That was great! I think you're close to being able to battle again."

[I was doing some more practice on that Volt Tackle exercise we did in rehab today.] Tintri explained. [Forgive me if I worried you guys.]

"But why be doing exercise this late?" Brock was confused.

[Remember when we battled Lt. Surge and Raika?] Tintri asked. [Sho and his Raichu Nitro reminded me of them. So I've been putting in extra practice so when I am cleared to battle, I can give him a piece of my mind for even thinking I was his.]

"Keep exercising like that, and you should be cleared to battle as soon as tomorrow." Dawn assured Tintri as the group went back inside.

[I kept my promise then, and I still intend to keep it now--just like I beat Raika, I'm gonna beat Nitro as I am, or die trying!] Tintri smiled. [In honor and support of all Pikachu everywhere!]

"Well, let's get you cleared to battle again first." Brock assured Tintri as he tucked him in bed...


Dawn watched as Tintri leaped to catch a red thunderbolt Frisbee some days later. "I'm happy Tintri was cleared to travel and cleared to battle..." she smiled as she watched Ash and Tintri run about a field.

"Looks to me like that Frisbee exercise is his favorite..." Brock agreed as he watched Tintri bring back the Frisbee for Ash to throw again.

Before Ash could make another heave, a jolt of electricity burst out of the trees, interrupting the game. "Sho!" Ash recognized the electric burst. "Sho and Nitro are here!"

[Bout time...] Tintri replied as the group found Nitro shocking a few trees as Sho looked on.

Sho noticed the group and smiled. "Glad to see your Pikachu's all better...maybe now you'll consider giving him to me?"

"No...Tintri and I have been too much." Ash replied, trying his hardest not to lash out at Sho. "But if you want him so badly, let's duel for his fate!"

"Okay...but even though I'm gonna win, you're more than welcome to try and fight Nitro." Sho replied.

He heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Watt, come see this!"

[I'll have you know that a Pikachu can beat a Raichu!] Tintri taunted as Brock drew a Poke Ball in the grass. [I have beaten Raichus, and I can beat you too!]

"We'll see..." Sho smirked. "On your count." he told Brock.

"Okay...3...2...1..." Brock's whistle echoed through the forest, signaling to the wild Pokemon that a battle was underway.

"Nitro, use Iron Tail!" Sho called.

He balked as Tintri spun over Nitro's head. "Errgh...Nitro, try Iron Tail in the other direction!"

"Tintri, try your own Iron Tail!" Ash countered.

Both silver tails clashed with a CLANG, forcing Dawn to shield her eyes. She peeked through long enough to see Tintri leaping and jumping over more Iron Tails. That attack's brighter than it looks... she thought as both Pikachu and Raichu clashed again with a silver flash. I'll have to ask Ash what appeal type it is later...

Her vision cleared enough to see Tintri use Quick Attack to slam into Nitro's stomach. Nitro went flying backwards, but was able to stay on his feet. Angry, he charged at Tintri with an Iron Tail. Tintri leaped away, and used his own Iron Tail on Nitro's stomach.

Tintri saw Nitro heaving with exhaustion. This is it! My chance to shine!

Dawn smiled as he saw the electric burst of Volt Tackle. "Go, Tintri!" she cheered as Tintri's powerful attack knocked Nitro down.

"Nitro, use Hyper Beam!" Sho called.

"What the..." Ash gasped as he watched Nitro charge a familiar orange beam. "Tintri, use Thunderbolt!"

Dawn watched the electric orange explosion in awe. But when the smoke cleared, Brock's whistle confirmed that Tintri was still standing. "Game Set! This match goes to Diamond."

"YEAH!!!" Ash cried as he hurried to hug Tintri.

Sho looked surprisingly calm as he collected Nitro. "Now I know that CHIN-tree is yours." he began. "I feel stupid trying to take him from you when the two of you have a beautiful bond."

"Besides, there's plenty of Pikachu in this area." Dawn agreed as Ash and Sho shook hands.

"Yeah...and when I do get my Pikachu, I want its bond with me to be as close as you two." Sho smiled.

"Bye!" Ash waved as Sho departed. "Good luck!"

"We'd better be on our way ourselves." Brock mused as the group got back on the main road.

"Out of curiosity, what appeal type is Iron Tail?" Dawn asked.

Ash brought up the move database in his Pokedex. "It is a very appealing Cool move. It makes a nice combo with Iron Defense..."

To Be Continued...
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Nov 8, 2005
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Episode 58a: Our Cup Runneth Over (part 1)

"The Contest world is on fire as Contest Master Wallace comes to Shinou!" Rhonda began. "Many of you know Wallace is the former Sootopolis City Gym Leader, and current Hoenn League Champion. Many more of you know that he ventured into Pokémon Contests, and went beyond Grand Coordinator, becoming a Contest Master. Considered to be the pride and envy of Pokémon Coordinators everywhere, Wallace travels around the world hosting the Wallace Cup, a special event open to all Coordinators from all over the world. This year's competition will take place at Lake Valor, and entries are pouring in from all over the world..."

Dawn gasped as she watched the unfolding report. "You hear that? Wallace is coming to Lake Valor! They say he's won every Contest and Grand Festival he's ever entered!"

She hurried out to the yard with Lola. "Let's go tell the boys!"


"Gaia, use Energy Ball!" Ash called to his Pokemon. "Tintri, use Iron Tail!"

[HAH!] Tails blocked Tintri's silvery tail.

[Let's go out for a little spin!] Tintri smirked before spinning his tail in circles, throwing Tails across the yard.

Ash couldn't resist laughing as Tails went flying, landing at the west end of the yard. "You okay, Tails?"

[When you said Tintri packs a punch, you weren't kidding!] Tails wheezed as he waited for his vision to clear.

"Great work, everyone!" Ash smiled. "We'll make a splash at Pastoria Gym for sure!"

"Seems Tintri learned a thing or two from Nitro, Sho's Raichu." Brock smiled as he watched Lola and Tintri dance to the music from the Pokemon Center's PA system.

"I'm planning on using Electric and Grass Pokémon to get the upper hand in my upcoming match." Ash explained. "Besides, you said the Pastoria City Gym Leader is known to use Water-type Pokémon."

"That's true, so training Gaia and Tintri is a good idea." Brock replied.

"The question is, who else could I use besides Tintri and Gaia?" Ash wondered. "I'll need a backup in case either one of them fall..."

[Pick me!] Erin called. [I culd turn te tide for ye!]

Dawn smiled as she watched Ash assure Erin that she would get a chance to fight, but she wasn't ready for a Gym match yet. Ash is so cool--it helps his training style is amazing, too.

I agree wholeheartedly.
Satomi agreed as she warped by Dawn's side.

She approached Ash as he tidied up the yard. "You know, I love how you give your all in whatever you do--training or something else. That, and how do you just bounce back from a loss?"

"There really is no big secret." Ash replied. "Just cheer for your Pokemon when things go right, comfort them when things go wrong, and just be there for them through it all.

Dawn nodded, and shepherded her team close to her. "I know you guys been worried about me since the Solaceon Contest. But things are looking up--we can still reach the Grand Festival if we all work hard and believe in each other!"

Dawn's team cheered as Nurse Joy arrived with the Shinou News Now crew. "Forgive me for interrupting your training, but--!" Nurse Joy started.

Ash facepalmed when he heard a familiar guitar playing an F chord. Joy, oh Joy, would you marry me now? Brock sang to the tune of a folk song. With a--!

[Oh no, big guy, she cannot marry you, for she has a lover of her own!] Kage shot back as he dragged Brock away, guitar and all.

"So, what can we do for you, Rhonda?" Ash asked, trying oh so hard not to laugh at Brock's humiliated look.

"Have you guys seen Wallace around here at all?" Rhonda asked.

"No, why?" Dawn wondered as she combed out an errant tangle. "Do you want to interview him, or something?"

"Who's he?" Ash wondered.

Rhonda showed the boys a back issue of PokeChic depicting a young man with blue-green hair in a sailor-like suit with a Milotic. "He is one of the very few Contest Masters in the world."

"Every coordinator, myself included, wants to meet Wallace at least once in their lives." Dawn explained. "To give you an idea of how good he is, a Contest Master is beyond a Grand Coordinator or a Divine Coordinator. Only a select few coordinators ever get that good."

"So a Grand Coordinator is someone that won their first Grand Festival." Brock guessed. "A Divine Coordinator has won a lot more, and a Contest Master has won too many to count?"

"Something like that." Rhonda replied. There are more ranks of coordinator between those three ranks, however."

She changed the subject. "Wallace regularly travels across the world holding and promoting Pokémon Contests bearing his name, the Wallace Cup. The ribbon you win there, the Aqua Ribbon, counts as an official ribbon at any contest anywhere in the world. As I said in my earlier report, this year's Wallace Cup is taking place at Lake Valor."

"It's worth a shot." Brock mused as he showed Dawn MapNav. "Lake Valor is right on the way to Pastoria City."

"Sign me up, then!" Dawn smiled. "Where is Wallace now? I've always wanted to get appeal advice from a master!"

"Well, today is his day off." Rhonda admitted. "His whole staff won't tell me where he is, but sources tell me he's somewhere near here. Besides, a piece on what Wallace does offstage would be priceless."

As the crew turned to leave, she told the group "If you see Wallace anywhere, let me know!"

"We will!" Ash smiled back as he waved goodbye.

To Be Continued...
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Episode 58b: Our Cup Runneth Over (part 2)

"Next question--where was Wallace last spotted?" Ash wondered as the group walked through a forest.

Brock snapped to attention when he heard an ethereal human-like voice in the distance. "That voice...something's here!"

"Come on!" Ash, led the way through the brush. When the group emerged into the mist on a lake, they spotted a familiar cream serpentine Pokemon with sparkling scales and pink "hair". "A Milotic..." Ash gasped as the beautiful serpent Pokemon continued singing for a teal haired man in a sailor-like outfit.

"Reminds me of Ardan's Milotic, Tenko." Brock remembered.

Dawn decided to read up on the lovely Pokemon:

"Milotic, the tender Pokemon. Its lovely scales are described as rainbow colored. They change color depending on the viewing angle.

"I see..." Dawn mused as she noticed the man on a rock nearby. "Wallace!" she called, waving to get the man's attention.

"Hello there, miss." Wallace smiled as he got up from the rock and approached the group. "I am honored you and your companions came all this way to see me and Celeste."

"Well, I've always wanted to see you." Dawn explained. "As an aspiring coordinator myself, I thought it would be best to learn from a master."

"Being a master coordinator is not easy." Wallace explained. "Since I have been here, I have made the rounds on all the talk shows, done hundreds of press conferences, and even at the hotel, my fans gather just to see me."

"Wow..." Ash gasped.

"This was why I asked the staff for a day off to spend some quality time with Celeste." Wallace smiled.

Something occurred to him. "Oh listen to me ramble! I never thought to ask your names..." he chuckled.

"I'm Dawn..." Dawn replied, and these two are my trainer companion Ash..."

"Hi!" Ash smiled.

"...and Brock, or navigator and renaissance man." Dawn gestured to Brock, who was keeping a watchful eye on Tintri and Kori.

"Pleased to meet you." Brock replied as he watched Tintri and Kori romp through the shallows with Celeste.

"Celeste is so pretty..." Dawn smiled. "How do you take care of something so beautiful?"

"It's not about what beauty products you use, or their training regimen." Wallace explained. "Above all, the bond you share with your Pokemon informs everything else you do."

Just like Ash has said before.... Dawn smiled. "Um, I won't tell anyone you're here. Forgive me if I disturbed your day off..."

"Oh no, it's all right!" Wallace assured Dawn. "I enjoy mentoring the next generation of superstars--trainer and coordinator alike."

"All right--I'm hoping to enter your Cup." Dawn explained. "I've struggled a lot on my Contest journey, and need help with appeals."

"Okay--do you feel comfortable showing me some appeals?" Wallace asked. "Once I have a look at what you do on the contest stage, we can determine what you are doing well, and what needs work."

"I-I don't have anything prepared yet..." Dawn confessed.

"Even though I'm primarily a trainer, I do have a Contest Pass, and I have competed in a few competitions." Ash explained. "So why don't Dawn and I have a little appeal demo?"

"A marvelous idea." Wallace smiled. "You're not the first trainer that has moonlighted as a coordinator, and you likely won't be the last."


"Tails, come on out!" Ash called, revealing his Buizel to Wallace.

"Come on Kori!" Dawn shepherded her Piplup by her.

"Dawn is trying to follow in her mother's footsteps as a Grand Coordinator." Brock explained as he watched Ash and Dawn make their preparations. "The name Joanna Solberg ring a bell? Dawn is her daughter."

"Yes--Joanna has always been a legend on the Contest scene, and it is always exciting when daughter follows mother, or son follows father." Wallace smiled.

Brock stepped before Ash and Dawn. "Okay--here's how this is going to work. Each of you will get a chance to do one appeal of your choice at a time. There's no scoring, no pressure--just a friendly demonstration. After each of you have appealed once, Wallace will offer feedback for each of you. That fair?"

"Those are fair rules." Wallace replied.

"No qualms here." Ash replied.

"No questions for me." Dawn replied.

Brock dug a coin from a pocket. "We'll determine who goes first with a coin flip."

He showed Ash and Dawn the coin. "Pikachu face is heads...Kanto League crest is tails."

"Heads!" Ash called as Brock flipped the coin.

"Tails!" Dawn called.

Brock checked the coin when it landed in the grass. "It's heads...Ash will go first."

Ash thought for a moment, then heaved a Frisbee over the water. "Tails, use Aqua Jet!"

Wallace watched Tails use Aqua Jet to power over the water and catch the Frisbee as water rained around him. "Very nice! If this was a real Contest, you would be first to appeal on the second turn."

"Kori, use Whirlpool!" Dawn called.

Wallace watched in awe as Kori created a shimmering Whirlpool that rippled over the lake. "Impressive!" he smiled. "Were this a real contest, you would have a nice combo with Aqua Jet."

"Really?" Dawn was impressed.

"It would also temporarily halt the excitement meter for the rest of the turn." Wallace explained. "You can use this tactic when the meter is about to max to guarantee that you will max the meter out and earn a lot of hearts."

"Interesting...I'll keep that in mind!" Dawn smiled.

"Now then...on to your feedback for the first round." Wallace began. "Ash...since Tails is fond of battling, it would be interesting to see his moves in a Contest. Maybe you should participate in the Wallace Cup too."

"Are you sure?" Ash asked. "Contests and battles are way different from each other--I doubt I would be any good on that big a stage."

"I would love to see you participate--Tintri could have the talent, as well." Dawn smiled. "How will you know you won't do well unless you try?"

"Okay...if we can find me a costume, I'll consider entering with Tintri." Ash replied.

"All right, now for you, Dawn." Wallace began. "You have a nice selection of moves for Kori, and you have clearly spent a lot of time polishing them. However, I fear that you may be focusing too much on well-rehearsed moves. If you allow the Pokemon to relax and be itself, it will feel more at ease onstage, and make better appeals."

"How do I go about keeping it natural?" Dawn asked.

"Concentrate on a Pokémon's basic attributes--be this Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Smartness, or Toughness." Wallace replied. "As important as it is to work hard, don't forget to play hard too."

To Be Continued...
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Episode 58c: Our Cup Runneth Over (part 3)

The group balked as Mars, as Marta, emerged from the brush. "Hi there, Sir Wallace--my name's Marta--!"

It suddenly dawned on Mars who she was talking to. "Oh, Arceus, you're THE Wallace???

Jupiter facepalmed from the brush as Mars cornered Wallace and Celeste. "Oh wow! I never dreamed I'd see a Contest Master up close! They say you're better than a Grand Coordinator!"

"It seems my reputation has preceded me." Wallace smiled, unfazed by the starstruck Mars.

Dawn was equally impressed. "I'm amazed Wallace didn't look unnerved by Marta getting in his face like that!"

"He's probably used to fans getting a little too close for comfort, so it takes a lot for someone like Wallace to get rattled." Brock suggested.

Wallace gently pushed Mars away. "As I was saying before we were rudely interrupted...as important as it is to work hard, don't forget to play hard too."

He motioned for Celeste to take to the water. "Now that you have shown me some appeals, it's my turn to show you some of my favorites."

Ash opened his Pokedex and set the movelist to Contest mode. "So I can tell you what Wallace's moves are and what they do in a Contest scenario." he explained to Dawn.

"Okay, Celeste...start the music!" Wallace called.

The Milotic obediently tapped PLAY on Wallace's PokeNav, then swam out into the water, surrounding herself with mist and a pale green light as a regal Celtic melody played.

"That was Safeguard--it is a Beautiful move that relaxes both Pokemon and the audience." Ash explained.

He watched as a ring of bubbles circled elegantly around Celeste. "That was Aqua Ring--it is a Beautiful move that makes up for its low Appeal by combining with Safeguard."

He watched Celeste fire an orb of purple energy into the sky, dispersing the bubbles with a purple-blue explosion. "That was Dragon Pulse--it is a very appealing Beautiful move that can combine with most any Dragon type move." he explained as Celeste took a bow for the group and Mars.

Jupiter emerged from the brush and gently petted Celeste. "Her skin is so soft..."

She jumped away as Celeste gathered wind and water around her, then sent it flying. "That was Twister--a very appealing Cool move that can combine with Dragon Pulse for an amazing combo." Ash explained.

Mars' applause was the most enthusiastic. "Can you teach my Purugly Aqua Ring?"

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Purugly can't learn Aqua Ring." Wallace replied, making Mars sweatdrop.

"Thanks, Wallace--I learned quite a bit!" Dawn smiled as she hugged Wallace.

"Yeah, thanks for the show!" Ash agreed.

"And thank you, for showing me your skills." Wallace replied. "I hope to see you two in the Cup soon."

He motioned for Celeste. "Come on, Celeste...it's time to go."


Later, the group watched on a TV as Wallace gave yet another interview to a Contest show. "While I did learn a lot today, I think I still have a long way to go before being able to appreciate what's truly special about my Pokémon." Dawn mused.

"Well, remember what Wallace said--you need to play as hard as you work." Brock reminded Dawn.

"That, and you just need to let your Pokemon be themselves instead of focusing on big shows all the time." Ash agreed.

"Forgive me for interrupting your conversation, but you have a call waiting for you." Nurse Joy explained as she approached Ash.

"Really? Who from?" Ash asked, intrigued.

"Someone named May Alder." Nurse Joy replied.

An excited look formed on Ash's face. "I'll be right there!"

"I've wondered what became of May after we left Houen..." Brock agreed as Ash hurried to the call center to take his call.

Ash looked over each of the video phones until he found one with a blinking green light--the signal that a call was coming in. After hitting the ACCEPT button, he smiled at the familiar image of a brown haired girl with a green bandanna on the screen. "Hello?"

"Ash, hi!" May smiled back. "Have you heard about the Wallace Cup?"

"Oh, you're competing in that too?" Ash asked. "I was thinking to compete myself..."

May nodded. "If all goes well, me and my team should meet you by Lake Valor tomorrow morning--then we can get you a costume, and catch up on what's happened since the Eterna dance contest..."

To Be Continued...
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Episode 59a: Our Own Brand of Power! (part 1)

Ash watched as the water of Lake Valor rippled with the sunshine beaming on the water. "Any sign of her yet?" Dawn asked as she arrived with Kori.

"Not yet." Ash replied as he kept an eye on the lake and the sparkling water. "I did have a nice chat with May last night..."

"Oh? What all did you talk about?" Dawn asked as Brock joined them on the pier.

"Basically how she's doing in Johto, how you've been since the dance contest, and where she'll go from here after Johto." Ash replied. "She still remembers you, and is excited to be competing with you in a real contest."

Just then, Dawn spotted a Beautifly flitting across the lake. "Is that..." Dawn gasped as she consulted her Pokedex:

"Beautifly, the butterfly Pokemon. Vibrantly patterned wings are its prominent feature. It sucks sweet flower nectar with its long mouth."

Ash looked up and gasped as the Beautifly landed on his head. "Niji...is that you?"

[Hi!] the Beautifly giggled. [It's nice to see you again!]

A boat whistle got his attention. "She's here!" he called, waving to a familiar brown haired girl on the approaching boat. "May! Welcome back!"

"I missed you too!" May called back as the boat pulled up to the pier.


After disembarking from the boat, May and Ash first shared a long embrace. "I've been quite enjoying my Johto trip." May began. "Your travel guide's been very helpful."

She then unzipped her traveling bag. "I didn't forget to get you guys some souvenirs--these are from the Ecruteak Market."

Ash accepted a book from May. "'Folk and Fairy Tales from Johto'...sounds interesting."

"We may have to look at that together later." Brock smiled as Ash thumbed through the pages, intrigued by the scenes of heroes, monsters, and Pokemon on every page.

May gave Brock a raft shaped bundle with exquisite designs. "For you, Brock--a new instrument for the collection. These are handmade panpipes with Beast-inspired designs."

Brock admired the beautiful panpipes for a moment. "These must sound as good as they look..."

"Go on, play something!" May smiled. "I insist!"

Brock thought for a minute for a suitable song, then decided to play a soft, quiet melody that rang across the lake. "Wow! That was very nice!" Dawn raved as she led the applause.

"That was, appropriately enough, 'The Phoenix's Prayer', a song composed in memory of those that fell when the Tin Tower burned." Brock explained as he tapped out his new panpipes and put them away. "I'm still working on learning it, so I apologize for any mistakes."

"Keep practicing, and I'm sure it'll sound beautiful." May smiled before unearthing a necklace with a jewel studded Piplup. "And for you, Dawn--in honor of Kori."

[It's beautiful!] the real Kori raved as Dawn put the necklace on.

"Yeah--thanks for the gifts!" Ash smiled as he put his new lorebook in his bag.

"Consider this my song of thanks." Brock smiled as he unwrapped his new panpipes again, then started a joyful march-like melody that rang across the harbor.

"So, how's Max doing?" Ash asked May over the music.

"He is home at Petalburg Gym, taking care of Dad's Pokémon, just like Brock showed him." May replied, just as Brock finished his song, to applause from curious onlookers.

"How long have you been in Shinou?" Dawn asked.

"I arrived here three days ago--there was something I wanted to do in Snowpoint City first." May explained.

She heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Neva, come on out!"

Ash smiled when he saw the familiar cyan and blue fox Pokemon May had summoned. "You decided to evolve Neva into Glaceon?" he asked.

"Glaceon, the fresh snow Pokemon. It can control its body temperature at will. This enables it to freeze the moisture in the atmosphere, creating flurries of diamond dust." Dawn's Pokedex explained.

"There is an ice cave near Snowpoint City, which houses a huge ice crystal that makes Eevee evolve into Glaceon." May explained. "I thought it would be fun to return to Johto with a newly evolved Pokémon."

"Here I was thinking Neva was a cute name at the time you got her." Ash admitted. "But now it makes sense."

"Ash told me about your struggles." May began as she showed Dawn her own ribbon collection. "But I'm in the same boat as you--Drew or Harley always manage to capitalize on a combo setup I make, and max out the excitement meter."

"Well, it makes me feel better knowing you're struggling too." Dawn smiled. "I very nearly wanted to give up after one choke too many, but Satomi, the boys, and everyone else urged me to keep trying."

"Maybe the Wallace Cup could be both of their comeback Contests." May smiled.

"Yeah...win or lose, we could inspire each other." Dawn agreed.

A stomach growl got the girls' attention. "I hate to interrupt the discussion, but is anyone else hungry for lunch?" Ash asked.

"You are in luck!" May smiled. "I managed to score reservations at the Grand Wok--the most popular restaurant at the Lakefront."

"Wow, really?" Dawn gasped.

"I've heard their stir fries are legendary." Brock smiled as May led the group towards a large pagoda-like building near the docks. "Any seafood comes directly from the lake."


"Wow...lakeside table and everything." Ash smiled as he bit into an egg roll.

"I'm amazed that every guest gets complimentary appetizers." Brock agreed as he bit into a won ton.

"Have you decided on a Contest costume yet?" May asked.

"Oh, you like looking at costumes too?" Dawn smiled. "Which brand do you prefer?"

"I don't have a preferred brand per se, but I've been trying out different looks in hopes of finding a brand I prefer." May explained. "Before I left, I found a good deal on a nice Arabian getup from Sol Dorado, so I'll use that here."

"Well Mom's preferred brand is Notte Royal, and I like a lot of their stuff." Dawn replied. "But lately I've been gravitating towards Prism Stardust too."

"So a Beautiful and Passion coordinator..." May mused. "Drew told me that the lakefront has an outlet mall featuring shops for all twelve major coordinator brands."

"Wait, what's this about brands?" Ash asked.

"Like idol costumes, coordinators have twelve brands of their own to pick costumes from." May explained.

She made a grand gesture to a large building in the distance. "Luckily for us, an outlet mall featuring all twelve brands is nearby."

"If you're going to take part in the Wallace Cup, we need to get you a costume." Dawn reminded Ash as the stir fry the group had ordered arrived at the table. "We'll at least look at each brand before you make your decision."

"Works for me." Ash mused the group dug into their lunch...

To Be Continued...
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Episode 59b: Our Own Brand of Power! (part 2)

"All right--if you want to go inside any of the shops, let us know." Dawn explained as the group arrived at the outlet mall later that afternoon. "We're not going to drag you into every shop, but we will let you look in the windows."

"Once you've seen all twelve brands, if you saw any coord that you liked, we will go back and get it." May added. "But try to wait until we've seen every brand before you make your decision."

"Got it!" Ash smiled.

Dawn lead the way towards a shop's window. "First up is Rainbow Parade, a brand that focuses on a marching band and music motif." she explained, gesturing to what looked like a frilly pink marching band uniform in the window.

"I don't recall the marching band uniforms I ever wore being that frilly..." Brock smiled as he admired the costume.

"Well, it is a Cute and Dreamy brand." Dawn admitted. "Thankfully, there are boys' versions of every coord."

"Good--I wouldn't wear frills again if my life depended on it." Ash shuddered at the memory of being disguised as a girl to get inside Erika's Gym.

"Although if we have to disguise you as a girl again, I'll tell whoever's making the disguise to make it a bit more elegant." Brock grinned.

"Long story..." Ash told Dawn, who chuckled at the thought of Ash wearing one of the frilly costumes.

"I remember this story!" May smiled before telling Dawn "After seeing a boy kicked out of a Gym just for being a boy, one of Ash's Pokemon--an Abra, was it?--conjured some girl's clothes as a disguise, so Ash could get inside for a match."

"Yes--it was my then Abra Trista that conjured the disguise." Ash admitted as he admired a frilly electric blue dress that evoked a baton twirler's costume in the window. "I will admit I like this one."

Dawn smiled. "Don't worry--there are plenty of boy coordinators too, so you're not going to be thrown out of a Contest Hall just because you're male."

She motioned for the group to follow her. "Let's go on to the next shop."


"Over here is Jeweled Story, which has a lot of jewels and fairy tale motifs." Dawn explained as the group arrived near another shop.

"This one's not so bad..." Ash admitted as he admired a cute red costume with a leaf-like skirt in the window.

"Agreed--this once's nice, as well." Brock agreed as he admired a soft multicolored costume that evoked a rainbow.

"As pretty as some of these costumes are, I'm not sure Dreamy is my style." Ash sighed as the group continued down the walkway.

"There's still ten more brands to see." Brock assured Ash. "Maybe your dream style is in one of the other shops."

"We'll go with that, then." Ash smiled, petting Tintri all the while.


"Next up are the Cool and Hearthhrob brands." Dawn explained as the group approached a shop. "You might like Pixel Beat, which is inspired by classic video games."

"Can we go inside?" Ash asked. "I kinda want to take a look."

"Sure!" May led the way inside the somewhat dark shop.

Ash smiled as he admired the colorful glowing pixels embedded in the wall. "Love the decor in here..." he smiled as he admired a beautiful dull pink, red, and gold dancer's costume."

"That is Powerful Dancer, one of the coords in our Oracle Dreams collection." an employee explained. "It has two counterparts in the Wisdom Minstrel Coord and the Courageous Keeper Coord."

The lightbulb went off in Ash's head. "Oh yeah--'The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages' and 'Oracle of Seasons'!"

"Exactly." the employee smiled when she saw Ash had guessed the games the collection was inspired by. "Of course if you want to channel the Hero of Hyrule himself, we have Forest Hero '87 over here." She made a grand gesture to a costume that looked like an exact replica of Link's iconic costume from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time."

Ash did a double take when he found a familiar looking leather outfit. "No way! A Nick Dragonswift costume!"

"Adventure's Heart--that one's very popular among male coordinators." the employee smiled.

"Can I buy this?" Ash asked. "If May's being Runim, I've gotta be her Nick!"

"Wait until we've seen all the brands, okay?" Dawn gently reminded him. "If you still want it then, we'll go back and get it."

"Dawn has a point." Brock agreed. "Besides, something better might be coming up."

"Okay..." Ash mused as he wrote a note on his PokeNav. "I'll make a note so I won't forget later."


"Here is Cosmic Storm, which has a space motif." Dawn explained as the group arrived in another shop.

"One of my preferred brands." May added as she hurried over to look at a beautiful futuristic purple blue and silver outfit.

Ash noticed a striking silver and white costume on a display that appeared to evoke the moon. "I like this one..."

"White and silver have always looked good on you." Brock agreed.

"That coord is Lunar Future." an employee explained. "It's quite popular with male coordinators who want a mysterious look. It also has a feminine design, if you have a special lady coordinator in your life."

"Keep in mind the lights in the Contest Hall." Dawn whispered. "You don't want to blind people due to your costume."

Ash nodded. "I'll still keep it in mind."

After updating his 'Favorite Costumes' note, he noticed a sparkling blue and purple costume that evoked the northern lights. "Cool--Misty would likely love this, if she ever wanted to try a contest."

"If you ever want to see the other version of a costume, let us know." an employee told Ash as he updated his note with a picture of the costume and the brand.

"Can I see the male version of this costume?" Ash asked.

"The male version of Aurora Diva is named Aurora Hero." the employee replied as she brought over the male version of the costume for Ash to see.

After updating his note, Ash laid the costume over his normal clothes. "Hm...while I like the colors, it seems a little too showy for me."

"All right--there are some lower key designs over to the left." the employee informed Ash. "Take your time looking around."

To Be Continued...
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Episode 59c: Our Own Brand of Power! (part 3)

"Here is Mom's preferred brand, and one of my favorites--Notte Royal." Dawn smiled as she made a grand gesture to a elegant shop overlooking the water. "It is a Beautiful and Charming brand that focuses on royalty and nobility inspired designs with lots of jewels."

"I can see why!" Ash grinned as he admired a beautiful white gown with rainbow trim in the window. "Can we go inside?"

"Sure!" Dawn replied as the group made their way inside the shop.

Tarina peeked from Brock's bag and gasped at the many beautiful outfits on the racks. [Wow! This place is amazing!]

"You know how idols have several different brands they promote?" May explained. "Coordinators are the same way--we have our own brands of costumes we can wear."

"We're here to help Ash pick a costume for the Contest." Brock explained. "So we are letting him see all the brands before he decides on a costume."

[I didn't know we had to dress up for a contest here...] Tarina mused as she admired a ruffly pale yellow outfit with gold trim on a display. [Remember that contest back home where May narrowly beat you? We wore our normal clothes for that.]

"Houen and Kanto rules are different from Shinou and Kalos rules, sweetie." Brock reminded Tarina. "They probably want everybody to dress up because of a Shinou Contest's grander scale. When Kalos did away with the Pokemon Showcase about a hundred years ago and started doing Contests, they adopted Shinou rules, which includes dressing up."

[That makes sense.] Tarina smiled before spotting a deep blue, cyan and silver costume with a white rose in the lapel. [This is pretty!]

"That is the male version of Midnight Rose." an employee explained. "Are you interested in buying?"

"Not today, thanks." Brock replied.


"Next up is Angelic Crystal, which focuses on a lot of sky and snow motifs, with the odd other elemental motif." Dawn explained as the group approached another shop.

[This one looks like something Misty would wear!] Tarina commented as she admired a beautiful shimmering green and blue costume in the window that evoked a mermaid.

"It does, doesn't it?" Brock smiled. "But she doesn't seem to be the dancing princess type to me..."

"How bout it? Do you want to go inside or not?" Dawn asked.

"Why not? Tarina seems to be enjoying shopping too." Brock smiled as the group made their way inside.

Tarina gasped in awe at the many shimmering gowns and suits on the racks and displays. [Wow...did we just walk into heaven?]

"Not quite--but it is a Coordinator's paradise, at least." Brock smiled as he admired a silvery gown with crystal studs. "I wonder what the male version of this coord looks like..."

"Oh, you'd like to see the male version of Crystal Jubilee?" an employee smiled. "Just a moment..."

Ash gasped in awe as the employee brought out a glittering silver suit. "That is beautiful!"

"If you're looking to buy, this coord can be yours for 7500 credits." the employee grinned.

"We're just looking for now, thanks." Ash admitted before fumbling for his PokeNav. "I'll keep it in mind."


"Moving on to the Exotic and Rugged brands..." Dawn smiled as the group approached another shop. "Spring Clover should be up your alley, Brock."

"I see--I've always loved the mystery and beauty of Celtic design." Brock mused as he admired a green and white outfit with silvery knotwork in the window. "Let's go inside."

After taking a moment to admire the knotwork designs on the walls, Ash noticed a blue plaid outfit on a display. "What's this coord?"

"That is Dancing Water--part of our Galarian Dancer collection." an employee replied. "Are you interested in seeing the other coords?"

"Not at the moment, thanks." Ash replied.

He noticed that Brock was at the counter, paying for a few coords. "Uh, Brock? I thought we were looking for a costume for me..."

"I know, but I found a few designs I liked that were on sale." Brock replied as he received the bag with his purchases inside. "Just in case I want to try my hand at a contest too."


"So, which coords did you get?" Dawn asked as the group made their way towards another shop.

"I got Glas Harp..." Brock explained, showing off a green, white and gold costume with shiny knotwork. "and Winter Moor." He showed the group a green plaid costume with silver trim. "All told, they were 3000 credits--thank you, half-off sale!"

"That's a great deal!" May grinned before pointing out their destination in the distance. "This is where I got my costume, Sol Dorado. They focus on festive Latin American and Arabian designs."

"So I see..." Ash smiled as he admired the decor of the shop, which evoked an exotic marketplace. "Let's go inside."

Tintri gasped in awe at the shop's interior. [Did we just walk into Brock's copy of the Arabian Nights?]

"Nope, but if you want to get the look, this is the place to do it." Ash replied before noticing a collection of Arabian style outfits on a display. "Which one of these did you get, May?"

"I got this gold one over here--Arabian Sun." May explained showing off an ornate gold Arabian costume on the display.

"That looks like Runim, all right." Ash smiled before moving on to another display, where he spotted a sparkling red flamenco inspired outfit. "What's this one?"

"That is Estrella Roja." an employee replied as she arrived to stock a display. "This will help channel your inner dancer in the Contest Hall."

"I do like the red..." Ash mused as he updated his note. "I'll keep this one in mind."

To Be Continued...
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Episode 59d: Our Own Brand of Power! (part 4)

Ash gasped in amazement when he saw the window of the next shop. "Wow! Love the coords in here!"

"This is my other preferred brand, Prism Stardust." Dawn explained. "As I've told you before, they are famous for their sparkling 80's style."

"Oh yeah, that little outfit you made Lola before..." Ash remembered. "Let's go inside and take a look!"

Dawn led Ash inside the shop, and over to a display showcasing the outfit that inspired her. "This is Passionate Dawn--if I were to give the outfit I gave Lola a name, I would likely call it Passionate Sunset."

"That's a nice name for a design." Brock smiled as he admired a regal green costume with leaf trim on another rack.

Tarina gasped in awe at the various coords for sale. [Did we just walk in a time warp back to the 80's?]

Brock just smiled. "No--we didn't go back in time--it's supposed to look like this."

"The point of these coords is to give a coordinator a powerful, passionate look." May added.

She stifled a giggle at Ash racing around the shop. "Judging from how excited Ash is, he might pick a costume from here!"


"Here is the other Passion and Power brand-- Glittering Magic." May explained as the group approached a shop near the mall's plaza. "They rely on metallic colors and "magical" motifs."

Ash peeked in the window at a striking red, gold, and white costume. "That's neat--the buttons look like the keys of an orchestral flute when it's all buttoned up."

"Considering how much you enjoy playing the flute and flute-like instruments, I wouldn't be surprised if you picked Stardust Flute." May smiled as she pointed out the coord's name.

"It even has a sister coord that evokes a fiddle--Shining Bow." Dawn pointed out a beautiful yellow outfit with a large brown patch that resembled a violin in the window.

Brock looked closer at Shining Bow, where he could see four lines of glitter snaking down the "fiddle". "That's nice--they even thought to put on the strings."

"Anyone want to go in here?" Dawn asked.

When no one said anything, she mused "All right...let's move on. We're almost done."


"Finally, we have the two Angelic and Heroic brands." Dawn began as the group approached a shop near the plaza. "This one is Starlight Harmony."

Ash looked in the window at the many designs inspired by the three birds and Lugia. "These look familiar..."

"That's because this brand draws on the legend of the Chosen of Lugia for inspiration." Dawn explained.

"No wonder they look familiar..." Ash smiled as he admired a striking red and gold dress with a large feather at the shoulder in the window.

Then something occurred to him. "Have either May or Dawn heard your song cycle retelling the tale of the Chosen One?"

"May has heard it, but Dawn hasn't." Brock replied as he allowed Tarina to look at a blue and cyan gown with a matching star circlet and trim. "Guess that's another of my song cycles I'll need to perform this trip..."

"I'm still amazed you manage to come up with the music and the lyrics to that long of a story!" May smiled as she remembered Brock playing her the epic song.

"Maybe that just comes naturally to you when you have a musical gift like what Brock has." Ash mused as the group continued on their way.


"And lastly, but by no means least, this is Blossom Beat, which features flower and Beautifly motifs." Dawn explained as the group reached a shop near another pier.

May smiled as she admired a beautiful sparkling magenta costume with rose trim in the window. "I will admit that I like all the costumes in here; but I already have a costume..."

"Pity you're not using Niji this time, either." Ash agreed. "A lot of these would fit well if you were using her.

"I know..." May replied as she admired a sparkling green costume that evoked an emerald swallowtail butterfly. "But I used Niji in my last Johto contest before coming here."

Tarina gawked at a beautiful green, blue, and purple costume in the window. [Wow! This one's pretty!]

Dawn recognized the costume. "That one's called Obi Emerald--so named because it evokes the obi island birdwing."

"Birdwings are said to have the largest wings in the world." Brock added, trying oh-so-hard not to laugh at the heart-eyed Pichu on his shoulder...


"Okay...now that we have seen all the brands, do you still want the Nick Dragonswift outfit from earlier?" Dawn asked as the group returned to the plaza.

Ash looked over his note. "While I did like both Passion and Power brands, I'll stick with the Nick Dragonswift outfit after all."

"All right--back to Pixel Beat we go." With that, Dawn lead the way down the pathway and into the setting sun...

To Be Continued...
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Episode 60: Staging a Hero's Welcome!

"The day has finally arrived!" Rhonda announced from her post outside the Valor Contest Hall. "We are only hours away from the Wallace Cup, where we will see the talents from coordinators from across the world..."

Inside the Contest Hall, the atmosphere was just as electric as the many coordinators made their entry confirmations and final preparations. But in one corner of the room, Ash emerged from a dressing room to find Brock singing in a language he recognized as Low Galarian to a brown haired girl wearing a green and white outfit with silvery knotwork. Brock...when will you ever learn? he sighed.

[English, please!] he heard Kage scold. The girl's Scorbunny giggled as Kage dragged Brock away, guitar and all.

May giggled as she watched Brock being dragged back to the hall foyer. "I guess Kage has taken over Max's job..."

"You could say that." Dawn replied as she emerged from a dressing room in a beautiful royal blue, white and silver costume. "But for the most part, he has behaved himself."

"How do I look?" Ash asked as he struck a heroic pose in his new coord.

"Like Nick Dragonswift, of course!" a voice replied.

"Zoey, hi!" Dawn smiled as Zoey arrived with Sylvie.

She made a grand gesture to May, who was now in her costume. "May, this is Zoey--one of my friends and friendly rivals on the Contest circuit."

"The famous May Alder has come to Shinou..." Zoey gasped. "They say you've made quite a name for yourself in Houen and Kanto."

May nodded. "I'm looking foward to making a good impression here, as well--I'm actually taking a break from Johto's circuit to come here, so it was good practice for this."

"Wait, Johto follows Shinou and Kalos rules too?" Ash asked, unaware of Mars making her final preparations nearby...


In the Contest Hall, the crowd roared with applause as Wallace appeared with Celeste in a shimmering aurora. "Thank you all!" he smiled. "To those that are gathered here, and those that are watching on TV and online, I offer the most heartiest of welcomes!"

"As host of today's Contest, Wallace will serve as a guest judge alongside our three regulars..." Marian explained to the audience. "Please welcome Jordan..."

The crowd applauded as a woman with wavy blond hair made her way to the judge's table. "Dexter..." A bespectacled young man with dull brown hair arrived. "...and Keira."

More applause filled the air as Wallace respectfully led a red-brown haired woman to the table, before taking the guest judge's seat at the end. "The winning Coordinator will receive the Aqua Ribbon, a special ribbon that is valid to use in any region." Marion explained, showing the crowd an elegant electric blue ribbon.

She smiled. "On that note, let us begin the parade of coordinators!"


A majestic melody filled the hall, signaling the parade of coordinators was underway. The brown haired girl from before had already been announced as Dawn approached the entry tunnel. The tam o'shanter's cute... she thought.

"Entrant W-42007--Dawn Solberg and Kori!" Marian announced as Dawn emerged from the tunnel. "Daughter of the legendary Divine Coordinator Joanna Solberg, Dawn is ready to make her mark as heir to the Solberg dynasty. She is wearing Sapphire Queen, by Notte Royal."

Way to put the pressure on even more... Dawn swallowed hard as the crowd cheered.

"Entrant W-31503--May Alder and Neva!" Marian announced as May emerged from the tunnel with her Glaceon. "All the way from Houen, May channels her inner Runim as she dazzles with an icy mirage! She is wearing Arabian Sun, by Sol Dorado."

One by one, Marian announced each coordinator, their Pokemon, where they were from; if applicable, a little about them, and what coord they wore:

"Entrant W-41815--Shauna Dumont and Reine! All the way from Kalos, Shauna has stormed onto Kalos' Contest scene, and is looking to try her luck in Shinou! She is wearing Blue Shower, by Angelic Crystal."

"Entrant W-98380--Twila Mendoza and Colores! Hailing from Houen, Twila is all ready to show off the power of the rainbow in Shinou! She is wearing Amarilla Sol, by Sol Dorado."

"Entrant W-16313--Bianca Rossi and Epona! Hailing from Kanto, Bianca is ready to unleash the power of the Legendary steed of heroes on Shinou after doing very well on the Kanto circuit! She is wearing Passionate Dawn, by Prism Stardust."


"Ready?" Ash asked Tintri as he approached the entryway of the tunnel leading out into the massive contest hall.

[As I'll ever be...] Tintri replied as the girl in front of them made her way into the hall. [I just hope our appeals are good enough...]

"Me too, bud." Ash agreed as he adjusted the fedora he wore. "Let's do this."

"Entrant W-22796--Ash Ketchum and Tintri!" Marian announced, to cheers as Ash stepped out into the Contest Hall. "Mainly a trainer by day, Ash is all ready for a contest adventure, channeling both his inner Nick Dragonswift and his knowhow as a trainer to reach for the stars! He is wearing Adventure's Heart, by Pixel Beat."

A whistle snapped Ash to attention as he passed the stands. [Ash!] Tarina squeaked as she and Brock waved from the stands. [Good luck!]

Ash gave Tarina a nod as the next coordinator was announced. May had finished her lap around the hall with Neva, and Dawn was a few people ahead of him. I'm gonna do my best for you, Tarina--who knows, I may even get a Ribbon myself!


"The rules of the Visual Competition are simple..." Marian explained to the crowd of coordinators. "In just a few moments, you'll go into the dressing rooms to dress up your Pokemon using a box of random accessories. You'll have sixty seconds to create your designs, and you can use up to five accessories. The order you finish will determine the order of performance in the Dance competition."

She glanced over at a card. "You are aiming for a bright look this time."

"A bright look, huh..." Ash mused as he found the dressing room with his ID number on it backstage. "I hope I've got something sparkly or neon in my box..."

Once all the coordinators were backstage, Wallace cued the clock. "Ready..." Marian called. "Set...GO!"

Ash threw open the shiny pink Fashion Case and rummaged through the hundred accessories inside as the 60 second clock ticked away. "These little spark things..." he mused as he rubbed some of the faux sparks in Tintri's fur. "Ooh, these faux embers look cool!"

[I like it too!] Tintri agreed as Ash attached some of the plastic shimmering flames. [Red thunder.]

"This cool aura for extra pizzazz..." Ash mused as he attached a glowing light that evoked an aura. "...and some Shiny Powder to finish."

After sprinkling a generous amount of the gold powder on Tintri, Ash hit the button to signal he was ready with 14 seconds to spare.

Once time expired, Marian called "Okay! Entrant W-22796, come on out!"

"Wow"s and cheers filled the Contest Hall as Ash and Tintri emerged on the stage. Not bad for an on the fly design... Ash smiled as Tintri struck one heroic pose after another for the crowd...


"Up next is the Dance competition." Marian explained some time later. "Our competitors will come aboard the Bailatron to strut their stuff for the judges! But the Bailatron will remember every stumble, trip, and fall as well as every good step..."

In the backstage area, Ash watched the Bailatron emerge from the stage floor with a whir. "Let's see--we've got a few people ahead of all of us. Not even that shimmery icy look May made won the Visual."

[That's okay--what matters is we did our best.] Tintri smiled. [But you have to admit fourth place isn't too bad...]

"Especially in a field of hundreds, like this." Ash agreed.

He perused the song selector for a moment. "I know just the song for you--okay with putting your own spin on 'Bumble Bee'?"

[Sure!] Tintri smiled. [I still have vivid memories of that dance contest before...]

Up next to dance: Entrant W-22796. an announcer reported. "It's time...go get'em, Tintri." Ash hugged his faithful Pikachu, then watched as Tintri romped onto the huge machine...


Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh... a young female voice sang as Tintri struck a heroic pose. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh...

Tintri started twirling and spinning across the platform as the music picked up. Sweet little bumble bee, I know what you want from me,
Dup-i-dup-i-do da da
Dup-i-dup-i-do da da
Sweet little bumble bee, more than just a fantasy
Dup-i-dup-i-do da da
Dup-i-dup-i-do da da...

After striking another pose, Tintri starting lightly skipping and jumping across the stage as the singer went on My heart skips a beat
When you walk in the room
I go boom boom boom...
Tintri stomped three times in time to the singer's words, to some giggles.
You go zoom zoom zoom... Tintri timed three steps in time to the singer's words for effect.

You're my playboy, playtoy
Lover, my friend...
the singer went on as Tintri spun across the stage.
I wanna be with you until the end...

I give my heart and my soul to you,
To make you see its true...
I'm so confused, baby, cant you see?
Please come rescue me!

The crowd roared as the machine triggered a disco ball to appear as Tintri continued his performance. Sweet little bumble bee, I know what you want from me,
Dup-i-dup-i-do da da
Dup-i-dup-i-do da da
Sweet little bumble bee, more than just a fantasy,
Dup-i-dup-i-do da da
Dup-i-dup-i-do da da


Dup-i-dup-i-do da da
Dup-i-dup-i-do da da


Dup-i-dup-i-do da da
Dup-i-dup-i-do da da...

Tintri capped his performance by striking a triumphant pose, to cheers and applause. After taking a bow, he hurried off to reunite with Ash.

"Well done, bud." Ash smiled as he watched Tintri's stats and the updated leaderboard, which showed that Tintri had jumped into the top 3. "May's up next...wonder what song she picked?"

Tintri watched Neva strike a reverent pose before a familiar Oriental melody started playing over the speakers. [Did you even need to ask?] he smiled as the familiar pounding beat of "Beautifly" echoed through the hall, Neva weaving and twirling elegantly across the platform all the while:

I've been searching for a man,
All across Japan,
Just to find, to find my samurai...

Someone who is strong,
But still a little shy,
Yes I need, I need my samurai...

Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly...
Green, black and blue,
Make the colors in the sky...

Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly...
Green, black and blue
Make the colors in the sky...

To Be Continued...
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Interlude: A Song of Valor

"...Supposedly, they can tap into these amazing moves no one on the mainland has ever seen before." Zoey continued as May, Dawn, Kori and Lola listened.

The munching of Neva and Sylvie eating was the only sound in the room. "What were these powerful moves called?" May broke the awed silence some moments later.

"I think they were called Z-Moves?" Zoey remembered. "Either way, I can only imagine how appealing they would be on the Contest scene."

"Maybe it works the same way as Mega Evolution and Spectacular Talents..." May suggested. "A really powerful appeal most coordinators save for a big finish."

"Makes sense." Dawn agreed.

She noticed the Mega Ring on May's left hand. "What happens if you sing your Heart Song to a Pokemon that can't Mega Evolve in a Contest scenario? I know that in battle, it will power up one move the Pokemon knows..."

"They obviously won't Mega Evolve, but they can still use an appropriate Spectacular Talent." Zoey explained. "Not that I've awakened my Heart Song, but I've seen many Spectacular Talents."

"What is the Water Spectacular Talent?" Dawn asked.

"The base Spectacular Talent is named Blessed Rain." Zoey explained. "It will be slightly different depending on the type of move you used when you triggered it--if Kori used a Beautiful move as you sang, it would be called Serene Blessed Rain."

"I see..." Dawn smiled.

Ash peeked in the room a few moments later. "Everything okay in here?"

"Yeah!" the girls replied.

"Can I get you guys some food, or treats?" Ash asked.

"Sure..." The girls eagerly pooled their money together to find they had enough for a fairly lavish meal. "Let's get something besides pizza..." May suggested.

"Well, I have a guide to all the restaurants that deliver out here..." Zoey mused as she found the restaurant delivery guide on a bedside table. "I'll buy dinner."

"Since you kindly offered so bring us treats, can you bring us some ice cream from the Aurora Creamery?" Dawn pointed out an ice cream shop nearby the hotel. "The way there goes right by the lake."

"Okay--what flavors does everyone want?" Ash asked as he brought of the notepad app on his PokeNav.

The girls looked over the flavor list in the restaurant guide. "Buneary Tracks." Dawn requested.

"Mint Reverie for me." May requested.

"Grandma's Oatmeal Lace sounds good..." Zoey smiled.

Brock peeked in the room. "Discussing dinner options?"

"Zoey's buying dinner, but Ash offered to bring dessert." Dawn explained.

"You won't object to getting a mini cone for Tarina too?" Brock asked. "Cookie dough's one of her favorites."

"Ooh, Tarina should love Cookie Dough Bliss." Dawn smiled when she saw the flavor name on the list.

"Okay, so May wants Mint Reverie, Dawn wants Buneary Tracks, Zoey wants Grandma's Oatmeal Lace, a mini Cookie Dough Bliss cone for Tarina , and maybe a little something for Tintri and me." Ash read back the order he had written on his PokeNav. "Did I get everyone?"

"That's everything." May smiled.

"All right, I'll be back momentarily." With that, Ash and Tintri departed.


Ash smiled as he admired the neon lights of the city glittering with the starlight on the lake. "This place is so beautiful...I almost never want the Wallace Cup to end."

[Yeah, then we could really explore this place and all it has to offer.] Tintri agreed.

Ash was about to answer his companion when he spotted a small whirlpool-like movement in the water. Huh?

He watched as a small misty blue light appeared in the center of the small whirlpool. Gatrandis favel, secret, edena... came an ethereal male voice that almost sounded female.

Emusto rozen fine el balaziis...
Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
At this line, Ash noticed a sparkling blue aura around him and Tintri.
Emusto koron zen fine, si...

[What was that?] Tintri asked as the song and the aura faded away.

"Maybe it was another one of the lake guardians--or something divine in nature--blessing me for the Appeal competition tomorrow." Ash mused. "We still have to tell the girls and Brock about it when we get back."

[Yes--the girls and Tarina would not be happy if we came back empty handed.] Tintri agreed. [Let's go.]


"...it sang the Swanna Song to me, and I felt this holy aura around me and Tintri." Ash finished telling the others about his encounter some time later. "I wanted to get a look at it, but when it finished the song, it was gone."

"It's almost like when I encountered a pink light at Lake Verity, and it sang the Swanna Song to heal Kori." Dawn remembered in between bites of her ice cream. "Do you remember what the voice that sang to you sounded like? The voice I heard was a strong and powerful female voice."

"The voice I heard was a young male voice...that sounded almost like a girl." Ash replied. "Very heroic and powerful."

May thought for a moment as she savored another bite of her ice cream. "While I was in Snowpoint City, I heard many a tale about the Legendary Pokémon that lives in Lake Acuity, which is near Snowpoint City--I think its name was Uxie."

"You'd be correct--Uxie is the Guardian of Wisdom." Zoey smiled. "I can't even begin to count how many stories of his adventures alongside Mesprit and Azelf I heard growing up. Mesprit is the Guardian of Emotion, that lives in Lake Verity, and Azelf is the Guardian of Valor, who lives here in Lake Valor." She let that hang as she took another bite of her ice cream.

"Does that mean Mesprit healed Kori that fateful day?" Dawn asked.

"And Azelf blessed me and Tintri for tomorrow?" Ash agreed.

"It's possible--the lake guardians have been known to bless those they favor." Zoey smiled.

Ash looked at the clock on the wall in the room. "it's not too late for you to get the guitar out, is it?"

"Nope--it's only 7 PM." Brock replied as he started towards the boys' room. "Quiet hours don't start until 10 PM."

"I've heard your music and tales are legendary!" Zoey smiled as Brock returned a few moments later, tuning a familiar yellow-brown acoustic guitar.

"I take requests as well, so if there's a special song or tale you want to hear; let me know." Brock replied as he fine tuned his instrument.

Dawn smiled at Zoey. "You're in for a treat!"

Once in tune, Brock started the first tale to come to mind. "The king of a certain land had a beautiful garden which contained a number of very rare trees, but the rarest one of all was a Leppa tree. It stood in the middle of the garden, and produced shining crystal Leppa Berries every day. In the morning the flowers bloomed, during the day the fruit grew and ripened, and before nightfall, the berries were fully ripe. The next day the same thing happened, and this cycle would occur like clockwork every day..."
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Episode 61: Strategy with a Smile!

The mood in the Contest Hall was electric as a huge crowd gathered to watch the Appeal competition the next day. "Good morning, all!" Wallace smiled to the crowd of coordinators and the audience. "The rules of the Appeal Competition are simple..." he began as Celeste brought him an elegant envelope. "Each of you will each receive five turns to show off your Pokemon's moves for Keira, Dexter, Jordan, and me. The coordinator that scores the highest and excites the audience the best, wins the Aqua Ribbon."

He looked out at the excited coordinators and their Pokemon. "Are there any questions before we begin?"

Cheers came back in reply as Walace opened the envelope. "Very well...Miss Dawn Solberg will lead off the competition with our first appeal of the day!"

More cheers filled the air as Dawn and Kori made their way onto the stage. "Okay, Kori, start with Bubblebeam!" Dawn commanded.

Oohs and ahs filled the air as Kori rained sparkling rainbow bubbles on the crowd, making two hearts appear under Dawn's picture on the leaderboard. "All right, Omura, use Brine!" a boy called.

Dawn watched as the boy's Wailmer fired a stream of water into the air, to the awe of the crowd. <i>It's only the first turn--I'm not worried yet.</I> she told herself as three hearts appeared under the boy's picture.

"Pelly, use Water Pulse!" a girl called to her Pellipper. As the watery shockwave shimmered in the room, the lineup of coordinators were replaced by question marks as the girl received three hearts...


Ash glanced at the leaderboard as he led Tintri to the stage. Okay...the boy before me had his Lanturn use Charge... he thought as he saw a single heart under the boy's picture. And Charge paired with any Electric move is a nice combo...

He smiled as he saw his picture in the NEXT corner of the screen, and the excitement meter about to max out. Uh huh...

Once he stepped on the stage, he called "Tintri, use Thunderbolt!"

The crowd exploded in cheers as Tintri unleashed a wave of sparkling Thunderbolts, maxing out the excitement meter and showering Ash in hearts. Wow--I may have more talent for this than I thought! he smiled as he saw the two rows of rainbow shining hearts under his picture.

May was next to come onto the stage. "Neva, use Icy Wind!"

More cheers rang through the hall as Neva heaved a blast of cold air and diamond sparkles into the air, making them applaud through their shivers as four hearts appeared under May's picture.

In the stands, Brock and Tarina watched as Zoey commanded Sylvie to use Shadow Claw a few competitors later. [Wow! I didn't know Ash was a coordinator too!] she raved as the crowd roared in excitement for the shining dark claws Sylvie fired in the air.

"Well, it's true Ash may have some talent for this, but this is just the first turn." Brock reminded Tarina as he watched ten rainbow hearts appear under Zoey's picture. "A lot can happen in four more turns."


Some time later, Ash returned to the stage to lead off the fourth round of appeals. Let's surprise everyone with a move not everyone expects a Pikachu to have...

He called to Tintri "Use Disarming Voice!"

Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... Tintri's tiny voice rang through the Contest Hall, to cheers from the crowd as the red Thunderbolts and soundwaves arced through the room.

May was next. "Neva, use Ice Shard!"

The crowd applauded as Neva fired a single ice ball skyward, causing hundreds of sparkling shards to rain into the room. A 1 appeared under May's picture as Dawn made her way to the stage, followed by three hearts.

Say... Dawn thought as she stepped onstage with Kori.

She called "Kori, use Ice Beam!"

Cheers filled the air as Kori fired the familiar blue white beam. The stage lights transformed it into an aurora, giving Dawn four hearts and a narrow lead going into the final round of appeals.


Karuto, iichiida shou... May sang, making the sapphire in her Mega Ring give the Contest Hall a blue sheen as Neva fired an ice blast into the light, creating millions of sparkling diamonds of light. "What a Spectacular Talent!" Marian commented. "That display of Twinkling Diamonds vaults May into the lead!"

After a few more coordinators took their final turns, Ash made his way to the stage. The excitement meter's still at stage 3... he mused to himself. It's my turn to show off a Spectacular Talent for my final appeal!

With that, he held his own Mega Ring skyward. Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...

Tintri's Thunderbolts melded with the red light and his master's voice, wowing the crowd as he surfed to the ground on a wave of lightning piano keys, creating a glissando of notes down the C major scale on the way down.

Even Dawn couldn't help but smile at the favorable setup Ash had left her. The excitement meter is at stage 4! Maybe I could unleash a Spectacular Talent to put myself over the top!

She held her own Mega Ring skyward. Leishu shun ji, lei si...

The crowd roared as a gentle stream of rainbow raindrops came down into the hall, maxing out the excitement meter and creating three rows of shining rainbow hearts under Dawn's picture. "Okay!" Wallace announced. "And with that beautiful display, it is time to declare the winner!"

Ash, May and Dawn watched as hundreds of score bars started inching across the screen. While many of the bars dropped off the screen after a few moments, their bars kept going!

After a few tense seconds, the three bars came to a stop... with Dawn's bar barely edging May's!

"By a mere two points, the winner of this year's Wallace Cup is Entrant W-42007--Dawn Solberg and Kori!" Wallace announced.

"I won?" Dawn gasped as the crowd roared. "Someone pinch me..."

Tarina happily obliged, making Dawn rear back from the pain. "I WON!!!" Dawn cried once it registered what she had just done.

Neva sighed as Ash hurried to hug Dawn. "You did it, Dawn! I always knew you could win another Contest."

He looked up at the final leaderboard, where Dawn's picture frame shone with a rainbow sheen and fireworks burst around it. "Even if you and May both did edge me by a combined 10 points. I have no qualms taking third."

May noticed Neva's glum look. "It's okay, Neva--we did our best, and that's the best we can do. Still, second place is very good!"

[Thanks.] Neva smiled, now in a better mood.

May next addressed Dawn. "Congratulations, my fellow coordinator--I believe you have a bright future ahead."

"Thanks." Dawn replied as she wiped away tears of joy. "I couldn't have done it without Kori."

"Dawn Solberg....daughter of the legendary Joanna Solberg." Wallace began as he arrived with the ribbon for Dawn and two medallions for May and Ash. "You've proven yourself as a worthy heir to your mother's legacy, and so much more. No matter how many struggles it took to get this far, you persevered, and it paid off here, on this stage. I extend my heartiest congratulations to you, and bestow you the Aqua Ribbon. You have truly earned it."

"Thank you." Dawn whispered as she accepted the Ribbon to thunderous cheers.

After May had received a silver medallion and Ash a bronze medallion, Dawn couldn't help but unleash her joy. "I did it! After so much pain..." she began, high fiving Lola. "Struggle..." Satomi hovered by her. "...and determination..."

Stormy leaped by Dawn as she held the Aqua Ribbon high. "I FINALLY GOT A RIBBON!"

Wallace smiled at Dawn's triumphant pose with her team. "And on that celebratory note, this concludes this year's Wallace Cup! Thank you all for coming, and we'll see you again next year!" The crowd roared as Celeste created a glittering misty geyser, bringing the Wallace Cup to a close.


"Bye, May..." Ash smiled as the group arrived at the dock. "Good luck on the rest of your Johto adventure."

"Tell Starshine, Zelda, and Mizu we all said hello." Brock added as he hugged May.

"Has it hit you that you just won on one of coordinating's biggest stages yet?" May asked Dawn.

"Well, it's still sinking in..." Dawn explained. "With all the struggles I've had, I'd forgotten what it felt like to do well in the Appeal round; and what it felt like to feel at one with my Pokémon. Now I understand what Mom meant when she said that when you are one with your team, amazing things can happen."

May smiled. "If we ever compete again, I'm gonna win next time!"

"Bring it!" Dawn replied before embracing May one last time. "I feel like I can take on the world now!"

To Be Continued...
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