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Pokemon Showdown


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Dec 20, 2012
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Just wondering who all battles on Pokemon Showdown! If you do I am Edric The Spy on there so let me know if you want to battle or if you play there so I can look for you!
I love showdown!
I am SOO glad they added doubles!
If you want to play I'm Pikmin!
I am Wachinga and I like Ubers, Custom game, and Metronome battle.
I am Melba Acquiescence on Pokemon showdown and I like Random, 1v1, and Challenge Cup 1v1 formats. PM me if you want to set up a battle :)

Edit: I won't be able to battle on the Smogon University server because of connection issues, but I can battle on this one instead: rom.psim.us
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Here’s hoping for a Battle Royale or Multi Battle format on showdown.
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