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EVERYONE: Pokémon: Sinnoh Tales


Amid the snow falling down in flakes from the sky
Jun 17, 2023
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Alright, the wait is over! The time has come for me to post chapter 1 of… Pokémon: Sinnoh Tales! Yeah, I know I should’ve waited to end writing until Professor Rowan gave Dawn her starter, but…

Disclaimer: Some quotes other than Dawn’s are probably not said in BDSP, aka what this story is based on…namely Shining Pearl. Some of them are probably found in BDSP, I can’t see them on the Quotes page so some may be from the OGs. Some characterization might be impersonated…poorly. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this story, and give a review! All criticisms welcome.

Chapter 1 - It’s Time for Adventure

(November 19, 2021)

Ah yes, the Sinnoh region. In a sleepy little town known as Twinleaf Town, there’s a news report on TV. “Breaking news! A rare, red Gyarados had been spotted at the Lake of Rage in the Johto region. There’s a Pokémon Research Team doing a lot of research on it. So far, we know nothing about it, but the Research Team plans to inform us if they find anything about it.” The news report ends, and woman with big blue hair pets her Glameow, a cat Pokémon. Then she realizes her daughter STILL hasn’t woken up yet. “Uh, I know it’s winter break, but she can’t sleep forever. I wonder when she plans to wake up.”

A young preteen with long, catalina blue hair and eyes has just woken up. “What time is it?” She looks at the clock in her room. “Almost 10 in the morning? Oh, my Arceus! I gotta get up soon! Otherwise, I’ll be late!” She runs out of the bedroom but almost falls down the staircase, so she braces herself, and just falls down the stairs. “Oh my! Dawn! Are you okay?” The girl’s name is revealed to be Dawn. “Yep, I’m fine. No need to worry.” “That’s good. Well, Barry came calling for you a little while ago… I don’t know what it was about, but he said it was an emergency.” “It was an emergency…?” “Mhm. That reminds me. Don’t go into the tall grass, as wild Pokémon may attack you. It’d be okay if you had your own Pokémon, but you don’t have one, so…”

“I’ll go speak to him.” Dawn tries to walk out the door, but her mother stops her. “Not so fast, young lady.” “Hm? What’s up, Mom?” “You’re not going in your pajamas.” “Oh, right!”

Dawn goes back up to her room and changes. “Hm… Now, where could the hat be? Right here! Why do I keep losing it?”

When Dawn exits her bedroom again, she’s in a new outfit her mother made for her: a black tank top under a white top, pink skirt, tall black socks and pink boots. She is also wearing her favorite white beanie with a pink PokéBall logo on the front, along with her favorite black bracelet with pearl beads, a yellow bag with a black circle on it, and a short pink scarf.

After leaving and saying bye to Mom, Dawn walks out the door and then walks up to another house. A blonde boy with cat-like hair, brown eyes, an orange and white striped shirt, a brown bag, a green scarf, black pants and brown shoes leaves the house. This is Barry. “What was that about?! Oh, hey! It’s Dawn! Hey! I’m going to the lake! You come too! But can you be quick about it, Dawn? I’ll fine you a million if you’re late! I guess I forgot something!”

Barry goes back in his house and Dawn follows. “I’d better take my Bag and Journal, too… Oh, hey, Dawn! We’re gonna go to the lake! I’ll be waiting for on the road! It’s a 10 million fine if you’re late!” Dawn and Barry leave Twinleaf Town and go to Route 201.


On the way, Barry talks to Dawn. “Hey, you saw that news report on TV, right? Y’know. Search for the Red Gyarados! The furious Pokémon’s mysterious appearance in a lake! That show got me to thinking. I’ll bet that our local lake’s got a Pokémon like that in it, too! So that’s what we’re gonna do. We’ll go find a Pokémon like that!” They keep going until the find a sign that says “Verity Lakefront”. “Alright! Let’s go to the lake and find a red Gyarados!”


After arriving at Lake Verity, there is two people: an old guy with white hair, aka Professor Rowan, and a boy with dark blue hair and no hat, Lucas. “What’s going on…?” asks Barry. “I have no clue what’s going on,” says Dawn.

“Professor…” starts Lucas, “there’s nothing out of the ordinary on the other side, either!”

“Hm… I may have been mistaken… Something appears to be different than it was before, but… Fine! It’s enough that we have seen the lake. Lucas, we’re leaving.”

“Professor, you’ve been gone for four years now. How are you enjoying being back in Sinnoh?”

“…Hm. There is one thing I can say. There are many rare kinds of Pokémon in Sinnoh. The region should serve us very well in regard to our studies.” They notice Dawn and Barry as they leave. “Excuse me. Let us pass, please.” “Sorry, folks.”

After Lucas and Professor Rowan leave…

“What was that about? Those two. Huh? Dawn! Let’s go check it out!” Dawn tries to stop Barry. “Don’t go into the tall grass said Mom.” “What?” asks Barry. “Don’t go into the tall grass, eh? No problem, no problem! We won’t be in there long enough for a wild Pokémon to come out.”

As soon as Barry and Dawn are in the tall grass, they see a briefcase. “It’s… a briefcase? Those people forgot it here, but what are we supposed to do with it? We can try to deliver it… but who are they? I heard them say professor…” Dawn stares at it. “It must belong to him…”

Suddenly, a gray and white bird Pokémon with an orange beak appears. “Ahh! Po-Pokémon?!” Barry freaks out. “Now what’s going on?!”

Dawn has an idea, so she opens the briefcase and sees this batch of three Poké Balls. So does Barry. “Look! They’re Poké Balls! We can battle using these! Eh…? Which one do you want?” “I don’t know.” Dawn closes her eyes and picks randomly. “Alright, go on,” she says, throwing the Poké Ball, “whatever you are!” A small blue penguin with a yellow beak appears.

“What is this…?” Dawn’s eyes sparkle. “So cute! I wish I could keep it.” She realizes she needs to focus on the battle. “Oh, never mind that! What even is your name, anyway?” Piplup looks at her and says its name. “So your name is Piplup?” It nods.

Name: Piplup
Gender: Male
Level: 5
HP: 40(?)
Nature: Quiet
Characteristic: Likes to sleep

“Oh, I see! Piplup, attack that bird!” Piplup uses Pound. Half of Starly’s HP goes down to 50%. It uses Growl. “Hm? What IS that move anyway? Oh, well. Piplup, do that again!”

Piplup uses Pound again, knocking off 25% HP now. It made the Starly mad, so it attacks Piplup and knocks off about 25% of its HP. Piplup uses Pound again, causing it to faint.

“Fwaaah!” Barry is excited. “Your Piplup totally rocked it! But my Turtwig was way tougher than yours! …But they were other people’s Pokémon, though. We had to use them… They won't mind, will they?” “I’m not sure,” says Dawn, looking at Piplup while holding its Poké Ball. Then Lucas returns. “Whew! You found the briefcase? The professor would’ve gone through the roof if he knew I forgot it here. Hunh? Whaaaat?! Did you guys… Did you… use these Pokémon?!” Dawn and Barry nod silently and nervously. “Oh man, oh man… How am I gonna explain this to the professor, guys? This briefcase belongs to the professor, so I’ll take it, OK?”

Lucas leaves, holding the briefcase frantically. “What was that about?” asks Barry. “I have no idea what’s going on… Dawn, we should get out of here… My Pokémon got hurt from that battle. If we get attacked by another Pokémon, we may be in trouble.” “Right…!” They head back home. “I know this Pokémon belongs to the Professor, but,” says Barry, “I think I want to keep the little guy… It’s already starting to grow on me.” “Yep. I want to keep my Pokémon, too,” says Dawn. “But, if I have to return it to Professor Rowan… that’s fair.”


On the way back home, Professor Rowan and Lucas speak to each other. “Hm? It’s that old guy again,” says Barry. “Hm. I was told by Lucas that you used our Pokémon? Y’know, the same ones in the briefcase.” says Rowan. “Let me see them. Hmm… I see. Piplup and Turtwig, huh? If that’s how it is. Lucas, back to my lab.” After the professor leaves… Lucas turns to us, and says, “You should come to the lab with us. See you!”

After he leaves… Barry turns to Dawn. “That was craziness.” Yeah, you got that right. It sure was craziness. “If he was in a bad mood, then he could’ve just yelled at us… he didn’t want to take the Pokémon, did he?” Dawn shakes her head. “Dawn, I think we should go home, too.”


At home, Johanna’s in the kitchen making dinner now. Dawn is now home. “Hi, Mom!” “Hi, Dawn! What’s up, dear?” “We had a fun adventure! You see, Barry and I, we went to Lake Verity and saw a briefcase, then we got these cute Pokémon! I got a blue penguin named Piplup, then Barry got a brown monkey with a flame on its bottom, and it said it’s name, Chimchar! And then we saw a bird! Its name is Starly. I didn’t catch it. Then a boy named Lucas came and got the briefcase, and then the Professor invited us and Lucas to his lab!” “Wow. I can’t believe that happened to you. Am I ever glad that both you and Barry are unharmed. I think the professor you mentioned is Professor Rowan of this town called Sandgem Town. I’ve heard that he is well-known for his Pokémon studies. I hear he’s quite intimidating.”

“I’m so sorry for doing that, Mom.” “That’s fine, but you need to visit him in Sandgem to properly explain to him why you had no choice but to use his Pokémon. Don’t you worry! I’m sure that he’ll understand.” Dawn realized Sandgem might not be nearby. “But it’s so far away!” “Oh, I know! Dawn, could you put these on?”

Dawn puts on a pair of Running Shoes. “What’re these, Mom? Are they sneakers?” “Dawn, going to Sandgem Town is like an adventure in itself, right? With Running Shoes, you can get to many faraway places much faster. But you have to do all that tomorrow, okay? I got dinner ready.” Yay, curry from Galar.

“Yay, dinner time!” Dawn and Johanna sit down at their table and eat. Sandgem Town, eh? Dawn thinks, That shouldn’t be too far away, right?



Oh my Arceus, that was terrible! Mainly because it was rushed, amirite? Chapter 2’s in the works! Maybe I can get it out by tomorrow? We can see about that.
(And, the “Dawn falls down the stairs” scene is supposed to be similar to that “Red falls down the stairs” scene in Pokémon Origins.)
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