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Pokémon Sleep developers release more details on upcoming features and bugfixes - All players to receive a free special gift bundle of items

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Pokémon Sleep - General Notices

The developers of Pokémon Sleep have given players a list of features and issues that are currently receiving development attention, acknowledging several new bugs and issues that they hope to resolve in coming updates. Another a free gift bundle of handy in-game items is also being distributed to early adopters.

According to the updates posted in-game and on the official Pokémon Sleep website, the following features and adjustments are currently being worked on:

Points to be implemented in the next update (partial list)​

  • Pokémon recovering a small amount of Energy from sleep while inside the Pokémon Box
  • Fixes to an issue that caused the effects of Pokémon Natures not to be reflected when candies were used to give EXP

Points currently under development​

  • Implementing seasonal events
  • Adding new Pokémon in September and October
  • Adding new Relaxing Sounds and alarm sounds

Known issues slated for improvement in the future​

  • Sleep tracking failing in some cases during maintenance
  • Allowing the whole team to eat cooked dishes together (recovering a small bit of Energy)
  • Adjustments to make it easier to collect Berries and ingredients from helpers
This information follows on from yesterday's update to Version 1.0.8. This update resolved a glitch that had been reported earlier this week by players who had been prevented from logging in after receiving a "-000001 error" after completing their daily sleep tracking. No other bugs were resolved in this update.

Special Gift Items for all players

As a special thank you to all players, a special thank you gift is currently available in Pokémon Sleep. This gift includes:
  • Poké Biscuit ×10
  • Sleep Point ×1,000
  • Handy Candy S ×20
  • Growth Incense ×1
These presents will be available for all current players, as well as any players who register before October 28th at 4:00am (UTC).


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