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pokemon super hero rp [OPEN]


i still love ditto, but i like this guy too
Dec 13, 2021
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  1. He/Him
your a super hero in the pokemon world

super hero name:
real name:
orgin story:
pokemon there based off of:
ways there powers are different than those of the pokemon there based off of: optional
look (both super and normal): pictures allowed
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super hero name: ditto man
real name: white
personality: smart. but he acts like a normal person. he is pretty friendly
orgin story: he got his DNA combined with ditto dna by former team rocket scientists
pokemon there based off of: ditto
look (both super and normal): as a super hero he looks like ditto that's formed into a human like shape. normally he look kind of like ash with white hair
looking for around three other people
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