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  • To keep up with the hype driven by Sword and Shield's release, we are taking applications for new moderators in our Current Events: Sword and Shield as well as Anime and Manga sections.

    For more information, see this thread.We hope you all consider joining our team!
  • We hope you're enjoying Sword and Shield so far! So that everyone can enjoy it and not be spoiled, please keep the all story spoilers and any images from the games in the appropriate sections or in spoiler tags until January 3rd.

    Since spoiler tags are not allowed in signatures, please do not put images from the games in your signature either. You can list the names of new Pokémon if you want to list your team in your signature.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Rules (Updated October 8th, 2019)

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Welcome to the Pokémon Sword and Shield section! This subsection will be all about discussing the upcoming game.


All the same forums wide rules and Video Game specific rules still apply to this section. Please also read the recent PSA about etiquette in VG because that also applies to any speculation done here.

Please refer to the new spoilers rule in the general rules thread. We will probably be enforcing stricter spoiler rules pending a datamine of the games and their actual release so as not to ruin the experience for other folks, so stay tuned for more updates.

Three Strike System
In short, it's a system we've put in place for repeat rule breakers. These "strikes" are broken rules - 1 strike equals a warning, 2 equals a 2-day threadban, and so on. For more information, visit the Three Strike System thread.

Stickied Threads
As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask any of the section's moderators: TeaWest TeaWest, @Pyrax, @Midorikawa, @Fluttershy of Light, @Pikochu @Zachie, @TheCapsFan
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