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EVERYONE: Pokemon: The Magic of the Stars (on hiatus)


Brock's Pikachu
Nov 8, 2005
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(rated E for Everyone)

Inspired by the remixed Contests in BD/SP and the new magical girl anime "Waccha Primagi", here's a new kind of Pokemon performance journey tale to enjoy!

Episode 0: The Birth of Prismusic

In a Pokemon world not too much different from the one you know, the hottest and most popular form of entertainment is Pokemagia, a stage show best described as one part magic show, one part Pokemon Contest, one part dance, and one part theater to create a dazzling showcase of the bond between trainer and Pokemon. Since Pokemagia shows are often demanding, Pokemon that participate in Pokemagia can often go toe to toe with Pokemon raised to battle, and some have made their mark in both the League and the Pokemagia stage.

Both boys and girls participate in Pokemagia, and great magie--that's a trainer that participates in Pokemagia-- are treated like rockstars. Every magie has their own unique style, so no two magie will ever be alike. it is possible for magie to inherit tricks and illusions from another magie, usually a teacher passing down their best material to magie in training.

Magie are trained in a master and apprentice relationship, with a magie in training learning how to dance, act, use stage combat, and combine their own natural power with their Pokemon to create tricks and illusions. Once the master feels the apprentice is ready, they perform an Exhibition--a specific type of Pokemagia show meant for the magie in training to demonstrate what they have learned in a full Pokemagia show. If the show goes over well, the magie is allowed to perform on their own. Great magie often go on to have long and successful careers, and even magie that have stepped down from the stage are still revered.

My friends and I are all highly skilled magie, and are well loved and well liked in the Pokemagia community. But when we learned about the Diamond Melody Grand Prix, and the long road to reach it--and that the competition was open to single magie and magie teams--we decided to form a team, and take our Pokemagia skills to the next level, win or lose.

This is our story...

This is the tale of our road to the Diamond Melody Grand Prix, and how we were immortalized as Eternal magie...

The Fireside Theater in Pewter City roared with applause as Brock arrived onstage to begin his planned Pokemagia show, After taking a bow for the audience, he next snapped to conjure a glowing fireball over an ethereal Celtic melody. "Pyros Spiritum!" he called as he heaved the fireball skyward.

Applause and cheers filled the air as a beautiful nine-tailed fox Pokemon emerged in a burst of flames. Brock snapped again, this time creating a glowing ball of ice. "Nix Spiritum!"

More cheers filled the air as a white nine tailed fox Pokemon landed by the tan skinned boy's side. The house band picked up the pace as the Alolan Ninetales fired a rainbow beam of cold into a ball of earth energy, creating a sparkling icy rose!

In the audience, Brock's companions watched as their friend and his two faithful Ninetales worked together to show off beautiful illusions and amazing feats of magic, skill, and power. "That's beautiful!" Dawn raved as Brock and Hinata combined their powers of fire and earth to create a whorl of fiery flower petals.

"I know...maybe if we all practiced enough, we could even compete in the Diamond Melody Grand Prix together." Misty explained as she watched Brock create whorls and showers of flower petals by humming along with the house band. "Last time I checked, teams are allowed to compete."

"Are you sure we could even hold up to some of the best magie in the world?" Ash gasped at his orange haired companion's bold assumption. "The only one of us that might even stand a chance at that level of competition is Dawn!"

"How do you know that's true if you don't try?" Misty assured the nervous black haired boy next to her. "Signups for the Diamond Melody are open now, so once Brock's done with his show, we should sign up! All we really need is to decide on a team captain and a name for the team--whoever we decide on as captain will handle the paperwork to sign up."

Ash thought for a moment as Brock swayed and weaved through whorls of rose petals on the stage. "Since this is your idea, I have no qualms with you being captain."

"You'd make the best captain, since you sound like you've competed before." May agreed as she retied the red Poke Ball bandanna crowning her brown hair.

Misty nodded. "Okay...as your team captain, we need to decide on a name for the team. If Brock's okay with our journey to the Diamond Grand Prix, I'll take care of the paperwork over the next few days.

An idea came to Ash as Brock snapped, transforming into a green, white, silver and gold minstrel costume. "How about...Prismusic?"

Affirmative murmurs wafted around the group in approval. "I'll run that by Brock once the show's over--once we get his okay, we'll all practice our feats and illusions for possibly the biggest stage any of us has ever been on!"

To Be Continued...


Brock's Pikachu
Nov 8, 2005
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Episode 1: Let's Go to the Jeweled Continent!

"So you wanna go to the Diamond Melody Grand Prix, you say?" Brock smiled as he emerged from the theater's stage door later that afternoon.

"Yes...thought of a team name and everything." Misty replied.

"I noticed--Prismusic has a nice ring to it for a team name." Brock smiled. "Let's get back to the house, where I'll brief you guys--and our trainees--on what to expect."

"Speaking of which--let me go get Chance and Elena from the Fun Zone, and I'll meet you guys back at the house." Ash offered.

"Works for me--we'll have dinner over our competition briefing." Brock replied as the group approached a bus station. "The Sapphire route goes straight to the entertainment district, or you can take the main Silver route to the city center and then change over to the Sapphire route."

"I'd rather take a direct route, but that's me." Misty mused as the boys went over the directions to Pewter City's Fun Zone.

"Lucky for us, we don't have far to go to reach Brock's house." Dawn agreed as a bus arrived. "The Silver route makes a big circle around Pewter City, stopping at major destinations and residential stops on the way.

Misty waved to get the boys' attention. "We're going on ahead to the house, okay?"

Brock nodded. "I've told Forest and Terra to let you guys inside when you get there--we'll be there with Chance and Elena as soon as we can."


"Okay...we all know that the Diamond Melody Grand Prix is one of the most famous and prestigious competitions a magie can enter." Brock began as he tended some ground beef on a stove.

"I would LOVE to enter that one day!" Chance gasped. Elena nodded in agreement.

"But in order to even enter the Diamond Melody Grand Prix, a magie, or team of magie, must first compete in many different qualifying competitions--and the Diamond Melody itself is invite only." Brock cautioned.

"Depending on the competition, a full Pokemagia competition can last anywhere from several hours to several days." Ash explained. Chance and Elena nodded.

"The individual and team rules have some differences between them..." Brock went on, still tending the meat, the noodles, and the sauce all the while "Teams need at least two members, but there is no upper limit on how many people can be on a team."

"What happens if you have a big group?" Elena asked.

"Teams with more than 50 members compete in the Ensemble division." Brock replied as he started assembling the lasagna. "Trainees don't typically compete in a competition--but they are more than welcome to cheer on their teachers, friends, and magie they admire."

"Don't shows last a while?" Forest asked as he arrived in the kitchen. "A big competition could potentially take days!"

"The good news is, Pokemagia shows are dramatically shortened in competition." Brock assured his little brother as he set the finished lasagna in the oven to bake. "A short performance is no more than 30 minutes, and a full performance is no more than an hour--more on that once our food's ready."

After cleaning up his work area a little, Brock set down a large bowl and salad ingredients. "While we're waiting on the lasagna and the bread to be done, who wants to help me make a salad for our side dish?"

"I do!" Forest cried as the group went to work tearing lettuce...


"How is everything?" Brock asked the group.

Compliments filled the air as Brock settled in to enjoy his share of the food. "Now then...where the Diamond Melody and its qualifiers are held is different every year. This year, it's being held in the Jeweled Continent, which sits nearby Kalos."

"Oh"s went up at this. "I'll be sure and get some info on the Jeweled Continent while I'm dealing with all the registration paperwork." Misty assured the group.

"Even though we're not competing, what can we expect to see when you guys compete?" Chance asked.

"A Pokemagia competition has three rounds--an appeal round, a short performance, and a full performance. The individual or team with the highest score at the end of the three rounds, wins." Brock explained. "In case of a tie, the tying magie or teams perform one more appeal--the appeal that gets the best crowd reaction wins."

He went on "A competition begins with the Parade of Magie, where all the competitors are introduced. In the appeal round, each magie or magie team performs five appeals of any type to the judges, similar to a Pokemon contest."

"The short performance is a showcase of the magie or team's skills, usually no more than 20 to 30 minutes." Misty continued where Brock had left off. "Magie teams do not typically have the full team compete in the short performance--only the team's best members perform the short performance. You may hear some magie call the short performance "the quickie show". The full team does perform for the full performance, which is typically 45 minutes to an hour."

"Okay...so how are magie scored?" Elena wondered.

"Magie and magie teams are judged in five categories..." Brock began. "First is skill-do the magie perform the feats and illusions well, and do they recover gracefully from any mistakes and mishaps? Next is technique-how challenging are the feats and illusions to perform? Does the magie have a good command of their power? Then there's artistry--how beautiful are the feats and illusions? Do they keep the audience entertained? Next is flow--how do the feats and illusions flow together? Has the magie/team put some thought into designing a good show? Finally, there's radiance--how well do the feats and illusions excite the audience? Do the magie and their Pokemon do the same things we've all seen a million times, or do they show off original feats and illusions?"

"Wow..." Chance was impressed. "I guess there's more to a competition than just bringing your best material..."

"There's still a lot you can learn from a competition, even when you're not competing." Ash agreed. "You can see master magie work their art, get new ideas for feats and illusions, and meet fellow magie of all skill levels."

"I want to see you guys win it all!" Elena smiled.

"Well, we're going to all put in our best effort to do that." Brock replied. "Even if we don't win it all, just competing in the Diamond Melody will be the experience of a lifetime."

He held a soda can high. "A toast! To our victory in the Diamond Melody Grand Prix!"

"To our victory in the Diamond Melody Grand Prix!" the others chorused as soda cans clanked together...


Brock's Pikachu
Nov 8, 2005
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Episode 2: An Arrival in Jade

A few days later, Ash smiled as he stepped off a ship and into a harbor filled with buildings that glittered in the afternoon sun. "We're here, gang--this is Akoya City!"

"About time--I was wondering when we were ever going to reach the Jeweled Continent..." Misty replied as she led Chance and Elena off the boat. "Guess we don't have a welcoming committee..."

"Actually, we are expecting a guide." Dawn explained as she arrived with the group's luggage. "Her name is Jade--she was once a magie herself, but now makes a living training magie and guiding groups around the Jeweled Continent."

Just then, a woman with long black hair in a glittering green and white outfit met the group near the docks. "Hello! You guys must be the legendary Sensational Six of Waku..."

"It seems our reputations have preceded us..." Brock smiled as he reunited with his luggage, props, and instruments.

"I'm sure you've traveled far...we can make introductions after you have had a chance to rest." Jade suggested as she led the way to the north part of town, where the familiar red roof of a Pokemon Center now glittered with hundreds of rubies.

"Wow...even the Pokemon Centers sparkle like jewels here..." Chance gasped, impressed.

"We are on the Jeweled Continent, so don't be surprised if the trees are made of emeralds...and whatever gems are brown." Ash replied.

"Actually, diamonds, pearls and opals are known to come in brown..." Brock interjected. "So do agates and Raikou's eyes."

"Huh--who knew pearls came in brown..." Ash smiled.

"You'll often see them called chocolate pearls--but I wouldn't recommend eating them!" Dawn smiled, making Ash chuckle in embarrassment as the group made their way inside the Pokemon Center.


"On behalf of the World League of Magie, welcome to the Jeweled Continent." Jade smiled as the group settled in a lounge overlooking the counter.

"I'm Ash, and this is my partner, Tintri." Ash began as his faithful Pikachu waved hello. "And these two are my cousins and apprentices, Chance and Elena."

"Hi!" Chance smiled as his own Pikachu climbed on his shoulder. "This is my partner Storm."

"And this is my partner, Vanille." Elena smiled as her Eevee stretched on the table covered in attraction brochures and guidebooks.

With Jade occupied with introductions, Chance decided to take a look at a map of the continent on the wall near a window. "Okay..we're here in Akoya City...Gemspur Town is due north...then from there the path splits...you can circle around to Sapphire City..."

"Planning out a route already?" Elena smiled.

"Taking a guess as to where the different competitions are..." Chance replied as he watched the group go to register for the Grand Prix. "No matter where they are, we're going to see some amazing magie, and get lots of ideas for our own feats and illusions...right, Storm?"

[Not to mention the memories will last a lifetime!] Storm agreed. [Hope you two brought cameras!]

"I have CameraNav, and plenty of memory to take pictures with." Chance assured his Pikachu. "So we'll have more than enough to make an album when we get home."

Elena noticed Vanille sleeping. "You okay, Vanille?"

[Yeah...] Vanille yawned. [Who knew this place was so far away...]

"Well, we'll be here to cheer Ash and the others on in the big competition and see some great magie." Elena smiled. "That, and you have plenty of Eeveelutions to talk with--Ariel, Willow, Bijou, Neva, and Raya."

She flagged down Jade as the group returned. "So, where's Round 1 of the competition, and who are some great magie we might see?"

"The first stop on your journey is the Gemspur Invitational in Gemspur Town, north of here." Jade replied. "As your guide, I can tell you about different magie that perform here, and give you feedback on your material, but I can't suggest feats or illusions for you to use in competition--you have to plan the shows you will perform yourselves."

"Oh"s filled the air as she opened a guidebook on magie. "As far as the ones I know for sure are competing in Gemspur..."

She pointed out a red haired lady in a beautiful metallic costume alongside a Corvinight. "Titania and her Corviknight Durandal are fan favorites for their jewel and metal themed illusions.

Brock smiled at a pale brown haired girl alongside a Midday forme Lycanroc. "Petra and her Lycanroc Goldie are loved for their bond..."

"I'm not surprised--Lycanroc are fiercely loyal to their masters." Brock agreed.

An idea occurred to him. "Rocky, comes say hello to some new friends!"

Chance and Elena cheered as the beautiful orange and while wolf Pokemon materialized on the Pokemon Center floor. [Wow...this is different...where are we?]

"This is the Pokemon Center in Akoya City, on the Jeweled Continent." Brock explained. "We're here to participate in the Diamond Melody Grand Prix."

[Really?] Rocky gasped, wagging his tail happily. [I've heard that's one of the primo competitions for magie. If you do well here, you'll be immortalized as an Eteral magie--or a rank they haven't discovered yet!]

Jade giggled at the Dusk Lycanroc's enthusiasm. "For the moment, most shows you will perform her are no different than any other competition--an appeal round, a short program, and a full program..."

Ash nodded. "Can't go wrong with Rising Phoenix for an appeal round...."

"Unlike a Pokemon Contest, you're not doing multiple appeals." May agreed. "You only get one shot to impress the judges in a Pokemagia competition, so make your appeal count with one of your best feats or illusions."

"Who wants to participate in the short program for the Gemspur Invitational with me?" Brock asked.

Ash and Serena raised their hands. "Okay...we'll plan the short program over dinner, then we'll discuss our full program on the road."

The group, as well as Chance, Elena, Forest, and Terra, put their hands together for a motivational cheer. "Prismusic! Colorful Song! With our magic, you can't go wrong! Yeah!"


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Nov 8, 2005
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Episode 3: The Song of Magic

"Wow...Longbloom Field is beautiful..." Chance gasped as he watched Fletchling weave and whirl through the evening sky. The group had departed Akoya City that morning, and so far, the trek to Gemspur Town had been uneventful."

"The field is famous for the pairs of Volbeat and Illumise that come out to dance at night, and the Kricketot orchestra that accompanies them." Jade explains. "It's quite a show if you're lucky enough to see it, but most travelers never get a chance to see it."

"I thought all the sounds Kricketots made were bell-like tinkles...." Forest mused.

"Actually, they can make quite an array of musical sounds." Brock explained. "They can pluck or bow the string-like appendages on their stomachs, they can create a whistle-like chirp, and several other vocalizations, or mute their antennae so it makes a drum-like sound instead of the famous bell sound. They can also make instruments out of natural objects. So they can very well create an orchestra."

Ash noticed a large red and black cricket Pokemon with its wings drooping sitting on a rock near the entrance to a clearing. "Hey look! A Kricketune! Maybe it's the leader of the orchestra!"

The Kricketune sighed. [What am I to do? Composer's block is so annoying, especially so close to tonight's show...]

"What's the matter?" Ash asked, kneeling down to the Kricketune's level.

[The Volbeats and Illumises have asked for a new tune to dance to this evening, but no matter how hard I try, I can't come up with anything they haven't heard before!] the Kricketune explained as it fluttered close to Ash. [I've thought all day, and showtime is approaching quickly!]

He noticed Brock's guitar case. [Maybe a human song can give me a little inspiration? It has to be a simple melody I can easily teach to the Kricketots...]

An idea occurred to Serena. "Though we are a band of traveling magie, maybe we can lend a little musical magic to help you out."

With that, she opened her gig bag, taking a well loved red-brown mandolin from inside as several smaller cricket Pokemon joined the Kricketune. "If you'll give us a moment to tune, we'll teach you all a song."

[Really? Thank you! Thank you!] the Kricketune chirped. [Now tonight's show can go on after all!]

He soon unleashed a mighty Ah-la-la-la-la-ua! that echoed across the plain, rallying hundreds of Kricketot to the clearing...


"Are you sure you want to use 'Arran's Lullaby' as our song?" Ash asked as Serena fine tuned her mandolin. A Kricketot was nearby, helping Brock tune his guitar. "The Kricketots and Mr. Kricketune may not understand where the song comes from."

"I have an idea to introduce it to the Kricketots at a level they can understand." Serena assured Ash. "Don't worry."

She next addressed the Kricketune and the group of Kricketots. "Okay...the song we want to teach you comes from a grand story about a minstrel who can sing magic in his song--a special talent in the world the story takes place. "It goes something like this..."

"E minor, right?" Brock discretely whispered to Serena as he found the simple chord.

"Right." Serena replied before starting the relaxed and yet wistful melody, creating a cascade of glittering lights in the sky. Brock joined in with a gentle chordal backing, turning the gold lights into glittering flower petals, to the amazement of the Kricketune and the Kricketots.

After playing through the tune once, Serena heard one of the Kricketots join in by adding a harmony to her melody, adding some bright green leaves to their musical illusion. A second Kricketot joined in some moments later, creating a high pitched violin-like sound while the percussion Kricketots gently plonked a rhythm in time to Brock's guitar, adding even more colors of shining flower petals to the illusion.

[Wow...what kind of a song is this?] a voice chirped as the song ended some time later.

The Kricketot smiled as a familiar blue, black, and purple firefly Pokemon flitted into the clearing, with a red, blue, and black firefly Pokemon with gold stripes not far behind. [These kind humans taught us a new song for tonight.] he explained as he watched the sun sink behind a hill. [There must be a special magic in their song, for it created hundreds of shining flowers in the sky!]

[Oh my!] the Illumise gasped as more Volbeat and Illumise couples arrived on the hill near the clearing. [That must have been amazing to see!]

The Kricketune approached Brock and Serena. [As thanks for inspiring me, I invite you to play your song with us tonight]

"Our pleasure." Serena smiled.

"No problem at all." Brock agreed as he retuned a flat D string. "It was an honor to lend you guys a hand, and inspire you to keep making the music of nature for years to come."

He located the E minor chord. "Ready to go again?" he asked Serena.

"Yeah." Serena smiled as a Kricketot helped her retune her A course.

The Kricketune addressed the crowd of Volbeat and Illumise couples. [Everyone...it is my pleasure to introduce a new tune for tonight. Inspired by a human tale of a minstrel hero, I give you 'The Minstrel's Waltz'.]

Ash smiled as the familiar melody filled the night sky. "Not quite the right name, but if that's what they wish to call it, I won't complain!" he smiled as he, the others, and Jade watched the Volbeat and Illumise weave and whirl through the shining flower illusion again.

"It is not unheard of for music to create new feats and illusions..." Jade smiled. "So if you had to name this new group illusion, what would you call it?"

"I already have a name for it..." Ash replied. "Rainbow Flower Viewing!" Jade smiled in approval as the beautiful melody created by Kricketots, a guitar, and a mandolin echoed into the night...
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