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Pokémon UNITE's official X account releases full details on Mimikyu's stats and Unite Move ahead of the Pokémon joining the fray October 19th

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Mimikyu Infographic for Pokémon UNITE
Full details about Mimikyu, which will become playable in Pokémon UNITE later this week on October 19th, have now been revealed by the official Pokémon UNITE account on X (formerly Twitter).

Players can expect a highly mobile and offensive unit with Mimikyu, who will be a Melee All-Rounder with Intermediate difficulty.

Mimikyu's Ability is Disguise. When in its Disguised Form, this ability will decreases Mimikyu's HP by a set percentage of its remaining HP whenever it takes damage from an opposing Pokémon, before then giving Mimikyu a buff that nullifies damage for a set period of time, and shifting Mimikyu to its Busted Form. While in Busted Form, Mimikyu will have higher speed and damage output when close to the opponent which put it in that form, who is given a special revenge mark debuff. Mimikyu will return to its Disguised Form after a set period of time, with each opponent Mimikyu KOs reducing the amount of time it stays in this Form. Canny Trainers will want to work together with their team to allow Mimikyu to dish out heavy damage while letting their allies clean-up with the KOs, to maximise Mimikyu's buffs.

Mimikyu's moves selections as it levels up during the battle are as follows.
  • Lvl. 5: Play Rough or Shadow Claw
  • Lvl. 7: Shadow Sneak or Trick Room
Mimikyu's Unite Move, Play With Me..., has Mimikyu trap an opposing Pokémon inside its rag. This deals damage over time to the targeted opponent, and also grants Mimikyu a shield. Once Mimikyu's shield is taken down, or after a set amount of time has passed, whichever comes first, Mimikyu stops attacking and jumps away in a desired direction. While trapped, the opposing Pokémon isn't affected by any other moves except Mimikyu's.
Official @PokemonUNITE account on X (formerly Twitter)


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