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News Pokémon Variety Show "PokéDoko" Announced as Pokénchi's Successor


The Arcanine of Legend!
Sep 16, 2010
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Information courtesy of Dephender at Serebii

New Pokémon variety show "Pokémon to doko iku?!" will start airing Sunday April 3rd at 8am! Let's visit all kinds of worlds alongside Pokémon with the wonderful "Dokoikkocar"!

A new variety show has been announced to be airing on the TV Tokyo Network! "Pokémon to doko iku?!" ("Where are we going with Pokémon?!") is based around the "Pocket Monsters" franchise that's enjoying extreme popularity in all kinds of genres including video games, cards, anime, toys and the like not only in Japan, but all around the world!


Let's all hang out with Pokémon together, whether you're Pokémon fans or Pokémon beginners that want to learn more about Pokémon!


The cast will consist of Ryogo Matsumaru, the leader that wants to expose the world to the wonders of his beloved Pokémon,
Abareru-kun, the "Dokoikkocar"'s driver,
and Shoko Nakagawa, who will be hosting the show in her "Surprise Form"!
In addition, a certain person that's currently the talk of the town will be serving as a fourth cast member!

Together we'll all visit Pokénds all over the world!
Let's hang out with Pokémon together every Sunday at 8am!

Comments from the cast follow:


Ryogo Matsumaru
I'm Ryogo Matsumaru, and believe it or not, I've just become the leader of a group that's going to expose the world to the wonders of Pokémon in "PokéDoko"!
I've loved the Pokémon shows to the point of admiration ever since I was little, and I still can't believe I'm actually going be in one as a host this time. The show hasn't even started yet, and I'm still moved to tears. I will do my absolute 100%, no, 100000% best to show how amazing Pokémon is...!
I'm really looking forwards to visiting Pokénds all over the world with Abareru-kun and host Shoko Nakagawa.
These will be encounters created through Pokémon. Let's go to a world where excitement never ends!


I'm Abareru-kun, and I'm the driver that's going to be touring the world with Matsumaru-kun and friends in the "Dokoikkocar" in "PokéDoko"!
We'll have more fun with Pokémon than ever before, both with the video games, the Pokémon Card Game, the Pokémon anime and more!!
Pokénds all over Japan!! Look forward to this!


Shoko Nakagawa
I've been working on Pokémon TV shows for 16 years now, and I'm really honored I'm allowed to be part of the new "Pokémon to doko iku?!" as well! Pokémon means everything to me, so it makes me really happy it gets to be as big a part of my life as this.
As the show's host, I will be attempting all kinds of things in order to make even more children learn about Pokémon, to create as many new Pokénds as possible, and to create new dreams and memories!

The fourth cast member is a certain multi-talented person that's currently a major name in the worlds of acting, modeling, variety shows and more! She will be in the show as a "PokéRookie" who's eager to learn more about Pokémon and to make new friends all over the world! Further information will be announced later on the show's website!


Make sure to check out "Pokémon to doko iku?!" when it starts at 8am on Sunday April 3rd 2022!

Show details:
Pokémon to doko iku?!
Premiere date and time: 8am to 8:30am, Sunday April 3rd 2022
Broadcast details: Airs every Sunday at 8am to 8:30am at the TV Tokyo Network and other.
*Airdate and -time may vary depending on region


↑avatar by Blanc♡
Sep 10, 2019
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Shoko-tan has done some stuff for Pokemon in the past!!! And she's a HUGE Pokemon fan!! That's so cool~ hopefully I'll be able to watch it someday/sometime!

Nice work!


Jan 2, 2003
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Shoko Nakagawa being a part of this was always a given; she's been attached to these weekly Sunday morning shows for over a decade at this point.

Anyway, it's odd that they're changing the show mid-generation like this.
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