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RULES: Pokémon Video Games Rules (Updated Feb 27th, 2019)

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Oct 19, 2014
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Welcome to the Pokémon Video Games section!

Here you can talk about everything related to the Pokémon video games.

Please note that some subjects have their own (sub)section where they can be discussed:

1. Please follow all forumwide Bulbagarden Rules.

2. Do not ask for or advertise illegal content (either public or via PM).
  • This includes ROMs and fan-made games. They can be discussed, but not linked to.
  • Don't discuss or name groups or websites that provide illegal content.
  • Posting short excerpts (magazine scans of a few pages, short anime clips, etc.) is allowed.
3. Discuss (potential) leaks, spoilers and questions in the designated threads and sections.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask any of the section's moderators: @Dolce , @TeaWest, @Pyrax, @Midorikawa, @Fluttershy of Light,@Pikochu @Kung Fu Ferret, @VulpixQueen
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