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Pokemon: Warrior of the Red Flute (signups and discussion)

Brock's Pikachu
Nov 8, 2005
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(rated E10+ for fantasy violence and frightening images)

In the world of Ransei, it has been ten years since a young girl took on the notorious warlord Nobunaga, united what was then seventeen kingdoms, and brought peace to the region.

Since then, an eighteenth kingdom was discovered--the Fairy-type kingdom of Hikari. While many welcomed the people of Hikari with open arms, a new prophecy of hope soon emerged from the kingdom--"On the day the hero and the guardian howl together with a red flute, the song will usher forth a rainbow, and a world of light."

Many scholars and sages studied this new prophecy. It was understood that "the hero and the guardian" referred to the twin wolf kings that were prominent in the lore of the Hikari region--Zacian, the Hero's Sword; and Zamazenta; the Guardian Shield. The question was, what was the red flute referring to? Was it a literal instrument, or someone playing such an instrument?

The answer was a master yumidou named Ash who also channeled ki through a special red flute carved from a single ruby. He made his keep as a mercenary, alongside three of his closest best friends.

One night, Zacian appeared to Ash in a dream, and warned him that a shadowy dragon Pokémon named Eternatus threatened to revive Nobunaga, and destroy Ransei. The only way to stop this from occurring was to gather ten enchanted jewels hidden in well guarded temples, then use the song in his heart and the jewels' power to awaken Arceus again.

Ash talked the matter over with his companions--the icy swordswoman Misty, the kaitan Brock, and the odoriko Serena, and they all agreed to seek other heroes to go with them on the long and perilous journey to help the prophecy come true...

Sign up here with the following info:

Character's name (try to pick a name that at least sounds Japanese or Chinese)
Character's age (anywhere from age 13-18 is fine)
Character's physical appearance (what your character basically looks like
Character's personality/known history (what your character is like, and any important backstory)
Character's class (pick one of the following:

--Warrior (your basic swordsman/woman)
--Fighter (your basic unarmed fighter)
--Mystic (the wizard counterpart in Ransei)
--Monk/Miko (the priest counterpart in Ransei)
--Bladedancer (the rogue counterpart in Ransei)
--Kaitan (the minstrel counterpart in Ransei)
--Yumidou (a magic using bow wielder that combines the mystic and a ranger)
--Odoriko (a female only fighter-dancer that uses a whip like ribbon to fight)

Character's Pokémon (if any)
Character's Pokémon path (which Pokémon best resembles their fighting style? This will affect what martial arts you start with)
Character's weapon proficiencies (what weapons are they good with? If they just fight with their fists, they are considered unarmed. This will affect what kinds of martial arts you can learn.