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Pokemon with Pokerus

Feb 2, 2011
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Here's a list of pokemon I am willing to trade off :)
- Female Chaizard (with Pokerus and the Y Mega Stone if you want)
- Male and Female Froakie (both have Protean and currently the male has Pokerus but I can give it to the female as well)
- Ditto (I'm not sure if Ditto can get the Pokerus but if it can I'll give it to it as well)
- Any Kanto starter (I'll breed Blastoise, Charizard, or Venusaur and again if you want the pokerus I'll give it to one of the babies after they hatch)

The only things I'm really seeking are some X Mega Stones, primarily Manectric, Charizard, Tyranitar, and Mewtwo's.
Pokemon wise I'm probably out of my mind for this XD I wanted a Xerneas and I tried Wonder Trade for Froakie, Charizard, and Ditto but had zero luck. What's with everyone willing to trade Xerneas for Articuno? ^^'

I'll be able to trade off more pokemon once Pokemon Bank becomes available so for anyone that has a Xerneas just list something that you'd be willing to trade for it if my choices for now aren't good enough I'm also seeking a Reshiram but I know that's not possible at the moment so I'll wait for that. ^^' Besides that I'm just seeking the stones~

Edit: Also a Togepi if anyone has one :)
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