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EVERYONE: Pokémon world documentary episode 1: A man philosophy of origin


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Mar 27, 2023
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This is a pokémon world, a planet, where pokémons and humans live side by side from dawns of time. Surface of this separated into 5 continets and one huge supercontinent with very advanced human civilization. But, not always it was like that. About 100 years into past, the continet started inhabited by settlers, which was little more advanced that rest of the world, 500 years into history, this continent is inhabited primitive human civilization, which was same as rest of the world. From where come from this settlers, and from where come a man?

A lots of legend showcasing, that a man, first appaerce about 10 000 years ago, created by almighty god pokémon, Arceus. From this means, that man is pokémon, right? Well, no! If we looking at in this angle view, what type, could be a man? Well, it's simple, normal/psychic or fighting, which lead from fact, that we are in body structre, we are normal, and psychic represent inteligent and strengt. But, there's huge problem with this. Pokémon can't do thing, which they do not correspond, with their types. Grass type pokémon, cannot creating water fountains which stray from the body. Also, if man was pokémon, civilization, would propably never exist, because for civilizations is typical one common thing, using tools, from simple ones such as sticks, rocks to complex ones and machines. Any pokémon would't use nothing, which normaly is't natural.

Arceus create universe, but didn't create a man. In genetic analysis, was test, trying to compare human DNA to all 5 millions spiecies of pokémons, in which results showcase one thing. Human is not species related to pokémons. So, if man is not a pokémon, what is it, and from it's come? To answear this question, we need to look in the legends and search those legends, which telling about origin of man. In history of world, millions of years, before first man Arceus sent Latios and Latias for serching for inteligent life in galaxy, and bring it to this world, there was trying found out, until they found inteligent species of life, Deoxys, they bring it, but doesn't know, that Deoxys was a bacteria species. After milenia of thousands to millions of years in very far history, peace, between Deoxys and other mythical pokémons, which live in that time, was broken when Deoxys found out, that they can infected pokémons. There was a war between the Deoxys and mythical pokémons, which was devasting from both sides and planet itself. After the war, from every species of mythical pokémon stay only one last member and world population of Deoxys was on zero, they was extinct in this world, but on they homeworld doesn't. After this war, Arceus again send Latios and Latios to found out a inteligent species, and give them very special commands, to dodge the creatures, which are similary to Deoxys. This search takes them hundreds of millions of years, until about 20 000 years in past, find out Solar system, which have this planets:
4 internal stone planets
2 external gas giant and 2 external ice giant planets
1 dwarf planet
They get interest on few moons of 2 gas giant planets, and then turned their attention to the inner planets, the first planet, which was before the first gas giant, was red planet, with low gravity and poor atmosphere, they after jumped to second planet from solar. Thick and dense atmosphere, strong gravity, vast baking hell full of active volcanes and acid raines. Lifeless world. After that, they come to rock one, close to solar. The world was hot, weak gravity and atmospere, and too small and too close to solar. When they was about leave solar system, they saw that. A third planet of system. Vast blue color waters of ocean, white cotton clouds, green areas of plants and other stuff. Earth! Both said and they came to Earth. When they arrived on Earth, they saw a biospehre, like something, they never before saw, animals of various sizes, shapes, colors and behaviors. What they saw, was Earth megafauna. But all share one thing, they wasn't inteligent, until they found out one species, which stand from them all. Bipedal, clothed in clothes made from other animals, equiped with primitive tools, which talks from them about inteligens, a human species. They didn't bring tens or hundrens of humans.

They bring them 1000 subjects to World, but Arceus wanted to test them. He create Kanto Legendary birds, which control world climate, first create Articuno, ice one, which create Ice Age world, which like one on Earth, after the thousands of years and the man survive. Arceus wasn't satisfied, and created Moltres, fire one which ended Ice Age, created by Articuno, after this, a mass extiction of Ice age pokémons happend and create new palet of pokémons. The world was differnt some places was humid and warm, the other was hot and dry, the man survive and adapt again to this conditions. Arceus wasn't satisfied again and create Zapdos, last of Legendary birds, electric one. He cause a big storms, a lots of place, especialy deserts vanised and let native pokémons to extiction, but the man survive. Three basic forces of nature, the Ice Age, Hothouse world and nearly lifeless world, lead to Arceus end up his test on humans.

But why population on Supercontinet remember the Earth while the rest of world don't? It's simple, this 1000 population was sloving evolve, and for coridoring of they inteligent, Latios and Latias, travel from this world to Earth and bring from them hundres of man, with culture, knowlage and languge. They also wanted from Arceus to created a type, similary to that, on Earth, which lead to Unowns.

A lot of things, such as invetion of electric tools, steam machines, and many others was simply undepending on Earth, because boths worlds doesn't know about themselves. But there's one thing. Names of continets and animals. On Earth they are 7 continets, with to one thousands of states, regions and cultures. but man on this world call the some places like the places on Earth. Example is discovery Mew in Uruguay in South America. In this World, there is no such thing as South America or Uruguay. It was found in South continet called Juhamer in region called Uray. This is simalary to Frank's Herbert novel Dune, in one part, talks duke to other character about song of amry on Nile river. But he didn't know that is river on Earth, and that army is thousands of years long time dead and part of human history. Man can hear it once, and in certain situation can call that place like the Earth one, without knowing, thats belong to Earth.

If we look at this, we discovery, that man is from other world, which go throught long and hard proces of adaption to harsh eviroment of World itself
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