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Pokémon X and Y: 10 years later

(Yveltal fans, rise up!)
I think we can all agree when I say Kalos is a beautiful region, right? It was Pokémon's first attempt at 3D and they still managed to create a wonderful Pokédex and an exciting region to explore that I adore to this day :')
Yeah, the story might've been kinda... meh. But the concepts introduced (like mega-evos, character customization and that tamagotchi feature, can't remember its name), the locations (I can't be the only one who thinks that they went super hard on the Grass-type gym, it looks so pretty!!), the music (that's always amazing though, it's Pokémon) and, of course, the Pokémon (the legendaries and mythicals from this gen are great both in design and lore, can't change my mind) still hold up to this day.

Anyway, maybe I'm blinded by nostalgia and a bit biased but I LOVE XY. I kinda want to replay it now...
I first played them pretty long after their release (got Y in May of 2016 along with my 3DS) and as a dumb little 8 year old I DID get a bit stuck on them (i was stuck on the furfrou maze puzzle for almost a year. after beating it i beat the rest of the game in like a month) but they WERE the games that really solidified my love for Pokemon and I wouldn't have them any other way. Plus obviously the designs were really good, Fairy type is one of the best types in the game, Mega Evolution is one of the objectively coolest concepts they've brought into the series even if it IS probably nyever making a return in the official games and it was the first ever gen to give us CHARACTER CUSTOMISATION aka one of my favourite things in every game that has it. Syo even if I AM a bit more nostalgic for Sun and Moon and I DO think the plot of X and Y was a bit... ehhh I won't deny that Gen 6 was one of the most influential generations on the state of the series nyow and honestly a lot of it's for the better.
Ah... The nostalgia...

I remember watching a playthrough stream of it on release day, it looked awesome. Especially how much content there was between Gyms 1 and 2, the free Kanto starter, the early Snorlax, huge variety of catchable Pokemon, the interesting and unique for their time Rhyhorn riding and Glittering Cave layout, the fossil mons... It kept getting better, Geosenge, Reflection Cave, being given out a Lucario and a Lapras. Fun with Skiddo, Coumarine "2 cities". After a while of annoying (Badlands, Lumiose) and a little spooky, the Laverre music was stunning! Dendemille looked beautiful, so did Anistar... The Team plot was "eh" with the exception of the Geosenge twist. Couriway looked awesome too. Victory Road was interesting...

Interest died down for a bit, I did not like postgame much compared to the cramped BW2 with 6 postgame towns. Competitive in Pokemon Showdown revitalised my interest the gen, I really liked Gale Wings Talonflame and Protean Greninja and the weather nerf... That was it pretty much until ORAS.

I did eventually get a 2DS and X later, and played through it all. It felt... easier. It is easier when you know where to find all the important bits. Still awesome graphics.

The games still LOOK nice 10 years later, although they might not be my favorite... If the Zygarde sidequest was in them and led to something cool, they would have been so much better.

When BDSP was released, I remember some saying that the games look better than Platinum which was 15 years old, but may not actually BE so in terms of content. This is how I feel about XY in retrospect : it was an awesome experience at first, but looking back at it... Something was lacking compared to my more favorite old games like Platinum, or Black 2, and some later ones like Alpha Sapphire and Sun. Yet it made up for it with Kalos being truly beautiful.

PS: I despise Lumiose with a burning passion (do not get me started on save glitch), so unfortunately most of character customization that was locked behind style there too. It also unfortunately made me not appreciate the Looker and Emma/Essentia part as much. The taxi is the worst thing about the city, do not make it so complicated you gotta pay money to find stuff :(
I really didn't like these games sorry. Gen 6 had some of my favorite Pokemon no doubt but X and Y were so boring to me. Them being the first 3DS core Pokemon games will make them memorable but I'd be lying if I said the games themselves were enjoyable.
Being the only games to never get a third version, sequel, Ultra or Expansion Pass did not help either. They did feel incomplete and kinda were, the Zygarde part was obviously missing.




Wasn't satisfied with X/Y tbh. I admit that part of it was that I wasn't too happy about the full 3D graphics since I preferred small sprites like in the older handheld games. And I didn't play X/Y when they first came out and waited about a year before actually getting them. My main issue is that the post-game is really boring. There's really not much to do except hunt down one Kanto Legendary Bird, Zygarde and Mewtwo or battle at the Battle Maison. If you're into shopping then you can try to save up money to buy every piece of clothing and accessories, but even for a side quest that's kinda lame imho.

I also thought that the amount of new Pokemon was underwhelming. And I was never a big fan of the Z version theories but at the very least there should've been an expansion of some sort to make Kalos more interesting. A pair of sequel games like B/W got might've been cool.
Beautiful and memorable :)

You had to be there for the transition from pixel to 3D. I had wanted something like that for so long and was surprised that we finally got it in a mainline pokemon game.
The music is beautiful, laverre City, Snowbelle, Lumiose and many other places are among some of my favorites in the franchise. I played a lot in the battle chateau and the battle maison. I was always intrigued by the battle chatelaines. The friend zafari was the last sort of zafari zone we got. I remember getting online and receiving random star reactions from others users hehe. I remember battling the taxi because I had no cash lol that really took me by surprise.

Many, many good memories. Can’t list them all lol
I'll add that it's surreal that it's been 10 years since it came out. I vividly remember the reveal trailer i think back in January of 2013, same for all the months of the new pokemon reveals, Mega Evolution (the amount of arguments how it was a ripoff of Digimon) and so on. I remember people posting their pics of their playthroughs early because of time zones in this very forum (i think one of them was actually the Lumiose city glitch which is oof in hindsight). It's the game that made me join this forum.
I will focus a bit more on this part, I think Kalos has the best gap between 1st and 2nd Gym ever, passing by three settlements with no badge in sight just so much happening... Although it did start rushing through stuff later on, from Shalour to Laverre. Going on a tangent here, but even its anime series started with taking it at a slow pace then went GET BAN BAN and evolved half the protagonists' mons in 10 episodes or so. It is all the epitome of starting awesome then rushing the rest leading to wasted potential.
Ah, the unquestionable start of "modern Pokemon" since that's when the fans started to complain about the lack of difficulty and features. And while that's true they left a good impression on me and I say I enjoyed them a lot. The graphics were very vibrant, it finally felt your Pokemon were alive creatures that could eventually love you instead of a group of data and pixels, and the region is very underrated, has a bunch of biomes and experiments that haven't been replicated yet like a huge city you can get lost in. The potgame was simple but fun, and had fun challenges like the Friend Safari, the Battle Chateau, the Battle Maison or Reverse Battles that you could try out. And the Pokedex and Pokemon distribution was revolutionary, gone were the days where you would encounter Baby Rodent always in Routes 1-5, Zubat always in caves and Adult Rodent in Routes 6-10, now every route was an unique exploration of past and present Pokemon and the number was increased to a whooping 450! Megas were...in the game. Also I loved my team and how strong and versatile they were.

While I wanted a 3rd version at the time, I'm glad it did not happen. Like with ORAS and USUM, they did not have enough time to make all fan requests possible, and the story would have remained very similar if the anime was anything to go by (if they were busy with ORAS and Go, they'd likely had chosen to keep it simple and not make it a sequel). Also, given that Zygarde Cores are unusable in battle in SM, Zygarde's role would not have been that big. Pokemon Z should be this franchise's example of "Every cancelled project is perfect and necessary in your mind".
I have been a player of Pokemon since I was 6 Years old with Red & Blue. X & Y were, imo, my favorite games of all time. The Kalos starters were awesome. Getting a Kanto starter early on in the game was nice. Having Mega Evolution (hands down, best gimmick) was cool. The Gym Leaders were a bit lacking, as were the Elite Four and Champion. The Battle Chateau was the only facility that I ever completed all the way through. Kalos is an amazing Region. I was hoping that there would be a Pokemon Z version. X & Y had my most replays. Unfortunately, my one disappointment was Zygarde. They could have done more with it.

Happy Birthday Kalos!
I did not mind the new Exp Share mechanics at all, it was a positive change, because you could still turn it off and it prevented having to switch items all the time.

Pokemon Amie had interesting interaction, and Sylveon evo mechanic was cool, but the rest of the bonuses could make things a bit too easy. As did O-Powers.

Also I remember my first reaction when I saw Inkay's evolution method (.^.)
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