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Pokémon x OREO Limited Edition cookies announced - available across the United States from September 13

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  • Staff
Completing a trifecta of Pokémon related food announcements this week, The Pokémon Company International and OREOs have unveiled the result of the collaboration that both companies have been teasing for a while now, with the release of packs of Pokémon x OREO Limited Edition Cookies.

In total, this collaboration will include 16 different designs of Pokémon OREO, each of which features a single Pokémon. However, while each 15.25 oz (432g) pack contains 30 OREO cookies, the exact assortment of Pokémon will vary from pack to pack, and there's no guarantee that you'll find all Pokémon in a single pack. The official announcement teases that a certain Mythical Pokémon may be especially elusive. Of course, the designs shouldn't make any difference to the actual taste, which should be the exact same as regular OREO cookies.

The Pokémon x OREO Limited Edition Cookies will be available from retailers across the United States from September 13, 2021. They're also available for pre-order right now from OREO's official website, with orders shipping from September 13.



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