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Pokémon's Project VOLTAGE Hatsune Miku collaboration continues, with the release of Battle! (Hatsune Miku) by cosMo@暴走P

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戦闘!初音ミク / Battle! (Hatsune Miku) by cosMo@暴走P  - Official Artwork
Project VOLTAGE, the special art and music collaboration project between Pokémon and the popular Volcaloid character Hatsune Miku, has resumed music updates today with the release of the fifth of 18 music videos, with 戦闘!初音ミク / Battle! (Hatsune Miku) from Vocaloid producer cosMo@暴走P.

cosMo@Bousou-P (cosMo@暴走P), also sometimes known known as Kuroneko Antique (黒猫アンティーク), is a musician and animator who made their Vocaloid debut all the way back in 2007. He is best known for creating songs with incredibly high-speed tempos of over 200 beats per minute, which has led to him receiving the title of "High-Speed Development Miku Master" on Nico Nico Douga. His most famous Vocaloid song is 初音ミクの消失 (THE END OF HATSUNE MIKU), which has received tens of millions of views across different versions of the song on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube. In addition to having released numerous albums featuring vocals from Hatsune Miku and other Vocaloids since 2008, cosMo@暴走P's work has also featured as part of numerous Vocaloid-based rhythm games from the Project DIVA series. Outside of Vocaloid content, cosMo@暴走P also has contributed to music for various video games and anime.

List of Vocaloid producers contributing to the project over December
The next 3 Vocaloid producers who'll be releasing music videos over December as part of this ongoing special art and music collaboration project were revealed last Friday in a post on the official @PokeMikuVOLTAGE account on X (formerly Twitter). Apart from the common theme of "Pokémon featuring Hatsune Miku", and the requirement that the songs sample the background music and sound effects of the Pokémon games in some way, each of the producers for the Songs and Music Videos sub-project have been given free reign to express their own creative vision.

The next song to release on December 8th will come from Kasamura Tota (傘村トータ), also known as machiomiii, a music producer best known for soothing and melancholic piano performances. machiomiii made her Vocaloid debut in 2017 withしゃぼん玉花火 (Shabontama Hanabi). To date, they have only rarely released songs with Hatsune Miku, with their most well known song あなたの夜が明けるまで instead featuring IA & Fukase. In addition to their Vocaloid work, machiomiii has also produced songs for a number of Japanese singers including ReoNa and CIEL.

December 15th's song will be from Giga, also known as Giga-P (ギガP), a producer, composer and utaite who first debuted in 2010 with the song 流線プリズム (Ryuusen Prism), featuring the voice of Megurine Luka. Though primarily known for their work with Vocaloids Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len with songs such as LUVORATORRRRRY!, Giga has also produced songs utilizing a wide range of different Vocaloids, with their most well known one featuring Hatsune Miku arguably being ヒビカセ (Resonate). Their music typically has a techno or pop feel, with high energy arrangements. In recent years, Giga has also become well known outside of the Vocaloid community for their collaborations with other artists and utaite, in particular for their contributions to the song 踊 (Odo) by Ado, together with DECO*27, whose Volt Tackle feat. Hatsune Miku kicked off this project, and TeddyLoid.

The final song for the year on December 22nd will come from Jin (じん), also known as Shizen no Teki P (自然の敵P), a Vocaloid producer, author, and scriptwriter who first made his debut in 2011 with the song 人造エネミー (Jinzou Enemy). Producing mostly rock songs and working primarily with IA and Hatsune Miku, Jin is best known for his Kagerou Project series of songs, which has expanded into a massive mixed media project featuring light novels written by Jin himself; a manga, with a story by Jun and illustrations from Mahiro Satou; an anime TV series, featuring both music and scripts by Jin; and an anime film.
Post on the official @PokeMikuVOLTAGE account on X (formerly Twitter)


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