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Pokérian Names

Aroush Halapsian is best girl.
Mar 8, 2011
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Basically since Gen 6 the signs on the overworld have been in weird symbols that seem to be a language (which I'd call Pokérian) which would be pretty much the same but with diff dialects in diff regions.

Well most characters have different names in different language version. (Well basically a lot of pretty much everything) But as actually they're speaking Pokérian their canon in-universe names would be completely different, Pokérian-based names.

Charizard is named Charizard in the English-language copies of Pokémon White, リザードン in the very original Poketto Monsuta Aka\Midori, and Dracaufeu in the French-language copies of Pokémon X. But in-universe, Kantonians, Unovans, and Kalosians would all refer to Charizard as Kovarrok.

Same for the characters. A recurring character like Cynthia is named シロナ in Japanese version of Pokémon Diamond, but is named Cynthia in English (and French) version of Pokémon White, but is Camilla in the Italian versions of at least Diamond. True to the plant genus theme naming, Shirona is the japanese word for genus Nandina. Nothing to do with moons there unlike the names in western versions! Anyway, Cynthia's name in-universe is likely something like Zartale or Nevikka instead of something that is spelt and can sound like the names in the versions based on Earth languages.

I guess that can also work for many other videogames, like The Sims or w\ever.