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PokéShipping Debate Thread

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Jan 1, 2003
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Really, I think the list is already pretty much up to date. Being a wiki it's already undergone some changes since it was first put up, and even if we don't count them made there's probably only a half dozen or so episodes that need to be considered. It's not like either Johto or Hoenn have been shippy.

That said, I was planning on doing an update to the list -- but it's hard to draw the line on what constitutes a decent hint and what doesn't, especially with episodes like Gotta Catch Ya Later which are filled with good stuff.

Oh, and why is this forum a talking point for a wiki? Doesn't the wiki already have features for discussing articles? :p
The clips of Misty in the how were random Misty clips in the dub. However, in Japan they concentrated on a relationship between Ash and Misty.
You've got it backwards.

The dub focused on Ash x Misty, the original focused on Misty growing.
The Rudy episode was very Pokéshippy! My main though is...how can Ash be so ignorant of what everyone around him saw and implied?!?

On the TV series, we elude in on our record album we allude to the fact that Ash and Misty actually has a crush on Ash and vice-versa. We never really delve into that too much in the TV show.
---4Kids Pokémon Producer Norman J. Grossfeld

And just for the heck of it...
The Japanese Creators wanted to see our version…and they were actually moved to tears…and so that was, that was very nice to hear.
---4Kids Pokémon Producer Norman J. Grossfeld
Hey, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but... does anyone know what exactly is happening with Misty and Tracey right now? Because half the fandom is crowing that Orangeshipping is inevitable, and the Pokeshippers are all reeeeeally worried, and... I have no clue what's going on. ^^;; I haven't seen the HoSos with Misty and Tracey in them, except for the first one, and the information about what went on in them tends to be rather muddled. I've heard some confusing contradictory accounts of what's happened in the latest episodes, too. Somebody said that Team Rocket tease Misty about Azumarill being Tracey's, which causes that now-famous screenshot of her blushing, but I'm almost positive that's nonsense. So, um... help?
I dunno. I just saw the preview and it seems to me TR are just praising Misty's Azurill, they are probably saying the pokémon is raised by a profesional trainer and she blushes for that. Well, that's the impression I got.

Of course, I could be terribly wrong. ^^; But I really hope I'm not.
I watched this weeks episode and the preview last night, and I've got to agree with Kasu-chan. There didn't seem to be any OrangeShipping implications to it whatsoever. Kasumi's done that same sort of thing everytime Rocket Dan have done their TV reporter act, so her doing it again is hardly unusual.

If anything actually, we might have something of a minor hint for Kasumi's side with the latest ep. She came to Satoshi's house on her own accord, without being invited, and was apparently there for several days waiting for him. And here people were suggesting that she didn't care about him at all anymore....
Well, I watched the episode today and I didn't understand much of what was going on dialogue wise, except for a few random words. Thus, I didn't know Kasumi had been at Satoshi's house for a few days, *waiting for his arrival*. That's certainly a bit of a hint on her part, IMO.
Well she arrived for a few days because she didn't exactly know how long it would take for Ash to return.

I wouldn't consider that a hint at all. She just wants to make sure to see her friend one last time before he heads out for the Frontier.
The fact that she's staying at his house is a hint, isn't it?
Barb said:
The fact that she's staying at his house is a hint, isn't it?

As are May and Max I assume in the newest Japanese episodes. I mean, May and Max got to sleep somewhere. I assume they'll sleep in Ash's house for that ep. So therefore, how can staying at a friend's house be considered a hint?
Two reasons come to my mind: (1) she's in Pallet specifically to see Ash before he heads to the Frontier, and (2) we know she has a crush on him.
Scott85 said:
Well she arrived for a few days because she didn't exactly know how long it would take for Ash to return.

I wouldn't consider that a hint at all. She just wants to make sure to see her friend one last time before he heads out for the Frontier.

Putting aside the fact that she'd have no idea about the frontier, since he only decided that recently, I have to say that it's quite significant that she would actually abandon her Gym Leader duties for several days to wait at his house for an unspecified period of time, when she could have easily made the trip by car in a day at most after getting a call telling her that he was back. She could probably have assumed that he'd leave on a journey again soon, but she certainly had no reason to believe that he'd be setting out straight away. It's not like he ever has before.
The big question is of course, if she could take several days off to wait around at Ash's house, why the frell couldn't she take several days off to come to the Hoenn League? -_- Durn writers.

Anyway, I don't think it's a hint. Ash is her dear friend; she would have done the same thing whether she fancies him or not. If we're going to speculate that she had a hidden shippy agenda, it'd be just as easy to argue that she was using the excuse to spend a week or two in the same town as Tracey.
No. But I wouldn't do it for someone I was in love with, either. :p *is lazy*
Let me try to make a real world scenario which comes close to this.

Say you live in Australia, in Brisbane. The person you love is coming back to the country later this week, though you don't know when, and neither does the family, so it's pretty much impossible to meet them at the airport. Furthermore, they live in Sydney, and you know that the person you love will be arriving there, not in Brisbane, so you can't exactly just hop in the car and get there within 10 minutes of them arriving after getting a phone call telling you they'd arrived.

Now....under those conditions, wouldn't you go down to Sydney for a few days and wait for them? Ignoring potential financial concerns of course, seeing as those wouldn't have cropped up with Kasumi here.
After seeing all the discussion about Misty being at Ash's house before he arrived in more than one thread, I decided to finally comment on it. I may be a Pokeshipper and I can see how it could be considered a hint but I can also see how it might not be. She may have been there cause she likes him but she could also be there cause she hasn't seen him in a while (not counting on TV) so wanted to see her friend before he went to another league. Or maybe she decided to go to Pallet so she could spend time with all her friends, hanging out with Tracey while waiting for Ash and the others to arrive.

Hopefully that made sense.
Yeah, the part that I don't follow is why it should be that Misty would drop everything and go to so much trouble for a friend - but only if she's in love with him. If she didn't want to smooch him, then she wouldn't bother.
Methinks Pokeshippers are getting too desperate for new hints and are chalking up anything they see as a hint.

I see nothing shippy about it at all. Unless Misty and Ash do something together in the next two episodes, there was nothing Pokeshippy about Misty's return.
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