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Pokeshipping General Discussion

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Jun 2, 2009
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Hey there,
Has anyone noticed the most simplest clue there is that Ash will end up with Misty one way or the another.
Think last year Pokemon company released its first 3D adaptation movie- Pokemon Detective Pikachu, right.
so in the movie Tim who happens to hang out with Pikachu throughout the movie and Lucy, another protagonist, sort of Tim's counterpart, who also happens to hang out with a Psyduck. Think about it, out of 800+ pokemon why'd they choose Psyduck, because Ash who has Pikachu and also hung out with Misty who also happened to have a Psyduck.
From the movie its proven(canon) that Tim liked Lucy. So is the director trying to hint something or not?

But didn't Misty's Psyduck evolve into a Golduck later on?
"I was promised rivers of blood!"
Jan 9, 2021
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Pokéshipping is one of my favorite ships in Pokémon, and honestly Misty is the only girl I would really like to see with Ash. Maybe it's the nostalgia and the fact that Misty was the first Pokégirl but i really think their personalities make the best match. It's true that at first they argue a lot, but despite all that, over time they formed a very strong friendship, and although can be said that many of the Pokéshipping hints are from the english dub, that doesn't change that Misty is the only girl that Ash doesn't like to see with other boys.

Even though they didn't see each other for a long time in Sun and Moon we see that their friendship is as strong as ever, and we even see that they both have gotten over their fights, I definitely believe that their friendship can develop into something deeper.