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Post your current Ctrl+V (v2)

  • She has autism. She's been undiagnosed most of her life.
  • This has caused... difficulties with making friends. Not because she's introverted and keeps to herself but because she's so overly extroverted that most people just can't handle her. She is, to put it simply, a lot. Her only real friend is Byrd and, like, maybe Mare.
  • She tends to assume everyone she meets is her friend, though. It's why she can't see that Chaz is an asshole.
  • She likes scripts and routine. Whenever she talks to people she tends to run through the same script no matter what they say. A prime example of this is her "You've been scouted" speech where, in the anime, she kinda ignores all of Chloe's protests. This also happens to be her main weakness in contests. She can put on a fabulous show but it has to be planned out ahead of time and she is awful at improvising.
  • It's legitimately almost impossible to make her upset. Mean comments and insults tend to slide right off.
  • She is retired from preforming but does a lot of work behind the scenes. She also puts on pre-shows.
  • Oh yeah, the obvious, she is hyperfixated on contests all the time. 24/7 365 that's basically all she's thinking about.
  • She likes to give people cute nicknames, particularly coordinators. She's getting better at learning to stop calling somebody by a nickname if they don't like it.
  • She's acearo. Her behavior sometimes comes off as flirty but she genuinely has no idea.
[Short introduction including some things about you; where in the world are you, how experienced you are, how long you've been playing, etc]
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Favourite Alignment:
Notable Played Games:
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_ E M A I N I N _ - _ _ E E N - _ E _ _

Guesses: A, O, L, E, M, I, N
Strikes: 2/8
Spinarak 120
Electrike 110+120
Lopunny 80
Klang 80
Klefki 170
Eldegoss 90--70
Ting-Lu 80
Spinarak 70
Electrike 110+120
Lopunny 80
Klang 40
Klefki 190
Eldegoss 70--50
Ting-Lu 70
Sandslash 80
Sunkern 110
Roselia 200
Staravia 100+110
Gothorita 80--60
Bunnelby 40
Regidrago 70

A sad but very relieving episode of Doctors today.

I can't tell you how relieved I am that despite the serious crash they suffered, both Daniel and Joe are fine. Daniel was lucky in one way that it wasn't the officer who had previously breathalysed him, I doubt she would have been happy that Daniel was drinking and driving again. Oh boy, the test confirmed Daniel was over the limit at 42, I'm no expert but even if you're a little over the limit, it is still drink driving, wonder what will happen here, no doubt Daniel is disqualified from driving at least.

Oh boy, Daniel hasn't told Zara about being breathalysed, let alone being over the limit and Sid and Jimmi both know he was breathalysed. Bet Sid was relieved to have that call come over the radio meaning he had to leave. I'm no expert but does an 11 year old really need a booster seat, not sure about being in the front seat but I do feel Joe should have been in the back, at least that way he wouldn't have been distracted.

Oh boy
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