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Mar 20, 2007
Reaction score
“Are we going to stop Methodists from reading the New Testament? Are we going to stop Catholics receiving the sacraments? That’s what these people believe in. They spoke to me and pointed to a tremendous number of examples where Christ healed people in the New Testament.”
Standing Out
Dec 9, 2015
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Preferred Pronouns
"Someone once told me friendship is magic. That's ridiculous. You can't turn people into frogs with friendship."
'poison stroll through the desert"
Dec 12, 2012
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normally I would be
Height: 1ft 8in- Length: 2ft 7in - and tail length: 2ft 7in
ever so slightly
Apr 30, 2010
Reaction score
3 Niblis of Dusk
1 Malevolent Whispers
3 Kessig Forgemaster
1 Skeleton Key
2 Sanguinary Mage
1 Fiery Temper
1 Just the Wind
1 Stensia Masquerade
1 Stitched Mangler
1 Pore Over the Pages
1 Jace's Scrutiny
1 Bloodmad Vampire
1 Ghostly Wings
1 Nahiri, the Harbinger
1 Pyre Hound
1 Sleep Paralysis
1 Highland Lake
1 Port Town
1 Voldaren Duelist
1 Catalog
2 Plains
7 Mountain
6 Island
2 Dual Shot
1 Hulking Devil
1 Drunau Corpse Trawler
1 Vessel of Volatility
1 Corrupted Grafstone
1 Epitaph Golem
1 Daring Sleuth
1 Magmatic Chasm
1 Sanguinary Mage
2 Stormrider Spirit
1 Reduce to Ashes
1 Drownyard Temple
1 Nagging Thoughts
1 Furtive Homunculus
1 Just the Wind
5 Plains
5 Island
5 Swamp
5 Mountain
5 Forest