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Standing Out
Dec 9, 2015
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Again I don't follow the anime, I'd guess it refers to the protagonist's parties. Hint #2 appears to be an equation to establish how many Pokemon it refers to... That gives an answer of 59... Not sure of that was intended or you screwed up the equation....

It's time for the final answer to my riddle:
"I am not a flying type, I lack wings and cannot levitate, yet I am still capable of flight, though I can't learn the move."
  1. This ability was only ever displayed in a single episode of the anime
  2. The Pokemon in question is mammalian.
  3. Think "Miles Prower"
Buizel! In the episode "Mounting a Coordinator Assault" the clearly mammalian Buizel exhibits its ability to fly for the first and only time. I performs this feat by spinning its tails like a helicopter's rotor blade, in a manner identical to how Miles "Tails" Prower flies in the Sonic series.

For my next riddle: "When my namesake occurs, it's probably not a good sign" This is intended to apply to two Pokemon, I would accept either, or both as an answer.
*Rawr* "let's play"
Dec 12, 2012
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Mach Pokémon
Mar 24, 2014
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Zexy 8
Elementar 9
LivingAngryCheese 6
Chidamari Sketch 8
RagnorokX 7
Crystal Onix 7
MassiveShock11 8 -> 7
Firox 8
Lone_Garurumon 9
Max1996 4 -> 3
ArvAl 8
leetic 8
Water Max 7
Enzap 7
Tatsu 5
Pikochu 8
Hellcrow 7
Kakashi Hatake 7
DrumBeats 7
Icy Wind 7
Gengarzilla 7
Jersey Jimmy 7 +> 8
Jsach 4
Sword Master 7
Soaringdylan 7

I put it in spoiler because it's quite big.