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Posts Without Likes Wins

Cool cat
Jan 20, 2019
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nope. not liking that one. gonna "Whaaaat" it instead because that counts as a like for the purposes of this thread
i think
If it counts as a like for this thread, it counts as a like in general, therefore you want to be sent to the Gulag.
There's no time like the present
Dec 3, 2018
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Welcome to Posts Without Likes Wins, season 2, episode 2!
Because I placed first in the previous installment, I am hosting the new one.

This round's theme will be Regions! There will be 8 winners. It can be cut short if there are not enough people.
  1. Kanto League Champion: @Contrainer
  2. Johto League Champion: @Oricorio
  3. Hoenn League Champion: @Officer Snake
  4. Sinnoh League Champion: @Max1996
  5. Unova League Champion: @Neosquid
  6. Kalos League Champion: @Nicolas721
  7. Alola League Champion:
  8. Galar League Champion:
Have fun!
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Sith Puppy
Dec 6, 2016
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Hey guys, seems you're enjoying this series huh? Glad to see that!

I just merged the new thread with the old. It's better to keep everything together and not clutter up / start a new thread in F&G when you could continue here.
If you'd like to start a new round feel free to threadmark it and update the title if you wish.

Hope you guys understand.
If you have any questions, dont hesitate to send me a pm. Have fun! :bulbaWave: