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Posts Without Likes Wins

being meguca is suffering
Dec 19, 2011
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champion of kanto? I don't wanna be the champion of friggin kanto! I'll have to be sure to not be the first winner...
Darkness ≠ Evil
Aug 21, 2017
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You tried to like farm. And you succeeded in like farming. But I don't want to like farm. So don't like this post.
Diving Pokémon
Mar 24, 2014
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Posting certain Pokémon in "What Pokémon comes to mind for x" threads, certain songs in "What Music are you currently listening to", etc. Up vs. Down also used to have this thing where people would like their teammates' posts to alert them when it was their turn to post.
I imagine for the former two it's simply because it's Pokémon or music that other people actually like. At least, that's my reason for giving Likes in that first one.