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Potential News Dates (Comments May Contain Spoilers!)

The new trailer today was so amazing. It's cool that they packed so much into it and still without spoiling much. We even got small glimpses of Gym Leaders and a couple of new Pokemon, but nothing too extreme which I really liked.

My biggest takeaway tho, the Apricon Balls! I'm so happy that they're back! I figured they would be, but it's great to see them. I really hope they can be purchased. I liked them being in Sun and Moon, but it was annoying that you could only get like 1 or 2 total. I'd like to be able to buy them, quite early if possible.

I also really liked the quick clips of customization. Again, the clothing in this game looks amazing.
I spotted two new Pokémon in today’s trailer. Interesting how they aren’t up on the website.

Edit: Also, the Japanese trailer has “Final PV” in its title, which is intriguing.
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God this final trailer was amazing. I could feel the hype and I like that they're emphasizing the importance and grandeur of the league. I was having doubts due to all of the negativity surrounding the stream these past few day, but this trailer reminded me that the games still look great regardless.
I'm more surprised that they decided to end the prerelease period with 2,5 months of forms and evolutions of past Pokémon (100% Kanto Pokemon, or 88% Kanto if you count Mr. Rime and Runerigus), ignoring new features and new Pokémon. It's like after Dexit they gave up on hardcore fans and decided only to focus on casual fans. (Even through there's that random metagame trailer from last week...)
The GB sounds replaced the HGSS music with the original GSC music. It wasn't tied to a more essential feature like sound volume, which, to my understanding, is what the High-Tech Earbuds control.
Ehh, is this really such a big deal? Just use your volume controls on the TV or Switch until you get the item (is it at least obtainable early on?). I never really had much need to separate music/sounds volume on my switch very often anyway, though I can’t speak for everyone.
I don't think so, but it's still inconvenient for those that want to use it--YouTubers come to mind--and a poor design choice. A feature like that should really be available from the get-go.
I don’t disagree but I hope people don’t blow it out of proportion. It doesn’t seem like anything more than a very minor inconvenience at worst.
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