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SPOILERS Potential News Dates (Comments May Contain Spoilers!)

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I've been really sympathetic towards the whole dex thing and I've even had my fair share of complaints, but at this point the dex situation makes me wanna jab my eyes out.
I have always said I don't care about dexit. But it's undeniable that facts keep contradictig the reasons they gave to justify it.
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To count 1000+ models you have to add all vivillon, Arceus and Silvally forms, so apparently it's a problem for GF even if It's just skin changes...
Wasn't the statement "almost 1000", not "already over 1000"? I think it's a bullshit excuse anyways, seeing how similar the models are to 3DS ones, but even excluding Vivillion, Arceus, Silvally, and the Flabebe line from the total number of models, that's 949 models, so it doesn't seem like they said recolors were a problem.
I would assume that it does, since you have to challenge Max Raids (probably repeatedly) to even acquire a pokemon capable of using Gigantamax. It wouldn't make sense for it to lose that ability when it evolves, or else how would you acquire an evolved form capable of Gigantamaxing? Do you have to catch it evolved in order to use its evolved Gigantamax? Evolve a bunch of Max Raid catches in the hopes that one of them will evolve into a Gigantamax evo? The most sensible thing would be for it to retain that capability. And it would probably have a marker in its code similar to shininess anyway.

Also- I can't see eeveelutions gaining Gigantamax forms any more than I could see them gaining Megas. Just for the simple fact that there are too many eeveelutions to design forms for and they would definitely have to do all of them if they were to do any. That task would probably make someone in the art department hate their job.
That is what i am hoping in terms of Gigantamax as well! Although it is interesting, would there be part of all of an evolutionary line that can do it or just the final stage?

Has this photo of all of the Eeveelutions at a camp been posted yet? (it is from the main Sword/Shield website) I think it is a positive sign, at least that all current Eeveelutions are in the game! Leafeon and Dynamax Eevee were in the gameplay footage, i couldn't remember whether that was recycled or new!

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-sigh- Creating a pokemon that uses the same exact model with different colorations and one slightly changed detail doesn't contradict anything. You might as well be complaining that shinies exist.
I'm not saying it's logical (it's not), that's my point. But if they mentioned 1000+ pokemon, well, according to them, forms are a problem among the others right? Or they wouldn't have mentioned them...
Here to ride the rumor train.