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Sign Ups Power Rangers: Nile Guardians

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The Rightful Heir
Jun 22, 2015
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The year is 2020, and Apophis, a serpent of great evil, has been awoken after three thousand years of being sealed away. Now, Apophis has the ability to take a more human-like form, and create monsters to attack the city of New Cairo in Nevada. Renowned archaeologist Dr. Karl Freeman has stumbled upon five Power Coins endowed with the powers of Ancient Egyptian gods. There is a sixth coin, but unfortunately it is on display in New Cairo's museum, and is heavy guarded by security.

Five high school students (followed by a sixth), all pupils of Dr. Freeman, have been chosen by the Power Coins to the Power Rangers: Nile Guardians, in order to stop Apophis from brining an eternity of darkness and chaos to our world.

All six Ranger suits have a large white "Ankh" symbol on the torso, and the helmets resemble their primary Sacred Animal Zords. I will describe each Zord and Megazord when the time comes.

The first five rangers:
(insert BMGF user here) as ???? (Red Ranger of Ra and the Sacred Falcon Zord) *male*
(insert BMGF user here) as ???? (Blue Ranger of Sobek and the Sacred Crocodile Zord) *male*
(insert BMGF user here) as ???? (Yellow Ranger of Serqet and the Sacred Scorpion Zord) *female*
(insert BMGF user here) as ???? (Green Ranger of Thoth and the Sacred Ibis Zord)
(insert BMGF user here) as ???? (Pink Ranger of Bastet and the Sacred Cat Zord)

Sixth Ranger (will come later)
(Kung Fu Ferret) as Gabe (Black Ranger of Anubis and the Sacred Jackal Zord)

Sign up sheet

Character name:
Age (keep in mind the Rangers are in high school):
Recent History (what happened prior to becoming a Power Ranger):
Appearance (hair/skin/body type, must primarily wear their Ranger color):
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