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Preview of upcoming writing project

Dec 23, 2009
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Wasn't too sure where to post this but I wanted to share a preview of my next writing project (that is technically being written at the same time as my current project). But I wanted to see what people thought of it. Granted, it's just the first chapter I'm showing here but I wanted some feedback on it before I start doing anything major with it (like posting the series proper on the Writer's Workshop section). Feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks and happy reading.

Star Struck

Inside the Milky Way galaxy a peaceful planet resided. A beautiful world full of life. The planet known as Earth. But little did the denizens of Earth know that their world would soon be turned upside-down in preparation for what was to come. All thanks to one being.

Drifting in the depths of space was a lone figure. He was a tall, noble-looking man wearing a blue and black cybernetic bodysuit with matching armor, knee-high boots, gauntlets, and shoulder plates, with splashes of red, silver, and gold complimenting it. On his back was a backpack-like structure that resembled cylinders, blue in color, with silver “blades” on them. There were various silver Tron lines on his body, specifically his biceps, torso, and thighs. On his chest, smack in the middle of his breastplate, was a symbol: an arrowhead-shaped gold shooting star with a black background surrounded by a red ring. His head was protected by a cyber-like helmet, mostly blue but with twin silver plates resembling a spiral galaxy where his ears would be with the same symbol that was on his chest in the middle of them, with long, spiky metallic purple hair that dangled between his shoulder blades. A reddish-silver visor was shielding his eyes, making it very hard to see them, but what can be seen is that his eyes had slit pupils. A mask-like structure was covering his mouth and nose, effectively hiding his true self from the universe.

As this alien being was drifting through the cosmos, he looked like he was exhausted and injured. But he pressed forward, seemingly being guided toward a certain location. Soon his visor started beeping, causing his weary eyes to perk up slightly. He looked ahead and saw Earth. He heaved a relieved sigh before slowly making his way toward the planet. Soon the planet’s gravitational pull grabbed him and he began his descent to the surface.

At the time a young couple were sitting on a bench in the middle of a city park, watching the stars.

“That was a lovely date, sweetie,” the young woman smiled.

“Agreed,” the young man said. He then looked up, “Oh! Look! A shooting star! Let’s make a wish.”

Both closed their eyes and made a wish before opening them again. However, as they did their eyes widened in horror.

“Um… sweetie?” the young woman gulped. “Why is that shooting star coming right at us?”

The young man replied nervously, “M-Maybe we should move out of the way.”

The two hastily ran away from the spot. No more than a few moments later the “shooting star” crashed into the very bench they were previous on, tearing apart part of the ground as it traveled across the park before coming to a smoldering stop. The young couple peeked out from their hiding spot, eyes wide with shock and fear, only to duck for cover when something emerged from the smoldering path of the “shooting star”, revealing itself to be the same man from before. However, before they could get a proper look he was engulfed in a flash of light and soon changed.

He was now dressed in a futuristic, and rather alien, outfit, mostly blue and red, with matching knee-high boots, and gloves. His eyes were revealed to be a desert gold color, his skin was fair, his ears were elf-like with soft spines on them, and his mouth was lined with sharp fangs. He staggered to stand, clearly hurt and exhausted, before slowly walking away from the crash site.

“I-Is that… an alien?” the young man asked nervously.

“I-I don’t know…” the young woman gulped. “W-We should report this.”

The duo quickly fled to report what they had just witnessed, the alien man completely oblivious to them. He slowly hobbled forward but didn’t get very far before collapsing to the ground, exhausted. He closed his eyes before falling into the depths of unconsciousness.

Several hours later the alien man was stirring. He could hear voices around him but was unable to comprehend what they were saying because of his fatigue. He slowly opened his eyes to see several scientists examining him. They all went silent as he awoke, clearly surprised to see him regaining consciousness. They backed up a bit, uncertain of how this alien would react. One scientist, who was a handsome man in his 30s with chestnut brown hair, green eyes, and a gentle face, approached the now awakened alien.

“Hello,” he said gently. “Do you understand me?”

The alien man nodded weakly.

The scientist smiled, “That’s good to know. How do you feel? You sustained quite a bit of damage upon crash-landing on this planet. We’ve been doing our best to heal you but it appears you’ve been carrying your injuries for quite some time. My name is Dr. Arthur Brisbane. Can you tell me your name?”

The alien man replied weakly, “O-Obsidian… Glitch…”

The various scientists gasped in surprise, clearly having not expected the alien to speak the same language as them.

“Obsidian Glitch, you say?” Dr. Arthur pondered. “I must admit I’m surprised you speak the same language as us. Or is it maybe because our languages are similar enough that it seems like we’re speaking the same language?”

Obsidian nodded, saying in a weary tone, “I’m… speaking Constellenese… my race’s… language… Our languages… must be similar… enough to the… point we… can understand… each other… without issue…”

Dr. Arthur smiled, “I see. That is most fortunate, as I’d be worried about a language barrier that would make it hard for both sides to understand each other. Now, I would like to ask you more questions but I think you should rest first. It’s clear you’ve had a long journey and your very weak and still recovering from your injuries. We can discuss more when you’ve gotten some well-deserved sleep. We’ll do our best to help heal you while you rest. So, for now, close your eyes and sleep, Obsidian, as you most definitely need it.”

Obsidian nodded weakly before closing his eyes and falling asleep instantly. The various scientists began working to heal him while not awakening him.

A day had passed since Obsidian had crash-landed on Earth. He was still sound asleep while the scientists watched over him. News of the extraterrestrial had spread like wildfire, and various reporters were trying to enter the laboratory where the young alien man was, but the security kept them at bay.

A little while later Obsidian opened his eyes. They had more sheen compared to the previous day.

“W-Where… am I?” he asked weakly.

Dr. Arthur turned to him, “Ah, you’re awake, Obsidian. Good. You’ve been asleep for quite some time. Though I dare say you needed it. Now, I’d hate to bombard you with questions after you just woke up but if you don’t mind I want to know some things. First off, can you please tell me what your race is and what planet you’re from?”

Obsidian took a moment to shake the mental cobwebs out of him before replying, “I’m a Constellaton. My homeworld is Constellatron, which resided in a nearby galaxy.”

Dr. Arthur quirked an eyebrow, “Wait. ‘Resided’? Did something happen?”

Obsidian clutched his head, tears pouring out of his eyes.

“Constellatron… has been destroyed…” he wept. “And it’s my fault…”

Another scientist asked, “How was it your fault?”

“I failed my people,” Obsidian said sadly. “I tried to protect our world from an outside force… but failed. Constellatron… is gone… and my people… have been scattered to the cosmos…”

“Do you remember what this ‘outside force’ was, Obsidian?” Dr. Arthur asked.

“N-No… my memories are… fragmented… I… I barely remember anything…”

Dr. Arthur replied, “I’m not surprised. You took some serious mental damage when you crashed here. But I’d be willing to bet that’s not the reason for your memory loss. I think it was the destruction of your homeworld that did the damage, and crashing here only further compounded the issue. But from our scans of your mind it appears your brain is repairing itself. Slowly, as the trauma is bad, but repairing itself, nonetheless. You should eventually get your memories back, but it will take time. Is there anything else you can remember?”

Obsidian took a moment to think before replying, “Yes… my people are considered the guardians of the universe. We fight against hostile races that seek to conquer and rule. Especially… Virons.”

One scientist quirked an eyebrow, “Virons? What are Virons?”

“A savage, violent, predatory race. They come in all shapes and sizes. And they all have one purpose: to devour all life in the universe. They serve under the Viron King. My race, Constellatons, are their natural predators. We are able to keep them at bay and prevent them from devouring other worlds.” His eyes widened, “And… Earth is one of their targets!”

The various scientists gasped in shock, exchanging worried expressions.

“Earth… is a target to the Virons?” Dr. Arthur asked. “Why?”

Obsidian clutched his head, trying to remember, before replying, “I… I don’t remember exactly… but they are predators that devour other beings… It could be something as simple as treating Earth as food to wanting to use Earth as a stepping stone for the Viron King’s desire to conquer. I’m not totally sure right now. But I know that Constellatron kept them at bay. But with my planet destroyed… nothing will stand in the Viron King’s way now. Earth is in danger.”

“Is it possible for Earth’s current technology to fight these Virons?” a scientist asked.

Obsidian took a moment to observe the lab he was in before gaining a frown.

“No, nothing here is suitable enough to tackle even something as simple as a Hellmett,” he replied. “You need more advanced technology. The thing about Virons is that they tend to remain in an energy form invisible to the naked eye. They ride the energy waves of the universe to travel and attack planets by destroying their equipment so they can leave their ‘prey’ defenseless. When their ‘prey’ is cornered and/or injured, they’ll change their ‘frequency’ to become solid and enter the physical realm so they can catch their ‘prey’ and devour them. Messily, I might add. They’re only vulnerable to certain types of weaponry and technology, none of which you possess. If Earth doesn’t go through a massive upgrade it’ll be devoured.”

“I see…” Dr. Arthur pondered grimly. “Do we have enough time to upgrade our equipment to better fight Virons? Otherwise we’ll be at their mercy.”

Obsidian observed the lab again, taking a long moment to think things over before he turned to Dr. Arthur.

“At the rate your race is going, no,” he replied. “But I might be able to help speed up the process and give you the tools needed to fight Virons.”

One scientist asked, “But what about your mental damage? Won’t that hamper things?”

“I remember enough to ensure you’ll have a chance to have everything you need before they arrive. Virons, while dangerous, are not very bright. They’re also hiveminds and tend to function more when there are other Virons. But that also means they’re pack hunters and will use their superior numbers to overwhelm their ‘prey’. But, given what kind of technology you Earthlings possess, I can work with it to ensure you’ll at least have a fighting chance. My mind may not be in peak condition, and my memories are fragmented, but I’ve retained enough that I can, at the very least, give you the tools needed to fight back. I don’t know how much time we have before the Viron King makes his move, but hopefully I can give you the needed leg-up in preparation for the Virons arriving.”

Dr. Arthur pondered for a moment before nodding, “Okay, you have a deal, Obsidian. And in exchange we’ll provide you the materials you need. And give you a form of home since it’s clear you have no place to go. And it would be better if we continued to monitor you to ensure your recovery and prevent problems with… malcontents, let’s just say.”

Obsidian looked confused, “What do you mean?”

“We’ll discuss it later. For now, let’s get to work.”

However, Obsidian’s middle started to growl, prompting him to clutch it. Dr. Arthur chuckled lightly.

“But first I think some lunch is in order for you, Obsidian. You probably haven’t eaten in a while. After you’ve eaten we’ll get to work. Follow me to the cafeteria so you can have a bite to eat. I hope Earth food is suitable enough to you since you’ll be eating it for a while.”

Obsidian nodded, managed to stand up, and followed Dr. Arthur to the cafeteria. When he entered he could smell various wonderful yet strange smells, causing his mouth to water.

“What are these incredible aromas I’m smelling?” he asked.

“Today is burger day so that’s probably what you’re smelling.”

He looked confused, “Burger? What’s a burger?”

Dr. Arthur explained, “It is basically a patty of ground meat, usually beef, on a bun. It can have a variety of toppings like cheese, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, ketchup, mustard, and even a fried egg. I recommend trying a bacon cheeseburger as your first Earth food, as it’s a good entry point.”

“Okay, I will.”

After ordering some food Obsidian sat down at a table. Soon a tray of food was given to him. It contained a juicy bacon cheeseburger with a side of fries and a soda. Obsidian took a moment to observe this strange new item to him before picking up the burger, sniffing it, and biting down on it. His eyes widened in surprise.

“Is it to your liking, Obsidian?” Dr. Arthur asked.

“Stars of the nebula, this is the best thing I’ve put in my mouth!” the alien exclaimed.

He began devouring the burger with gusto, making the scientist chuckle lightly. It wasn’t long before Obsidian had polished off his tray of food and drink.

“That was delicious. I’ve never had anything like that before. Most of my meals back on Constellatron consist of Virons, Bug Fragments, Kurkus, Droyphids, Skrygars, and sometimes Gargagons and solar plasma. If this is what you Earthlings eat I could seriously get used to it. While it’s not enough to fill all nine of my stomachs it certainly perked me up.”

Dr. Arthur looked up, surprised, “Wait. That’s what your race eats? I mean I remember you saying that your race is the natural predator to Virons but what are Kurkus, Droyphids, Skrygars and Gargagons? Are they other races of aliens, too? Do you prey on other species, too? And what are Bug Fragments?”

“Yes, they are other races. There is a reason my race are called the guardians of the universe. Kurkus and Droyphids are hostile races. Kurkus are large, fuzzy, violent creatures that often use flamethrower-equipped machinery as weapons. They’re nasty creatures, killing anything that isn’t one of them on sight. But they taste good fried in their own oils. Droyphids are an aquatic race, similar to fish, only with tentacles for limbs. The often use special suits filled with water to move around on land, and those suits are often armed to the teeth things like Vulcan guns, saws, drills, and more. But if their suits are destroyed they’re defenseless. They make for some good soup, though. As for Skrygars and Gargagons, they’re beasts that can be found on various worlds. Gargagons are very dangerous but they are very vulnerable to the cold, while Skrygars are flying reptiles that hunt fish and Droyphids. As for Bug Fragments, they’re chunks of Virons that have broken off upon killing them. Well, sometimes, as killing Virons isn’t the only way to get Bug Fragments, and in order to get them you need to kill a Viron at a precise moment. They can be used as sort of a secret currency in some worlds, but my race merely eats them. But this bacon cheeseburger was way better than any of that. I could get used to Earth food.” He sighed and stood up, “But enough of that. It’s time to get to work, as we don’t know when the Virons will make their move.”

Dr. Arthur nodded, “Yes, let’s get to work, Obsidian. We appreciate the fact that you’re going to help protect us from these Virons. And maybe you can also explain how you can fight them and how you travel through and breathe in space on your own power.”

“In due time. Let’s get to work. Hopefully I’ve retained enough of my memories to ensure that Earth will be properly prepared by the time the Virons begin their invasion.”

A month passed since Obsidian crash-landed on Earth. During that timeframe he, along with the brilliant minds of Sci-Tech Laboratories, were able to revolutionize Earth’s technology. By the time the springtime flowers were in full bloom Earth had been almost completely remolded into a new, super-advanced society.

One day, Obsidian was coasting through what looked like some sort of cyber energy road that existed over the surface of earth. He was in his transformed state, seemingly scanning everything as he went. He stopped at a certain point, looking around, before tapping one of the spiral panels on his helmet.

“Dr. Arthur, this is Obsidian. Do you copy?” he said.

A brief pause before a voice replied, “This is Dr. Arthur. I read you, Obsidian. How does the Cyber Wave Realm look to you so far?”

Obsidian replied, “Everything seems to be stable. I’m still scoping things out but so far the various ‘roads’ that are now intertwined with Earth’s technology seem to be working fine. Information and data seem to be flowing nicely on these roads, there are no signs of breaks in the network, and everything seems to be connected just fine. Looks like our fast but hard work has paid off.”

“Any signs of Virons yet?”

“None that I’ve seen thus—” but then he noticed something. “Scratch that last report! I see Hellmetts incoming! They’re heading for a Sky-Monorail! Looks like the Viron invasion has begun! I’ll report back once I’ve dealt with them! Over and out!”

He ended the transmission before rocketing toward a location where something was approaching a moving monorail train that was suspended in the air. When he got near he could see the enemies attacking the Sky-Monorail system.

The creatures looked like round monsters with black bodies, blood red eyes, small fang-filled mouths, black devil tails, were wearing an orange construction helmet with black devil horns, and were wielding various weapons like hammers, drills, and pickaxes. Their attacks on the track and platform had caused the Sky-Monorail to come to a screeching halt.

“I knew it! Hellmetts! Looks like it’s the basic variant. Time to do some Viron Busting!”

His right hand transformed, now becoming some sort of arm cannon. He took aim and fired reddish-gold energy blasts, striking several Hellmetts. This diverted their attention away from their task and was now focused on Obsidian. They brandished their weapons at him, trying to intimidate him.

“Not happening!” he growled. “Eat this! Vulcan!”

His arm transformed again, now becoming a brown and silver Vulcan gun. He took aim and began pelting the Hellmetts with energy bullets. Several Virons were destroyed by the attack, their bodies shattering like porcelain, but the remaining ones managed to survive by ducking under their helmets.

“Wanna play hard to get, do ya?” the alien snarled. “Then maybe this’ll change your tune! Mini Grenade!”

His arm transformed back to normal, but shortly afterward a brown, round grenade-like bomb formed in it. He hurled it at the surviving Hellmetts. When it collided with one it exploded three times, tearing the creature to bits. The caused the remaining Hellmetts to become nervous, starting to back up. Soon they made a break for it.

“Oh no you don’t! Flash Step!”

He vanished in the blink of an eye before reappearing in front of the fleeing Hellmetts, who now looked terrified.

“Time to finish you off! Cannon!”

His arm transformed, now becoming a new type of arm cannon, with this one being bulky and box-like with an elongated nozzle. He took aim and fired it several times, striking the Hellmetts with a vengeance. The remaining Virons were killed as their bodies broke to pieces, causing Obsidian to relax and transform his arm back to normal.

“I’ll have my snack in a moment. First I need to check up on the Sky-Monorail, since the Virons forced it to stop. Frequency Change!”

His body glowed and become laced with static-like energy before a flash of light, showing his body had not changed. However, he had become visible to the people down below, who were shocked to see the blue armored warrior suddenly appear. With grace and dexterity Obsidian managed to make his way into the train, where terrified people were waiting. Many stumbled in shock to see the blue warrior appear.

“Is everyone alright?” he asked in a concerned tone.

“W-We’re fine,” a man who looked like a conductor said. “But who are you? And what happened?”

“This Sky-Monorail was attacked by Virons. Hellmetts, to be exact. That means the invasion has begun. More will follow. I killed them so the Sky-Monorail should be able to run again shortly. As for who I am… well…” he took a moment to ponder before saying, “Call me Star Rider. Now, I need to finish cleaning up the Viron corpses but you should be okay for now. But the invasion has begun, and Earth is now in terrible danger.”

“Will you help protect us, Star Rider?” a young woman asked.

“Yes, I will. It’s my duty to protect races like humans from the vicious predators like Virons. Count on it. Now, I have some cleanup work to do. But do know that the fight for humanity’s survival has just begun. Farewell for now. Frequency Change!”

He soon vanished in a flash of light, reappearing where the Viron corpses were. He lowered his facemask and licked his lips.

“Snack time.”

As he began eating the remains of the Virons the Sky-Monorail soon started to move again and before long was coasting safely. As he watched the Sky-Monorail chug along, still eating the Virons, he looked up at the sky.

“It has begun. And unlike how I failed Constellatron, I will NOT fail Earth,” he said solemnly. “For now I’m known as Star Rider. And I will protect this planet until my dying breath. But Earth needs more protection than I thought. How can I expand Earth’s defenses without causing more problems for the humans here?”

Next Chapter: The Cyber Guardian Project
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