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Product Review - Pokemon Plush Toys

May 21, 2010
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Before I get on to the plush photos, let me explain a bit how this thread works first!

This thread is for reviewing items that you already have in your collection more in depth than just posting them in your own thread. Take pictures of them from different angles and describe it as best as you can. This thread is just for plush right now, but we will have ones for figures and other things in the future. It may also be broken off in to different categories if it grows large enough, but for now, all of the plush can go here!

You may ask questions about the items, but remember, these items are not for sale, it is just meant as a way to get a better look at something before you buy it elsewhere or if you are simply interested in it. If someone posted a review of something and the one you have is a bit different, show what's different!

For now, I am going to say that you may request things to be photographed in this thread only, and if someone has the item and takes the time to do it for you, it is up to them to do that and they are under no obligation to do that for you. Do not go to others' collection threads and ask them to post reviews of things.

This is not the place to ask if your plush is a bootleg. Use the bootleg thread for that if you are not sure. Please do not post any known bootlegs here, either.

Rules for the thread may be changed/added as it progresses. For now, take some nice pictures of your pokemon plush and write about them a bit! Show them off, it's fun~

The first plush I am going to review today is my Japanese Zekrom Pokedoll!

A lot of people ask why the Zekrom and Reshiram Pokedolls are nearly twice as expensive as the others, because were sold in Pokemon Centers just as the others were, and were not very rare or hard to get when they were available (they are both retired now.) It's because they're BIG! I think they're supposed to be roughly twice as large as a regular Pokedoll, and that's about right. More pictures under the cut!

This is a face view of him. One of his arms (his left, our right) is....derpy. He's always been that way since I received it, and I'm not sure if mine is made that way or if they're all like that ^^; There is nothing wrong with his stuffing or the way he's made or anything, but his left...paw...? likes to stay behind his leg, while the right one stays in a more normal place. No matter how many times I try to readjust it, it keeps going back. To be honest, I kind of like that about him, a little quirky :3

Unlike a lot of Pokedolls, Zzekrom stands very nicely on a flat surface without face planting! I'm not sure what is in his feet, it feels like maybe cardboard or something, but it makes his feet hardy and flat and allows him to stand very nicely. The sewing on him is very nice- all of his "plates" are sewn, as are his eyes. He has minky fabric, which is VERY soft to the touch. You can also see his tag pretty nicely - just like the most recent Japanese tags, it features a picture of him and his name in Japanese. I know it makes me picky, but this is part of why I prefer the Japanese Pokedolls, I love the tags :3

Here he is compared to two other Pokedolls. As you can see, Zekky here is a lot larger, both taller and wider.

I bought my Zekrom about 2~ years ago around when they were first released. I don't regret getting him, but I do slightly wish I had went with Reshiram instead, as I lost interest in collecting Zekky :( But he is definitely a nice piece in my collection and I'm a bit attached to him given how long I saved up to get him at the time ^^;

The next thing I have for you today is both Japanese Keldeo Pokedolls!

I got the Normal form in July right when they came out because I loved it so much, then got the Rresolute form a few months later because I wanted to have both :p Both of them stand quite nicely, but have a tendency to face plant because their heads are so damn big.

Here you can see Resolute's 3 feathers a lot better. It still bothers me that they're not centered. They are both made of minky, and very soft and well sewn.

Their hoofies! Pokedolls are a lot more detailed than people think! They all have little paws and hoofs etc sewn on, even on the bottom! :)

I will try to add more when I have time, it's time consuming to take these guys off my shelf :p
I poke your snoot
Mar 7, 2011
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I got a bunch of things to talk about here!

First off is something that just arrived at my doorstep earlier today from Sunyshore, the infamous Substitute plush!

It's a little bigger than I imagined- thicker than most Pokedolls I've seen. I actually had to touch up the fabric after I opened the package because it was tightly wrapped in bubble wrap.

Look how much fits in my hand, and I'm a grown woman!

The tag is as much about Whimsicott as it is about the Substitute.

Size comparison on my cluttered desk.

I'm also impressed by the I Love Eevee 5" Vaporeon plush.

There's so much attention to detail on this.

LOOK AT THE PAW PADS!!! :ksmile:

Banpresto really does make some great, detailed stuff. Here are the first two My Pokemon Collection plush that I have, Swanna and Braviary.

Yay birds!

Such great detail for what are small plush toys (only 4-5")