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Bulbapedia Proposing a change to the generation articles

Small ripples lead to big waves.
Mar 18, 2017
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I might have brought this up before, but...

At the moment, the articles for each generation overlap a LOT with the articles for the corresponding regions. They share the lists of gym leaders, and a lot of the trivia is about the region. For example:
  • Generation VIII is the first generation:
    • To not have the mascot Legendary Pokémon appear in the title screen.
    • To not have the region's Pokémon Professor introduce the world of Pokémon to the player. Instead the role was done by Rose.
      • The choosing of the player's gender and appearance as soon as you start up the game, rather than having the Pokémon Professor ask for it.
    • To have a Pokémon Professor be a colleague to one from a spinoff game. (Didn't Professor Kukui know the professor from Dream Radar?)
    • To not have its main paired releases compatible with the entirety of the Pokémon species and moves existing as of its release.
    • To introduce Fossil Pokémon that are genderless, cannot breed, and are not Rock-type.
      • Unlike other fossil Pokémon, they can be restored using two different fossils.
    • To not introduce a Normal/Flying-type Pokémon.
    • To introduce a non-Legendary pure Flying-type Pokémon. (Overly Narrow Superlative much?)
    • To not introduce a Pokémon with Flying as its secondary type.
    • To introduce a Gym Leader specializing in Dark-type Pokémon.
    • To not introduce any dual-typed evolved forms of starter Pokémon since Generation II.
    • To lower the base stat total of a pre-existing Pokémon.
    • Where Pokémon can no longer lose access to moves by evolving.
    • To put old Pokémon in new Egg Groups.
    • To have paid DLC for its main paired releases.
    • To have no Pokémon that appear in the anime before its start.
    • To introduce new members to an existing trio.
    • To introduce no new Mythical Pokémon at the time of its debut.
  • In which Fossil Pokémon are caught in the wild.
  • Generation VIII is also the first even-numbered generation to not introduce a new Eeveelution.

  • Galar is the only core series region:
    • To have all of its Gym Badges named after their respective Gym's type.
    • To not have an "o" in its English name.
    • To not have a Pokémon academy.
    • To not have a Victory Road.
    • To not have an Elite Four.
      • A similar role is fulfilled by the Champion Cup.
    • To contain no settlements that end in "City" or "Town" in their English names.
      • The names of the cities and towns in Galar are centered around terminologies relating to sports.
    • To introduce no Mythical Pokémon at the time of its release.
    • To contain a single landmass the map of which does not fit on the screen. Previous regions with multiple maps either contained or were archipelagos.
    • To introduce four fossils, the most of any region so far.
      • Despite this, the region does not beat the record for most Fossil Pokémon introduced (five in Kanto) due to the Galarian Fossil Pokémon being unable to evolve.
      • Also, for the first time, none of the introduced Fossil Pokémon are Rock type, are capable of breeding, or have genders.
    • To have two Gym Leaders resign from their posts over the course of a single game's plot.
    • To not have an anime series solely dedicated to Ash Ketchum fully exploring the region in a journey.
    • To not have a status-healing local specialty food item.
  • Galar is the first region to have a Dark-type Gym.
  • Galar has the fewest numbered routes of any core series region, with a total of ten.
  • Galar is tied with Unova with having the most Gym Leaders, with a total of 14.
  • In the anime, Galar is constantly depicted with a cloudy, gray sky.

However, none of the generation articles have a word about its adaptations and spinoffs, even though they're just as integral to the franchise as the main series games. It wouldn't require major restructuring - maybe just a paragraph about the corresponding anime series with a link to the relevant article, for example. What do you think?