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Protest in HK in response to Pokémon name change: Name change of Pikachu sparks controversy...


Dreams of electric Bulbasaur
Nov 13, 2005
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Protest in HK in response to Pokémon name change: Name change of Pikachu sparks controversy in ...

Radical political group rallies around Japanese consulate to protest name change.

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The Pokemon Observer
Feb 20, 2011
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In HK, anything related to localization in the Mainland China standard will immediately become political and cultural issue. That is just about the general hatred of Hong Kongers towards the overall culture of Mainland China.

Although I understand the business viewpoint of catering the product to the largest market, but that is really unheeding and thoughtless where it is like telling in the bluntest manner to the customers from another cultural background to change their life style if one wanted to use product of one company. Especially when that is the best-selling Nintendo game leading the pop culture which also the core entertainment culture in HK, very obviously the Hong Kong gamers is pretty much irritated, because that it is like a message from GF and/or Nintendo in assisting the "Only-One China" cultural propaganda of government in Mainland.

I hope people may understand the cultural issue in HK, it is more complicated that one may think. Just because HK had "returned" (more correctly speaking, transfer of sovereignty) to China in 1997, doesn't mean it is then everything is "mainlandized". Especially when the overall political culture of Mainland China do more harm than good not just in politics but also the overall welfare which is everyone's issue, very obviously Hong Kongers hold a disguise towards Mainland China.