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GO Pvp Has Launched!

Jul 10, 2015
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Have you guys tried out the battling yet? What do you think of it? :)
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Nov 4, 2017
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I got challenged by one of my best friends from Japan (A big hello to megared12 from Ravanyr! :ROFLMAO: ) and lost all three matches, despite having good mons. After the first match I got a Sinnoh Stone so no complaints there. The whole fighting thing is basically tapping the screen of your smartphone as fast as possible while deciding whether or not you're gonna use that shield to block an incoming charge move or not. You can't even dodge like in a gym battle. But I'll be trying it out some more and you can challenge the three team leaders for a training match with the first match of the day yielding rewards.

Interesting enough though, most Pokémon can now learn a second charge move at the cost of star dust and candy. This second charge move is available like the first one during any battle, be it PvP or raid or gym.
Sell a Flareon
Feb 22, 2018
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The Team Leader Training is quite thrilling even tho it isn't as hard as real Trainer Battles which I am not excited of.

I am quite a permissive person, but I tend to memorize those Pokémon patterns (moves varies but). The Masters one shoot out Legendaries but for my Rhyperior, it's a moderately-easy feat, since Moltres and Articuno can be blown by his Stone Edge.

One problem. When I use Metagross' Meteor Mash (a Steel-type Move) on an Alolan Ninetales (an Ice/Fairy-type which was supposed to be double-weak to Steel attacks), it instead lists as "Not very effective" instead of "Super effective". There might be some errors out there.
Fire Chicken
Jun 9, 2012
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So, I'm more of a PvE guy and has always been like this ever since I got my first deep dive into MMORPGs with World of Warcraft. This is no exception: as cool as PvP might be, getting all my friends excited, I'm more interested in how I can make a gain out of it for PvE purposes than anything else.

First off, training: It sure is nice, but in the end, I only really care about the daily reward. Master League Candela is quite easily soloable by my maxxed Shadow Ball Mewtwo (the reason I pick her every day is because I can feel like I'm defeating her and taking Team Valor's leadership from her :p). Unfortunately lower Leagues, while slightly less time consuming, award less Stardust. Getting a way to increase the Ace Trainer Medal is nice, so that it is no longer a legacy object, but I don't feel like spamming through Great League Blanche 900ish times just for a medal (seriously, Magikarp-Feebas-Squirtle is the easiest team ever, 1400ish Raikou from Research can take out everything).

Next up, actual PvP battles: The first three for the dailies are nice, I get them done with my best friend ASAP, sometimes on midnight. Great League to save time. It's also a great way to increase friendship level with everyone I'm Ultra Friends on the way to Best with, although only some of them are cooperative. Saves us the hassle of having to deal with extra gifts.

Other than that, I may battle sometimes for fun, and prefer mostly doing so with Ultra-Best when I have free time at home so as to not waste actual time out there which could be used for more practical things. I also don't plan on making any major investments Stardust/Rare Candy-wise for PvP reasons: my teams are mostly set anyway with the exception of second Charge moves, of course: the price is just too steep to justify spending it on most cases, so it's going to only be reserved for those Pokemon whose double charge move would give increased Raid utility, and where the investment seems future proof.

Basically so far I'm only planning to give my 100% Shadow Ball Mewtwo add Psychic or Focus Blast, the 100% Draco Meteor Dragonite add Outrage or Hurricane, the 100% Smack Down Tyranitar add Crunch, maybe the 100% Hydro Pump Gyarados add Outrage since 10.000 dust 25 candy is actually not a high cost, and also a Twister Gyarados I got traded in, legacy move useful in PvP + actually useful Hydro Pump could be nice. Still not doing any of these though as I've ran out of Stardust :( They are middle term projects though
Darth Ignis
Jul 19, 2015
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Like everything else Niantic does, the PvP are even a let down. I think battles should give some sort of reward regardless of it being your first or fifth battle against that person daily.