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RANDOM MESSAGES 15: Go Storm Area 51...you weirdos

What will you find in Area 51?

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Do you even zap?
Sorry for being gone for a couple days, everyone! Did anything happen while I was gone?
* The splash goes over the Pichu’s heads. The two chocolate covered Pichu laugh *
Raichu, also covered in chocolate, laughs as well and hugs the two brothers
* The younger Pichu cries as he watches Sirfetch’d turn into roast duck. The older Pichu tries to stay calm and tries to comfort his younger brother *
introduces a new Sirfetch'd to them
don't call me squirt
if we do get a new RM soon, we'll have to carefully move the Churro Kingdom, Cat Shrine, Threadship, and chip rain.

speaking of which

Mastering Electricity
Why reasoning is equally valid as yours, it seems. The thread stays for now.
You realize that I don’t actually have any say in anything that goes on around here anymore, I hope.
My fancy rank badge is nice, but it’s purple, not blue. Different department, and I stepped down from being an admin, so I don’t have any sort of forum rank anymore.

...that said, it is a tradition that, when new F&G staffers are hired, one of them gets to make a new RM, and there is a drive currently going on.
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