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Random Messages 16: Keep Off The Grass

Sure has been awhile since we had a poll, hasn't it?

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...well, the chain I was using to hold my grandfather's WWII dog tags broke.

That's sad and kind of annoying, but at least I didn't lose those tags. That would have been devastating.
The cake is a fake

Hops away and drinks milk forgoing all of my jump training
Well, that was certainly interesting...
I just recorded an episode for my Platinum LP that will either be the longest or shortest episode for that series as yet.
What am I even looking cat?
Hops for answers, forgetting that I should train to jump
Pretty much time being wasted in a non-practical way, trying to draw avatars in text is hard :p

I didn't waste the entirety of today though.
Luckily for y’all, I installed an interface that mods the UI so we’re not stuck looking at all that older coding. That would just be horrible.
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