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Random Messages 16: Keep Off The Grass

Sure has been awhile since we had a poll, hasn't it?

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Did Azulongmon digivolve from Longmon?

Like Marill Azumarill
Two-segment Longlongmon is the common one
Three-segment Longlonglongmon is the rare?
Im not sure whether this thread is experiencing a mutiny, an evolution, or exposure to new culture. SOMEONE TELL ME
I would call it mutination. It is a mutiny a mutation and mutilation at once.
More like late because they became dinner
I would use the fried pancake as a dried pancake
Eh if I cannot eat RM I will just eat an M&M
Takato's well, he's been helping at his parents bakery making Guilmon bread, we also went on a trip to the Digital World to meet with Azulongmon. I'll let Lone_Garurumon know about Black Garurumon but be careful if you find them in case their dangerous.
Thats good to hear! Allegedly, they never let their prey get away from them. They are probably willing to do whatever it takes.
I had mango ice cream today on a chocolate cone. It was good. It was Dreyers

Mango mochi ice cream is good too. Chocolate mochi ice cream is good too. It sometimes has chocolate chips
I am not a huge fan of mango ice cream, but of the other fruity options, especially strawberry, I would choose it anytime
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