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Random Messages 16: Keep Off The Grass

Sure has been awhile since we had a poll, hasn't it?

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i hate being from quasi-chicago why does our team suck so much
theyre so ridiculously terrible its genuinely just embarrassing to behold, chicagoan or not
Yes, but the sports fans are clearly complaining about a specific sport that's sporting wrong
i like bears. very good animal. munchlax is my favorite.
Time for violence
cuts open Eri!'s stomach and retreives the button. I quickly sew her stomach back up, then press the button. One button appears for every active member of the forums. Plus 18653946683254982173032243080326490 extra

I figured that would happen. Well I guess we can do whatev- Chokes on button that now fill the room
easy he cut open my stomach, retrieved the button, pressed it, and then choked on the overabundance of buttons that now fill the room
One of the walls collapses and several of the buttons flow into a different thread. Still, more buttons fill the room and the walls continue to be pressured

That can't be great.
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