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Random Messages 16: This Thread Is A Cursed Mall Area with Tables

What is your favorite curse?

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Ha non zelda player.
To be fair, I still don’t consider myself a Zelda player, despite streaming BotW and needing to stream TotK when I’m done.
I don’t have much investment in that particular franchise or world, even if I enjoy the games…and think the Gerudo are awesome.
four swords? The solo ver
no that was a dsi game

im pretty sure it was minish cap, that's the one where link's hat is a bird right?

that's the one they gave 3ds owners for free as part of nintendo's whole 'hey sorry you wasted $250 on this thing cuz we're cutting the price down to $170 after only like six months cuz no one is buying this damn thing sorry here's 10 free nes games and 10 free gba games enjoy i guess'
Cool. I unfortunately do not imagine you as ken

Speaking of which... what if ken vs. terry rap battle.
if you want an approximation of what i look like, mia fey isn't a bad example. just younger-looking and with glasses

also no thanks
Just don’t try scrubbing all the floors of the Bulbagarden Skyscraper. I hear there are an infinite number of those…
iirc there are less than 400
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