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Random Messages 16: This Thread Is A Cursed Mall Area with Tables

What is your favorite curse?

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"eu" doesn't really make an oo sound, it's more like an "euh" that's further back in the throat. For a more ooo-like sound you'd use "ou", e.g. vous or tout.
(full disclosure I'm not a native French speaker, just been learning it for a long time, so this is just based on what I've observed :P)

also, hi everyone. been lurking RM for a while looking for a good opportunity to jump in. do I need to like... introduce myself or something?
are you a goblin like me, guz, pigrider and dawning?
You’re never gonna let that go are you?
you're never gonna let buttons go. it's like youre hyperfixated on them or smth
I'm wary about pushing buttons. causes too much stress and drama
"one of these buttons will deactivate the ultimate weapon, the other will destroy the world!" "if you press the button you get a billion dollars but you have to wear wet socks for the rest of your life!" yeah no thanks
what about levers?
are you a goblin like me, guz, pigrider and dawning?
I've never been professionally evaluated for it, but I don't think I have quite enough chaos and mischief in my being to qualify, I'm more just occasionally silly
what about levers?
levers are funny cause they can make comedic things happen if you pull the wrong one
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