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Random Messages 16: This Thread Is A Cursed Mall Area with Tables

What is your favorite curse?

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And I wish they’d release an actual minifigure of Rocket Racer from Lego Racers! Unlike the other racers in the game, who were all minifigures taken from one of four actual Lego themes, the final boss Rocket Racer (and the time trial host Veronica Voltage) were original characters developed solely for the game. Unfortunately, no official minifigures have ever been released with their design; Rocket Racer’s emblem, however, has appeared a handful of times on some other racer minifigs as a reference to him. I only wish they’d go all the way and release him for real!
Everyone ready for a cursed video from one of my favorite YouTube animators? No? :lapras: Too bad! Happy spooky month y’all

Screenshot 2021-07-22 5.46.27 PM.png
In 10 minutes from now i might suffer from extreme amounts of angst due the disney isekai cartoon known as amphibia, if i don't hop back to this thread just assume i have lost my marbles

(Well technically it's like 21 minutes cuz the first segment is probably not angsty and that's assuming the stream works immediately but you get the idea ig)
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