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Random Messages 16: This Thread Is A Cursed Mall Area with Tables

What is your favorite curse?

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I've been hopping into enstars lately and I'm afraid I can't leave, the demons on my shoulder are weighing me down and i have no will of my own, only what ryuseitai want of me.
...does that top secret stuff have some relation your name change?
Yes, some of it.

I've been hiding our sitewide Halloween shtick in plain sight for the past couple of weeks, but now that's gone live on the forums.
I've also been working on creating a new series that I'll be streaming on Twitch starting this upcoming Thursday...hopefully. It will tie in to the whole "Fusion Monsters" theme that we're going with for the Halloween event this year to start out with, but it'll evolve into its own series beyond October 31st.

There are also one or two other things I'm working on relating to other upcoming shenanigans.
I'm sorry about that. How long did you have them for?
She was about two and a half years old, I've had her since September 2019.


I spent a significant portion of Tuesday sobbing and digging. I'm feeling a little better now, although I find myself thinking about her a lot. I'm at least glad she lived a happy life. Hopefully she died peacefully. RIP
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