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Random Messages 16: What's That Pigrider09 Do?

what if grimer danced ballet?
What the Muk is going on here?
The toxic nostalgia must be directly connectd to the recent takeover by grimers; perhaps the Grimers were attractd to all the toxic nostalgia. While that oder might be awfull to us to a Grimer or group of Grimer and Muk it would smell like heaven to them.
But it couldn't be super effective, it is normal type
Only if happiness is high enough tho
What does toxic nostalgia like to a Torichic? Also i hope they dont spread to Bulbapedia, thats where i do research and sometimes take naps!
It causes it to come back on sites it has not posted for years to check the fool's theme of the year

Nah, this is Zexy, Bulbapedia has Zesty
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