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RANDOM MESSAGES -42: Anti-life and Antimatter


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Aug 29, 2019
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I am probably not getting it until Christmas. Though I know the Pokemon Sadly, I am gonna avoid all lets plays
Swimming through the air and sea!
Jun 27, 2017
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I wouldn't be surprised if Zygarde already knows you and Yveltal well. I've heard that Zygarde has the ability to split itself into tiny little parts and thus be present in multiple places at once.
Hmm. I like the thought of that, that Zygarde is watching over us... I wonder if he’d be disappointed with us...

Sword and Shield are looking wonderful and exciting!
dances around screaming hype
throws cake around the room
Pretty much my reaction. I’m so glad the game will finally be out! I’m so ready for this nightmarish wait cycle to come to an end.

I am probably not getting it until Christmas. Though I know the Pokemon Sadly, I am gonna avoid all lets plays
I’m in the same boat but I’m glad to know of the Pokémon. Now I can make a final choice for my starter and I can think of who I want on my team. I just hope I can stay spoiler free of everything plot wise.

* A Yamper runs around the thread barking excitedly as Sirfetch’d and Ponyta ride around with cyan, magenta, and yellow-orange ribbons *