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Rate the pokemon ability above!

3/10 due to nuzlockers being scared of it (GODDAMN CRITICAL HITS!) which includes me!

well baked body
4/10 Not a fan because it makes the pokemon less usable against the opposite gender.

7/10 Blocks Intimidate which is dope plus no flinches is pretty good.

9/10 love it

shed skin
5/10 Can be useful to knock out the next pokemon if your pokemon is fast enough.

Prism Armor
7/10 Its pretty much Filter for Necro and it works pretty decent for it.


effect spore
9/10 it has a great variety of effects. 3 for 1.

Pastel Veil
4/10 It’s rarely useful even though the premise is not bad.


the 1 point is because Audino and its mega evolution have it. Otherwise it's pretty useless.

Magic Guard
5/10 Works well with other Pokemon but otherwise not that good.

7/10 I think it’s great, but I find it’s attacking counter part (Intrepid Sword) to be superior because it makes it easier to steamroll opponents.

Cloud Nine
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