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Rate the pokemon ability above!

3/10 Isn't very helpful (unless you're using a Fire team against a Flash Fire Heatran that just won't die and baits you to use Fire move #hate)

Mind's Eye
7/10, great ability, but it loses a couple of points only because it's exclusive to Necrozma and its forms.

Flame Body

Really love how the ability helps eggs hatch faster in the overworld, which, by itself would make for a useful ability even if it were to do nothing in battle. We got many abilities that do stuff in battle anyway.

However I wish that's all it did because battling Flame Body is pretty annoying and I don't really care to use it in battle since it's a low odds niche ngl.

From a competitive standpoint, solid 9/10. Being able to get priority for status moves like leech seed and stealth rocks/spikes can really turn the table of a battle in the long run.

Power of Alchemy
1/10 Absolutely trash because I'm pretty sure it's exclusive to Yamper (not even Boltund), and Yamper is early-game, where you're not going to be missing that many balls, and Yamper is only available in one game. I'd never use it

Full Metal Body
3/10 Sick name but ultimately its just Clear Body v2.0, so uhhh not very original all things considered.

5/10 the ability might be somewhat useful for specific tight situations, but 25% is not a whole lot.

Tera Shell
6/10. It sounds like an annoying ability to deal with. I haven't played Gen 9 yet, so this is based on what I researched.

It seems good on paper but most Pokémon that have it are either bad or they have a better ability to run for example, whimsicott with prankster, scovillain with moody, shiftry with wind rider, etc

Cotton Down
5/10 good if there happens to be a sunny day in the field and assuming your opponent is trying to use status moves, but it feels very occasional.

Earth eater
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