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Rate the Pokemon above you [v3]

7/10 evolve for better stat pls

Honestly I think it's better than Alakazam. The asymmetry of only holding one spoon is nice, and the big tail makes for a much more distinct silhouette.

10/10 one of my favorite fossil Pokemon, was great in GO for a long while so I hunted for it a lot whenever it was in an event, nice shiny, nice place in main series lore with Roark and Byron with Bastiodon and their family unit...

10/10 one of the great classics

10/10. A simple design IMO but very adorable nonetheless.

8/10 I did not quite like it before it became a regional for my area in GO, now I consider it more unique when the tourists would ask for it


Design is ok but a bit overly simplistic. Fun typing but doesn't really have the stats or moves to do anything with it. The Hisuian variant and its evolution gave it some life but it went basically ignored for like 6 generations.

10/10 One of the more 'creative designs', so to speak. Does the job very well.

i think plusle and minun are the least interesting out of the pikachu clones. they're fine, just not special.

6.5/10. It’s not the first time there was an Electric/Flying type though it was more prevalent as it belonged to a gym leader. Definitely not the worst Pikaclone.

that warden being like "me and ma goomy will beat you then you won't face lord kleavor"

6.5/10, i always felt conflicted on zeraora. it's a mythical with basically no lore, and the concept is not something i'd typically be fond of. however, i think the color scheme is really nice, and it doesn't fall back on issues i have with other pokemon like lucario.

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