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Rate the Pokemon above you [v3]

It's friend-shaped! It's deffo a little weird as a Final Dratini but I'm not really attached to those guys so it doesn't super bother me.

9/10, i already liked it, but i started loving it when it took up a permanent place in my emerald team


I've always liked this interpretation of the very dead thing that initiated mankind's gradual realization that birds are a type of reptile.

10/10, literally in my top 3 favorite pokemon. the concept is so interesting, i love the lore it has, it's just perfect.

speaking of perfect pokemon, munchlax
Reminds me of the snorlium Z event in pokemon sun and moon, 8/10

8/10 Same. Also the Brave Bird ridiculousness of its debut generation, which I only ever heard about, I don't think I ever faced a Talonflame with Gale Wings.

7/10 "Artax you're sinking!"

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