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7/10 - Liked it better than I thought.

Frontier created by Monkey Majick for Kamen Rider Zero-One: Others: Vulcan & Valkyrie this is one my personal favorite V-Cinema songs from Kamen Rider.
Don't worry, I got English Subtitles this time.
it wasn't available in my country, so i wasn't able to watch it.

I’ll review that song for you, @Hydrogenium! (For everyone else, it’s “Army of Me” by Björk).
What a gloriously weird music video for a song that’s lyrically actually pretty simple (and refreshingly so, actually). It, along with the song itself, probably couldn’t have been made in any other decade than the 90s, haha. The music seems like it would be somewhat repetitive, if still enjoyable, by itself — although perhaps you’d be more into the intriguingly “dirty” sound of the beats in that case, then — so I suppose having visuals, bizarre as they are, actually help with things even if you can’t possibly imagine that they would, haha. Overall, a solid 7/10.

As for “Common World Domination”:
Such cheery vocals to go with such cheery lyrics, haha. To say nothing of the visuals, which probably have some deep meaning that I’ll never be able to discern on first viewing. With that caveat in mind, 8/10 mostly for sounding pleasant while offering some food for thought from what I could get from the lyrics.

Going to the late 90s this time, haha. I know I mentioned at some point that I’m not a big fan of Beyoncé — which I’m not — but being a child of the 90s, I tend to like Destiny’s Child!Beyoncé more (her debut solo album also has some pretty decent stuff on it). So here’s the inspiration for a certain blog post of mine that cheekily rhymes with its title, with said title also being especially relevant to me right me right now, oof (if not necessarily to what said title actually means in context here, haha):

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(thanks for reviewing that btw)
8/10. iconic song.


I recommend turning on Youtube subtitles.
Wizard of Meh is a cool song. When you look at it head on, it seems just to be a somewhat interesting song. I had to look up the lyrics of the song to realize that it’s pretty brilliant. I find it so cool that it uses sound clips from the Wizard of Oz to make a pleasant melody. I also like how the intro leads into the song. Probably one I’ll listen to again. 8/10

10/10. i love love love LOVE racing into the night, it's one of my favorite songs ever, it's so catchy and interesting and the lyrics are so dark and it's just chefs kiss

PinocchioP is one of those Vocaloid artists that I don't usually listen to very often, but every time I come across his music it's always been great. This is definitely up there as one of my favorites of his! The tuning of Miku's voice here is interesting — I find it's hard for most people to strike a good balance of clarity and tone when trying to make her sing "softly", but here I think her voice is "soft" in a way that almost sounds a little worn out, which works really well with the rest of the song. The lyrics are vague but complex and beautiful, I like it.

9/10, perfume was always a group that interested me, and hile i haven't listened to many of their songs, all of the songs i know by them are extremely catchy, and this one is no exception. i'm a sucker for cutesy chiptune jpop.

Ah, this song. I know this one mainly from replays on the school bus radio when I was around high school age (so well after this song’s contemporary era, basically), and the main thing that I remember about it from then was it being kind of annoying and not making much of an impression on me otherwise. I’m afraid that time hasn’t changed my opinion much, as the memories are a tad too raw even now, haha. I wouldn’t call it a bad song, though, just one that I’m very much not a fan of. So overall, and probably grading on a slight curve with that in mind, 6/10.

How about we go back a decade for this next one, with one of the few songs that I really like from that era?

(In case the above doesn’t appear for whatever reason, try this.)
The beginning is quite deceiving as I was sort of expecting a sort of upbeat pop song. You then hear blasting guitars that just sort of appears. The vocals are strange for the genre as you sort of expect an angry, low voice. The drums in the song are full of energy which just keeps me listening. I’d give it a 6.5/10

9/10, paramore is one of those bands where every new song i hear by them is just so good, i really have to listen to their new album

Sounds familiar; I feel like I might have heard this (or something by the same artist?) once a long while ago. I really like how high-energy this song is despite the lyrics, and while I don't recognize the singer her voice is really distinctive and goes great with it!

The singer has a very good voice, I like it a lot, and the lyrics are nice, but if I'm honest I felt it was a bit long. I don't mind long songs but in this case the rhythm didn't catch me.

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