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7/10. her vocals are good, but i'm not the biggest fan of 80s love ballads tbh

8.5/10, the chorus is nice, the imogean heap-esque vocoder thing is a really nice touch, kinda reminds me of a song charli xcx would make for pop 2

ehhh has that average love type beat you hear on the radio so often. Romance music is my least fav of all music so to me its pretty low tier. It has the same consistent beat to it to so it doesn't give it any sort of hype or emotional feel but just... a beat that works. 1/10.

6.5/10, certainly a product of its time. it's ok, but i much prefer other songs similar to this

6/10 enjoyable, but rather generic in my opinion.

3/10. the song sounds okay if not generic, but the lyrics make him sound like such an unlikeable person that it makes me really dislike it.

7/10 I liked the instrumentals more than the lyrics.

I honestly didn’t like it at all at first — 80s-era synth-pop really isn’t my thing — but the warm vocals and introspective lyrics eventually drew me in and made me not totally hate it, haha. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt with a 7/10.

More Sade, eight years removed from the last song of theirs I posted here:

7/10, nice voice and nice groove, but it felt a bit repetitive.

if you like this, you should listen to the full 7 minute version, it's incredible.
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