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Rate the video game music above

4/10 I'm sorry to say that I did not enjoy that much. The music is quite catchy, but I didn't care for the vocals. It gave the song a heavy metal vibe, which I'm not usually a fan of, and if it weren't for the subtitles, I don't think I would have made out a word of what was said.

7/10 the intense feel at the start was nice, but when it started picking up and got even more intense around 1:08 and on is certainly my favorite, and probably the best part for me. Certainly gives off a feeling of being in or around the enemy encampment, especially with how orcs are generally portrayed in various media.
8.5/10 I love how grand and cinematic it sounds, definitely feels like it could be part of an opening or ending of a sci-fi movie. I can also see this being in one of the Star Trek video game adaptations, especially the beginning.
9.5/10 Love the dance-y beat. It's so good. I don't know if this is EDM since I'm basically blind to genre but I love this kind of energetic electronic music.

I can't find a stand-alone upload of the Mega Man 3 title screen theme that doesn't sound like it's playing in another room, so it's the first track of this. (0:00-1:26)
5.5/10 the first thirty seconds were a bit annoying, but after that it didn't sound too bad. It's a bit more generic than I expected though (and almost sounds like it sampled from the OG FFVII, especially with the tense music late game), and the fact that it cuts off abruptly makes it sound like it fell short of what it was trying to convey.

please tell me I'm not the only one here that remembers this game:
The track is very ambient sounding, it reminded me a bit of synthwave, but slower. It becomes grander with time as the strings become louder and add harmonic richness. The vastness and awe of space is captured adequately. 8/10
6.5/10 I like that the beginning has a sort of eerie vibe to it, even though the name doesn't imply it at all. The rest of the track is a big hit or miss for me though, but overall it's not too bad.
9/10, This song makes me think a lot about Believe in Myself from SA1, but turned up to 11. This song did my boi Tails JUSTICE with this banger song.

9.5/10, I love this one as well (in fact, all of the mvt. tracks for the core four were certified bangers), but this one stuck out to me first listen. The instrumentation was just really nice-sounding to me (Actually, it reminded me of Geometry Dash of all things lmao).

may as well round things off with Amy
10/10, why does this give me such feels jfniuerjdhgvnerjdnvd
It gives off Dear Father vibes so much and that's not a bad thing at all! Sonic games may be a lot of things, but their music will always be it's highest point.

just one more sonic song before it gets too cluttered with the funny hedgehog dude lmao
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