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Oct 9, 2011
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Welcome, Players! This is the new Video Games section. Any and all non-Pokemon Video Games discussion go here, from your favourite Steam games, to conversations about the next generation consoles, to your favourite current generation titles. All of it can be discussed here! There are a few things to have in mind of course, and those are the rules of the section.

  • Keep things respectful. This goes without saying, but people are allowed to have different opinions than your own. If someone is acting out of line though, don't hesitate to report it and The Arcade staff will look into it.​
  • Mark spoiler threads using the spoiler thread prefix. We cannot emphasize this enough! If a game has just been released and you're already itching to talk about it, you may, but be aware that others may want to finish the game first before diving into the discussion.​
  • If a particular game has Mature content (blood/gore, excess violence, etc), please tag it with a prefix as such. If there is a Mature game that just released that's going to have spoilers, although it's not technically feasible to have two prefixes, pretend like it is. Set one prefix, and put [Mature] or [Spoilers] in front of the thread title.​
  • If you are a gaming youtuber and you wish to post your videos, they belong in the BulbaBlogs section.​
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to direct them towards any of the current Arcade mods! They are:
Have fun here!! :>
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